iPhone iOS 4.1 Update: Do you have any Problems?

By Alan Ng - Sep 9, 2010

Just as expected, Apple released their iPhone iOS 4.1 update on iTunes, bringing a lot more functionality to iPhone and iPod devices, notably the debut of the Game Center and a fix for the annoying proximity sensor issues.

But like every other iPhone update, they do not come without their fair share of problems. We had over 120 comments from you about problems relating to iOS 4.0.1, while 4.0.2 also came with a few unexpected problems.

Aside from the new features that you’ll be getting within iOS 4.1, Apple promised that proximity sensor issues will be gone – can any of you confirm this?

We’ll probably hear about many bugs in the next few days, but for now, let us know if you have experienced any major problems after updating to iOS 4.1.

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  • Bagzik331

    my iphone4 is having a problem in updating, after downloading 377mb it willl stop. does anyone know why?
    please i need your help. thank you in advance

  • my voicemails take up to 30 mins to come through and it freezes when i try to listen to it, the whole phone ap freezes constantly and is a white screen. never had any problems with my phone until now!!!!

  • neil pamonag

    i just updated my iphone 3g to 4.1 it is unlocked and jailbroken but my problem is that i cant change my background what can i do to fix this?

  • rkcp

    after the 4.1 update my iphone play back through the pioneer avh p3100 dvd system in my car has started skipping (like a scratched CD) – i have seen this issue also reported in Apple support forums. Due to this, one of the major benefits from the iphone (play back my music through the car while charging) is completely lost. It is now more than a month and i don't think Apple has even acknowledged this problem. A very arrogant company which could not care less for its customers. i am moving to android the next time i buy a phone!!

  • George Conklin

    After updating to 4.1, I can download tunes from iTunes. But after the process is over, nothing ever appears on the iPod. The download just disappears into ether. Does anyone have a solution?

  • Junaid Abbas

    Hi,im having iphone 3gs for last 11 months and was working properly and installed all updates till 4.1 and ever since installed 4.1 my ISP mail (www.eim.ae / mail.emirates.net.ae) started creating problems. I have 4 mails configured in my 3gs, 2 gmails, 1 hotmail & my ISP's mail "EIM.AE". my other 3 mails working properly but IPS's mail not working & all the time getting annoying msg of "CANNOT GET MAIL" , "CHECK YOU SETTING" , "YOUR SERVER MAIL.EMIRATES.NET.AE IS NOT RESPONDING" , "CHECK YOUR SETTING"
    the most sad part is, im not the only one who is suffering with this issue, almost all the user of iphone 4 & 3gs in Dubai- UAE is suffering this problem (who so ever installed ISP's mail in their device). Today i visited the branch of the service provider and the area manager is using iphone4 and he also told me that, he is alsk having the same problem.
    Most importantly, same email "mail.emirates.net.ae" is working absolutely fine in my ipad wifi+3G.

  • Marc

    Also having problems with wifi sinds i installed iOS 4.1.i need to reboot my iPhone 4 to get wifi connection.i Will be downgrading my phone this week back to 4.02

  • My Battery Is Going Faster Than Ever! And Bluetooth An Wifi Are Grey So I Cant Select Either To Turn Them On Or Off I'm Using 3gs 🙁

  • Danni

    After upgrading to the 4.1 I have a really annoying proble with the alarm. I've had no problems at all before this. The alarm was set to 6:00am each day, this morning it went off at 5:00am. It's still set to 6:00am but rings at 5:00am – I don't even have a 5:00am alarm set at all. Then when 6:00am comes – no alarm. No matter what time I want the alarm to go off, it will go off an hour earlier. Very annoying.

  • Alex

    I have a iPhone 3GS and updated it with software 4.1 and when I look at my pictures all you can see in the album is a blank screen and when my alarm is set to repeat over several days won’t work anybody else had problems? thanks

  • Luther

    updated my 3G to 4.1 last week. NEVER had a problem before that, but since then lots. Every app loads slow (iTunes takes up to 30 seconds – count it), sometimes can’t access online network without reboot (I’ve rebooted more in the last week than I have in the last year), and the biggest complaint happend today – alarm was set to 7:00am yesterday, changed it to 8:00am last night, this morning it went off at 7:00am. I’m looking at it and it’s still set to 8:00am but here it is ringing at 7:00am – I don’t even have a 7:00am alarm set at all. Then when 8:00am rolled around, nothing – no alarm.

    If apple thinks I’ll be inclined to buy a newer version when they can’t adequately support perfectly good older hardware, they aren’t living in reality. I hear the new Droids are phenomenol.

