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iPhone iOS 4.1 Update: Full List of Features – Recap Before Download

As most of you have probably heard already, Apple has dropped their download for iPhone iOS 4.1 , which is now available from iTunes. We have a recap of the list of features that will be coming in the update, giving you a full roundup of what to expect.

We first told you about iOS 4.1 during Apple’s recent iPod Media Event, but we didn’t go into details on the full list of features. Luckily, we have found this useful article for you over at Zdnet, which provides a nice summary of all the key features within the new update.

There isn’t a feature which stands out amongst the rest, since all changes are pretty worthwhile for iPhone 4 users. You’ll be pleased to know that iOS 4.1 will address proximity sensor issues that you’ve been having, while it will always make way for the debut of Game Center – Apple’s new gaming hub with a social networking client built in.

Other changes include HD video uploading, Ping support for iTunes 10, enhancements to Bluetooth audio playback, E-Mail based Facetime, spell check disable mode and iTunes TV Show Rentals for just $.99.

You can see the full list over at Zdnet. What are you most looking forward to in iOS 4.1?



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