New iPod Touch 4G: Internal Hardware Revealed – Huge Battery

By Jamie Pert - Sep 9, 2010

When Apple revealed the 4th generation iPod Touch most people were concerned about the display, camera and capacity, however one thing that went pretty much unnoticed was its impressive battery life.

The new iPod Touch’s battery life is quite staggering, especially when you consider it takes just 2 hours for a fast charge (80%), and 4 hours for a full charge.

A full charge is said to give you 40 hours of audio playback or 7 hours of video playback, you are probably wondering what makes this possible.

Luckily the guys over at ifixit recently disassembled the iPod Touch 4G, you can see the three page teardown here, what struck me the most was the size of the battery, we have embedded a photo below showing its size.

According to ifixit this battery has a capacity of 3.44 watt hours, which combined with iOS 4 gives it superior battery life than one of its biggest competitors the Zune HD.

I do think it is getting to the point where devices such as the iPod Touch has more than enough battery life, do you?

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  • ernan

    we have all the same problem with our ipod 4g! when i started playing my games it is easily gets warm and eventually it rapidly drains its battery and i thought maybe my ipod has defects or something. but aside of playing games its battery is awesome it can last all day long in audio tracks! ^_^

  • Popopo

    more than enough my @$$.. this thing sucks up battery like theres no tomorrow. You'd be lucky to have it alive for longer than a day before having to charge again. Personally if i could make my itouch 4g twice as thick for twice as much battery life I'd make the tradeoff gladly lol.

  • Jon

    Yes my iPod touch 4g gets warm just above the apple logo glad someone else said that thought it may be a problem with mine but obviously not

  • mike

    does any of your ipod 4g get warm ? i have the 3g as well and it never gets warm, but the 4g gets warm during use like when i play a game it will warm up on the back above the apple logo

  • bart

    mine seems to last forever…..i play games on it and it seems like i never have to charge it. i play game like nfl and need for speed. i love this thing and the graphics are sweet

  • Adam

    Playing the apps my new ipod 4g is lucky to last an hour is there a problem with mine does it drain more life when playing games

  • alex

    when my iPod gits to the 20%mark it dies in about 5 to 10 min

  • Zack

    I have an iPhone 3Gs, and battery life is always a problem with me. I can only go about 2 days until it is nearly completely drained. I use it for everything: gaming, surfing the web, texting, taking photos and on occasion- I make calls with it!
    I'm glad that Apple is continuing to improve battery life with their devices, from what I understand the iPhone 4 improved the battery life by about 50%? That sounds to me like a whole extra day that I would not need to charge it!

  • There will never be too much battery life. My phone lasts a week, my Kindle lasts a month and my MP3 player lasts a fortnight. Apple are still behind in this area, but improving steadily.

  • Jay

    Battery life is great. Of course, it will always, always need more! Just think what kind of battery they could have fit into it had it not been 17% thinner.