  • after upgrading my iphone is locked its asking the at&t sim

  • Joey

    I have an Iphone 4 and with 4.1 my calls dont log anymore.. doesnt save recent calls or missed calls

  • lisa

    my alarm is going off an hour before its supposed to 🙁 and when i message/type, it isnt hitting the right letters! like its all out of whack! not happy apple

  • PatJ

    I can no longer mms photos. I no longer have the option either in message or on photo…I have an unlimited package so it was the simplest way for me to send pics to friends and family.

  • Amy Boire

    I updated my ipod to version 4.1 and my photos went black, what do i do?

  • kate

    where are all my apps gone

  • Catriona

    I did the new update and even with my alcoves that was sent from apple the thing constantly loses signal it’s really annoying to be honest! is it just mine or are other people having the same problem?? thanks

  • David b

    It was a few days after the upgrade when my problems started. Wifi just starts and stops when it wants too. The main thing I have noticed turn it off when you go out it seems to like only one connection.

    Tried everything network resetting , phone resetting, and full restore. Just pray they will do something and soon.

    Oh and I have poor signal where it use to be good

  • Dave

    Interface with Pioneer A/V Receiver no longer works…confirmed with Pioneer Tech Support this morning. Starts OK, but sound drops out after a couple of minutes. Displays on receiver, TV and iPhone all continue to indicate everything is fine, but no sound. Turn the receiver off and back on, sound comes back, but then drops out again. Did the same with 3GS and 4 phones.

  • Phatgc

    Worked fine on my 3Gs for 4 days then music player wouldnt work, kept bouncing me back to main screen

  • Jess

    I upgraded my 3GS to 4.1 and since then, when typing anything in texts, facebook or anything to do with the keyboard, the keys I press are not the letters that come up on the screen. Very frustrating.
    I have taken my phone back to apple 4 times, and everytime they give me a new phone and update to 4.1 and it does it again. Finally got them to give me a new one withOUT upgrading software,,,No problems so far.

    Apparently 4.2 is due out in Nov.

    • tim

      Same issue with iphone 3g, its hard to even slide to unlock. I was happy with Iphone when I first got it, It has gotton worse with every update.

  • cianuro

    4.1… Proximity sensor solved… New problem…. Video camera won't record sound… It was fine before 4.1…

  • billLL

    ios 4.1 will mostly likey break your car audio compatibility.

  • brayn

    my iphone 3g shuts down randomly…and sometimes wifi doesnt connect

  • Eoin

    I updated my Iphone 3GS to 4.1 at the weekend an now it keeps shutting down randomly also when this happens the screen goes all strange any one got any ideas as to what it might be? also im trying to restore it at the moment and it has frozen on itunes and the screen has gone blank on the phone.

  • Jared Allen

    I am have a wifi issue by going to turn my wifi on and the screen flickers and the iPhone 4g restarts! Anyone having the same problem?

  • sam

    i have a iphone 3g 8gb and i have been getting lots of problems with it

    for example

    the phones been freezing
    not receving text messages or phone calls

    has anyone had the same problem if so let me no if u have managed to repair it

  • Richie

    I have the same problem with wifi, saying im connected in settings but not getting the wifi symbol on the top left hand corner just the the 3G symbol.

  • ogabugabuga

    yeah can't connect to wi-fi either, got 1-2 bars, says i'm connected under settings, but no apps will go to internet, safari, weather, mail, things like that, weird,

    only reason i bothered updating was i saw a interesting game that was free, but required 4.0 or higher, i was 3.1.2, game was mediocre at best, 🙁

    really regretting the update, hope apple fixes it soon, glad to know i'm not the only one having 4.1 problems, i was about to just take my ipod back to store,

    or smash it, lol, just kidding.

  • k4.1

    Good job Apple 4.1 Great joke!

  • Victor

    My wi-fi signal significantly drops with the 4.1 upgrade. Although it fixes the face dialing problems, now my reception range is very poor.

  • Janice Swink

    Ever since updating to 4.1 I can't save photos that were sent to me via text or email. It will give me the save option but doesn't show up in my camera roll.

    • John

      Same problem here.

  • BlackBones

    Well, my WiFi stopped working thanks to the 4.1 update. And if I want it to work I have to turn my Ipod off and on over and over again. Even then it says it can't connect with the server. I hope Apple fixes this soon because it's very annoying.

    • jicebe

      On my 3G, wifi stopped working also. Doesn't see any network anymore.

  • Mark

    I just downloaded the 4.1 update for my 3gs iPhone and when I attempt to send pics in text, I get error messages that I cannot send them. WTF? Is there a way to restore to earlier versions of the OS?

