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Google Instant Search Review: Motorola Droid 2 Hands-on

Following on from our article which asked you for your impressions of Google’s new Instant Search feature on their homepage, we now have a hands-on review for you to take a look at, which focuses on the mobile version of Instant Search.

The hands-on comes to us courtesy of Engadget and gives us a good look at how Instant Search handles itself on a Motorola Droid 2 handset.

On the mobile version, you’ll only get three results displayed directly below the text box (desktop has five), but as you can see from the picture below, the mobile version will also bring up instant search results as you type.

Engadget state that search speed was pretty much the same when using a 3G or WiFi connection, while you’ll be pleased to know that mobile Instant Search also brings up thumbnails from Google Images.

According to Google, Instant Search will be available on all browsers that support AJAX, and it will be available to try this coming fall. Head to Engadget for the full hands-on.

Are you looking forward to using this on your handset?



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