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iPhone iOS 4.1 Update: 3G Users – Faster Performance or not?

We have some good news for iPhone 3G owners who are yet to update to iPhone iOS 4.1, as it looks as if Apple’s new update sorts out a few performance issues that a lot of you have been complaining about recently.

CNET has posted a collection of user reviews, all from iPhone 3G owners who have already updated. Most of them are extremely satisfied with the update, with the general consensus being that iPhone iOS 4.1 is a lot faster than 4.0.2.

Furthermore, happy consumers have also stated that apps on the iPhone 3G are now loading faster than before with iOS 4.1, naming Safari and Google Maps as a few examples.

For all 3G owners that are reading this, let us know how your iPhone 3G is handling iOS 4.1 at the moment. Have you noticed faster performance or not?



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