  • Brn

    Since updating the software to 4.1 when I try to load my calendar I get a blank screen. To rectify I have to go to the calendar area, you know where you van load up burgher calendar, and then click off and back on the calendar and then done. And it now works.

    As well all the photos I had loaded suddenly went black after loading the new software.

    Totally fed up with this crap phone and company.

  • Larece

    Show black screen in photo albums, have to go through camera and go to my photos that way. Tried re-installing and still didnt work. Camera is also sooooooooooooooo slow!

  • Gaz511

    Since updating i keep getting asked to turn on mobile data everytime I open txt messages. Also have to switch mobile data off and then on again to connect to app store and Internet

  • Chucho

    my facebook icon is gone? how can I add it back onto my wall

  • ladiesman217

    i charged my 3GS at 21:00 upto 100% and then the next morning (07:00), it went down to 12%

  • Jon

    I’m using a 3Gs and just updated through itunes. After I un-plugged it from my computer and clicked the silver button on the top of the phone it applied the key lock and now I cant get into my phone because I don’t have a 4 digit code. WTF is this?

  • lwh

    It ran ok while first installed. However, after one day, takes forever to restart the phone and without wifi showed.

  • Ants

    After trying to install, my iPhone 4 completely froze up. No restore would fix the prob. I ended up taking back to Vodafone where I purchased and they are going to give me a new phone. They seem to think my iPhone is faulty. Very random.

  • Paulo Lima

    OS 4.1 is done and the first thing i notice was the wifi signal was weaker, i have reset the network settings and nothing. I have a Iphone 3G 8GB
    Every update from apple one or two things are messy…..unbelievable!!!!

  • kuldeep wadhwa

    Battery life is became low…….. and sound in headphones is also low……………. Can any one help in solving this???????????

  • marie

    updated my iphone 4 and the proximity issues are still there – if anything it seems worse…..also, my battery seems to drain even faster and the signal goes out a lot.

  • hasan

    I havent had a problem with anything in the Iphone 4 so far
    i bought it on june 25th from the apple store in London, Regent street the signal drops one bar and for 5 mins it has 4 bars and it wont drop after that
    the wifi works fine and can connect easily to it easily aswell the proximity sensor has never been better and honestly i havent had one phone call dropped at all
    i can provide if you want just reply to my comment and i will post a video on youtube

  • Pat

    My Calendar colors completely washed out! I have several Google calendars synced with my 3Gs and now the iPhone Calendar colors all look the same. Who said Android?

  • keith

    After the 4.1 update to my 3Gs, it has begun to drain the battery completely in about 6 hours while on standby with no apps running in the background. It gets alarmingly warm too. The solution? Turn it off completely! oh dear apple…

  • michelle

    Just updated to 4.1 a few minutes ago. I had 100% battery and within a couple minutes the battery is down to 97%? WTH?? Shouldn't have updated. Hubby updated his with no probs. UGH~ Apples starting to piss me off! Had to go into apple to replace my iphone 4 that I had for 2 days..now this! ugh!!!!

  • omar

    my microphone wont work after i did the update everything was fine with 4.0.2 than once i updated to 4.1 my microphone stopped working

    • Christina

      I'm having the same problem how or what did you do to fix this problem??

  • Walter

    I just updated my iPod Touch from 3.1.3 to 4.1 and Spotlight search no longer goes directly to a contact. The contact name (e.g. John Smith) is displayed in the Spotlight search results, but when you select it, Spotlight doesn't go to the John Smith entry in the Contact database, instead it goes wherever you were the last time you were in the Contact database. I tried configuring Settings>General>Spotlight Search for just Contacts, but same problem.

  • The Doc

    The 4.1 update has improved the performance of my iPhone 3G but introduced a problem with the Mail app with Yahoo email accounts. When I select an email to read the phone hangs and I have to do a full power down & power on to reset it. It takes forever in a day to power down and power back up. To fix the problem I have to disable the email service that failed in Settings, sign into the email account from my pc and clear put trash and spam and then turn mail bck on in Settings. That takes forever in a day as well! Finally it works.. until next time!

  • Shasta

    This is complete Bulls**t I barely get a signal now. Constantly 1 maybe 2 bars after update where i used to have 4 to 5. Apple needs to recognize this and FIX IT pronto.

  • Amadeu

    After update my iphone4, to ios 4.1, my battery drais in about 4/6 hours.

    I made a reset and start a new phone, but didn’t work.

    Apple or anyone, please help!!

  • Ames

    Since I updated I don’t get more than 3 signal bars. Sometimes dropping down to only 2. Never had this problem before updating.

