Google Instant Search: Speed Tests – Quicker for you or not?

Earlier on, we asked you for your thoughts on Google’s new Instant Search feature which went live on their homepage recently, but now we would like to ask you if the new service actually saved time compared to the standard method.

Over on Google’s website, the company has claimed that the new Instant Search feature will save around 2-5 seconds per search, since it will now predict and display results as you type it into the search bar.

We’ve ran a few tests on their homepage, and as long as you know what you are looking for, it does seem generally quicker than the old method of hitting that search button.

However, not all of you feel the same. Over on Twitter, I’ve noticed that some of you think that the feature is annoying, and adds unnecessary confusion whilst searching. Another user comment I’ve read stated that they were actually distracted with the new search options – which is interesting.

Personally, I’m happy with Google’s new features. It is a few seconds quicker for me as Google said, and it is more useful seeing results pop up without having to scan through various pages each time.

Is Google Instant Search quicker for you or not?



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