Google Instant Search: Consumer Feedback after Update

By Alan Ng - Sep 9, 2010

Now that it has been a few hours since Google’s monumental announcement, how are you finding the new Instant Search feature? Is it more impressive than you first thought, or do you prefer the old method of searching?

We doubt it’s the latter, since most will agree that Google’s Instant Service is very useful indeed. If you didn’t know already, the service will display predictive search results, as you are typing – effectively ruling out the need to search pages and pages of Google results.

I’ve taken a look at some consumer feedback on Twitter, and actually the response is pretty surprising. A lot of you obviously love the new update, but some explain that Instant Search ‘doesn’t feel right’, and in some cases, others label it ‘scary’.

What are your impressions of Instant Search after having a few hours to play around with it. Is it better than the standard method of searching?

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