  • Tony

    Since installing iOS4 I keep getting thrown out from my iPod app. Now get signal problems and games fail to refresh. Only a few problems found so far since updating yesterday! Can I revert back to the problem free iOS3 please!

  • grant

    iphone 4 , 4.1 update has left my phone completely dead ??? any ideas please ?

  • I'm still having major proximity issues. Made a call five minutes ago and during that one call, my phone decided to try to go to Face Time with the person I was talking to, put them on hold and dialled another person and opened a YouTube clip. I'm going to take my handset back and get another one. If that one still has the same issues, I'm going to have to switch from Apple to another phone.

  • Pschaps

    This update is a crock of shit… thanks apple for screwing up my iphone 4, you did good… Its now slower than it was before I updated to 4.1, lags when opening folders (about a 0.5 second delay) and my signal strength keeps on dropping even when I just leave the phone on my desk, which it NEVER did before the patch!!!!
    How do I put the old version of IOS 4 back on?

    • sdgdfga

      same happens to me!!!!!

  • Graeme

    after the update the camera is horrible. Almost as slow as my 3G. The great thing about the iphone 4 was the fast shutter, and the ability to shoot moving things and kids etc…this update has KILLED it. I tested it with my GF's un updated phone, and the difference is massive. Up to three seconds delay on 4.1 What a joke….And before you ask, no HDR was not enabled.

  • Mike

    My 3G ain’t working says safari cannot connect no Internet can only go on the net with wifi

  • Scott

    My 4G crashed after loading the update. Got an error 13 and it went into a recovery mode loop. Apple had no fix for it besides replace. I had to go to ATT and get a replacement phone.

  • teele

    Battery drain is accelerated at an alarming rate after the 4.1 update.

  • chrome262

    Photo preview is not working i get a black screen, one on other albums work, just the camera roll has issues. if i select where a pic would be i can see it in the slide show. Will try to reinstall later, by doing a restore see if that works.

  • Normandy

    reset your network connections to fix your wi fi issues

  • Mister P

    My wifi has gone weird. It keeps telling me that I am unable to connect to my home network. I have double checked this by resetting the network setting on my iPhone but no luck. I also reinstalled my router but still nothing. I used my Playstation 3 to check if it was my router causing the problem but I can play games online on that just fine. I really hope that they sort this out. Stressing me out!

    • Matt

      I'm having the same problems…Wifi just suddenly stopped working (worked for about a week after 4.1 installed). My home network is definitely still working as i'm typing through my laptop connected to it right now. Thoughts?

      • Ron

        Exactly same situation – mind you, first it will say it cannot connect to network and then conk off completely. My iphone is dead on Wifi ever since…I hate how casual Apple seems about this issue. Thank god Microsoft rules the PC market – atleast it works!

  • Rodney

    I just updated to 4.1 (Iphone 4) and my phone is now in an infinite loop – it shows the apple logo and vibrates every 10 seconds, then my home screen, then the apple logo. Hard reset does not help. It cant synch as it disconnects. What else can I do?!

  • Jamison Todd

    The iPhone 4 4.1 update has made my iPod stop working!! I ha e s touch screen radio in my truck that works with the iPhone.. Now since 4.1 the audio cuts in and out! Very annoying! Can apple do anything right??????

    • Kim H.

      You're not alone!! I'm having iPod issues now, too. When I click into the iPod, it clicks back to the main screen after a few second (as if I had hit the button to get out of the iPod). I can't play music, scroll through the music or anything. It's doing a couple other things, but that is the most frustrating one!

      • josh

        same!!! cant figure out how to fix it either

    • eightball1030

      exact same for me – since 4.1 audio cuts in and out when connected to car stereo. also dropps out of web browser and games. games dont seem to work as smooth either.

      • Mandy

        I can't get my iphone to work on docking stations or via my car stereo since 4.1 update – so I can't play any music!!!!! Apple fix this please.

    • Ken Moore

      I updated to 4.1 on my 3GS. Phone works fine but can no longer play music in my car (skips) . Listening to music either ipod on Pandora now useless in car Very angry!

  • Denus

    Same. My battery was drained to zero in one day just after the update.
    Never had this issue before. (3Gs)

  • iphone4

    im getting problems with my wi fi aswel….. says im connected in my settings but i don't have a wifi symbol in the top left hand corner….

    • ALZINA

      I have the same problem. My wifi work properly with iOs 4.0.2, but since I updated to 4.2, i'm connected in my settings but i don't have a wifi symbol, and i can't connect to internet!!! PLEASE HELP!!!

    • sjp240694

      my settings keep showing that there are no networks available, yet, at the same time, i am on my laptop using my wifi. is there a solution?

      • meteokid

        Same here, no wifi network shown on iphone wifi setting screen with iOS4.1 (laptop uses it perfectly).

        Everything was working perfectly before the upgrade (was iOS 3.x), I wish there was a simple way to backtrack.

  • Kevin

    Hasn’t fixed a few calendar bugs such as when choosing something other than busy when creating an appointment it still saves it as busy for your availability so you have to go in and edit it.

    Other bug is with the birthday calendar, anyone born pre 1932 it displays their birthday in December regardless! Also alters to birthday date stored in contacts by a day until you go back in and edit it.

    • Ken

      My calendar functions are very slow. Event doesn't get deleted when I delete it – I have to double tap on the event after I deleted it on the main calendar to get it to go away. Basic calendar functions are sloooow.

  • iphone3gs

    im getting battery problems. i think its draining battery…anyone??

    • Bill

      same problem…only lasts 90 minutes on standby when fully charged. Something is sucking battery

    • Diana

      Me too never had battery problems before even called Apple they thought I had too many things open until I told them I only had 3 things open……

      • Duncan

        me too…fully charged at night, then woke up the next morning and battery was dead! Was only on standby all night..

  • Anand

    I am having big time issues staying connected to my Wi-Fi network after the update to iOS 4.1. Time and again the connection keeps dropping and I have to disable and re-enable the wi-fi radio to re-connect. Anyone else finding this issue?
    Haven't tested the Facetime now that I have heard some of you folks are experiencing.

    • Dave

      This is so irritating, it was a huge problem with the early iphone operating systems and ipod touch. I thought we got it fixed after iOS 3.x.x but its back. I drop wifi after about a minute.

      • Diana

        I can get it to download all the way, but when it is processing update it loses connection with iTunes. My internet is still working at this time. I've been trying this with 4.0.2 but had the same issues.

      • Dave

        I am having the same issue. Very Annoying…

    • Ben

      My wifi drops every 10-15 minutes on iPod touch 2nd gen. Having to do the disable – enable thing. Have tried restoring several times, no effect. Anyone have a solution?

      • Julian

        My wifi and 3G keeps dropping out. Generally locks up while I am browsing only fix is to reboot. Very annoying!!

  • Rusty

    Since installing ios4 on iphone 3g My wifi stopped working. With the new update (4.1) My wifi is still not working. The wifi is grey in settings. PLEASE HELP!!! I have not had time to see any battery improvment.

    • KingStid

      I hope you have the 2 year replacement on it because mine did the same thing and I took it in and those so called "GENIUS"'s couldnt fix it.. they gave me a new phone… Lucky for me I backed up all my stuff….

  • Wodnia

    Everything seems to be working ok since the update, can't get any games in teh game centre though, one other thing I have noticed is when I hold teh Iphone 4 withought a case teh signal dropped as it used to however it came back in kess than a second and didn't drop again however hard held teh phone, meybe nothing..

    • Mukiwa

      Did you type this using the iPhone touchpad???

  • Megan

    since updating I cannot connect to itunes and the phone will not charge via pc or power, anyone else having this problem?

    • Karl

      I have the same problem – no longer able to connect to itunes – getting error

      • notmachappy

        same type of error, anyone with a fix yet? Thanks Steve Jobs

  • Chase

    4.1 Didn’t fix the proximity sensor for me 🙁 Maybe I’ll try reinstalling it tomorrow… Everything else seems to be running the same. Oh! My battery life seems to have improved also… I’m going on almost 8 hours of continuous use (mostly Internet use on wifi) and i still have 40% of battery left…

    And no comments on game center… I can’t get it to work.

  • No games showing up within the Game Center App. Whyyyyy??

    • john wintle

      Outgoing calls r a bit patchy, get through a third attempt. No games in game centre, even though i followed the link and downloaded compatable game apps. Biggest issue is that i now cant send emails on 3g or 2g, only via wifi?! Very annoying. Battery lufe seams to have improved though.

  • Pat

    Having the same problem as suresh, outgoing call are not going out as easy.

  • Suresh Mamgain

    After downloading iOS 4 outgoing calls are not getting through.

  • Jim Allan

    I have iPhone 3G. Since installing iOS 4, my calendar stopped synchronizing with Outlook. I am wondering if anyone else has had that problem and found that iOS 4.1 solved it.

    • Val

      All my contacts are gone from my gmail account

  • Carol

    Spotlight search now works again for Calendar events!!

  • Jim

    Only tested briefly, but face dialing seems to be a thing of the past.

    • Matt

      Do you guys have any idea why after the update I don't have the categories app? Thank you in advance for any responses. Matt