Google Instant Search: Consumer Feedback after Update

Now that it has been a few hours since Google’s monumental announcement, how are you finding the new Instant Search feature? Is it more impressive than you first thought, or do you prefer the old method of searching?

We doubt it’s the latter, since most will agree that Google’s Instant Service is very useful indeed. If you didn’t know already, the service will display predictive search results, as you are typing – effectively ruling out the need to search pages and pages of Google results.

I’ve taken a look at some consumer feedback on Twitter, and actually the response is pretty surprising. A lot of you obviously love the new update, but some explain that Instant Search ‘doesn’t feel right’, and in some cases, others label it ‘scary’.

What are your impressions of Instant Search after having a few hours to play around with it. Is it better than the standard method of searching?

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  • Miller

    If it's an option to turn it on it's one thing but if it's something you have to turn off every time you start the browser then there's something odd going on. Bad idea. I read an online poll and 80% of the respondents DO NOT like Google Instant.

  • heydaz58

    I hate the new Google instant, It really is annoying. It always bogs down my pewter and is so annoying. by the time i stop typing it has stopped and given me some BS web site i don't want…I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    f******CK THIS S@@@T!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Bing user

    God damn awful !
    Why Goggle why?
    At least make it as an option to turn on NOT turn off.

  • Chris W

    I cannot turn off Google's instant search facility, even when using their own prefernce button.

    'Anyone know how? I have WXP with IE8 browser.

    Desperately unhappy!

  • Sam The Gisang

    I totally agree with the responders. It's junkie and total waster of time. You literally can't type anything as it assumes it knows what you're looking before you complete your entry. What.. please – whatever happened to google maps too. I am tired of their crazy scrips. Yahoo here I come back crawling 🙂 Take me back please

  • Richard Adamczak

    I agree, it really is dreadful. Not only confusing, but if you mistype, you're sent off to unwanted websites. To turn it off completely, I set this url as my new Google search home page:

    • Lily

      Thank you sooo much! I hate this new feature, it keeps bringing up results that have nothing to do with what I'm searching for and it's a pain to have to keep switching it off every time I want to do a new search. However, I did as you suggested and also set the url you gave as my new homepage. It works, instant solution! Again, thank you so much Richard!

  • The Pro

    Google instant search = Google Instant Crap.

  • loser

    My question is what is the point of this? They already had suggestions pop up. What is the point of going to the top suggestion as I type a word besides lagging up the search process?

  • Bruce Williams

    Google instant search??? Try Google insistent MALWARE .

  • Jay D

    the problem for me is google trying to show me how very clever they are. "Look", they say, "I am calculating everything as you type". It is like having dinner with an endlessly talkative and annoying person who hasn't the slightest clue when to shut up and listen.

    I know you're clever Google. Now shut up and let me think.

  • Etana

    I don't use it but it don't slower me, I don't look at it an press the enter key to send my request like always.

  • Kronk

    I have always liked Google, but I don't like this feature and I turn it off now on every computer I touch. One great example of why this is a bad idea: I wanted to get a formal definition for the word "macabre," so I though to just type "macabre definition" into Google, like I would normally do… but lo and behold, while I am typing, pictures of mutalated and chopped up dead bodies begin popping up on my screen from the combo of Google's instant search and auto-image search. I wonder how many people are going to do searches for "breast cancer" and get porn pop-ups along the way.

    Let people decide when they are ready to see results…

  • Susie

    I find the new search system irritating to a high degree. Example I was typing in how to contact Google, it assumed I wanted to know how to get pregnant. I kid you not that was one of the choices. It takes longer to look up something because as mentioned you either have to fight the system or go through a long list of choices Google wants me to pick. I am done, will be using Bing now.

  • Jangly Mark

    Apparantly, this is being sold on the fact that it will speed up searched. What utter nonsense!!!

    The fact is that when you start typing a search, the box you are typing into MOVES AROUND THE BLOODY SCREEN. As do the buttons. How can that speed up searches?

    You are much more likely to lose track of where you are and much more likely to click the wrong thing.

    Someone at Google must have been drunk when they came up with this one….eithor that or it’s some kind of twisted practical joke…

    As far as users saying that it doesn’t stay switched off then you clear your history, cookies etc…here’s an idea (haven’t tried it myself, so don’t know if it works).

    Google instant apparantly doesn’t work in ealier versions that IE8. There is a Firefox add-on called User Agent Switcher, with which, you can, basically lie to webosites about which browser (and browser version you are using).

    I wonder using this add-on to set the user agent to IE7 will nuke it?

  • Guest

    Agree with the negative comments. It does actually slow me down as well as annoy me extremely. If people like a new feature, they should be able to get it, but it shouldn't be pushed on anyone by default. Users should be able to turn it on or off, without have to keep every cookie that gets set. Absurd.

  • Guest

    Ugh… I hate it so darn much. I turn it off every time but because I clear out my cookies, it turns itself on every single time. It's so annoying!!! And it slows me down when I'm looking for something fast. Change it back to what it was before!!!!!

  • Robert

    I hate this damn new goole it sucks give the people a choice as before i can't turn the damn thing off with win/xp ie8 i will not use google any more movin on to another search page to hell with google.

  • Chuck


  • Lex

    I don't like Google Instant at all. It distracts me when I'm in the middle of phrasing a search because every letter I add makes a bunch of stuff jump around on the screen. The idea that I'm going to half type a word, stop, look at several choices, type a few more letters, see if Google is doing a better job at articulating my thoughts than I am, and then maybe switch to the mouse; all this cannot possibly be easier than it was before. Most importantly, I'm not going to leave cookies enabled just to turn Instant off. I use two browsers, one is fully secured where I do 99% of my browsing, and the second (Google Chrome by the way) is unsecured with cookies enabled which I only use for the few sites I am willing to visit that require cookies to be enabled. I'm going to have to look for a new search engine for my main browser and Google will no longer be my home page, which is a shame because your service has otherwise been excellent. In fact, I predict that you will very shortly reverse this decision, the only people who will say positive things about this are the people who always say that anything new is better.

  • shyboy

    They are so disrespectful to their user base. You don't just change things on something people are using. It's basically disrespectful. That's not the right way to introduce a change. It's overzealous and rude. You don't just act like a bulldozer picking up passengers by just scooping up everyone you please! Screw Google- for good. They treat people like they can just scoop them up as they go along – never ever asking! There, did they read my mind correctly on that one? Google seriously is just one giant banana peel egregiously thrown in people's path. I don't like it, and I don't like the attitude.

  • Shyboy

    I hate it. First, a new feature shouldn't be foisted on you without asking. The default should be "off". I won't use Google anymore now because of this. I hate the search box predictions already and always have. This is extremely worse. Sure I could turn it off myself, but then that means having to reset it to "independent" mode every damn time after I clear my history. Google does everything backwards. They automatically filter your searches too. That too should be "off" by default. I hate it. I always have to reset those setting too, every time I clear out my history. I clean my cache at end of every searching session. So this has already always been an issue for me. does it better. They don't filter themselves. They leave it to you to choose to turn a filter "on". Google is trying to make your decisions for you. They make you have to fight them, or go with their flow. No, I don't like that at all. It's a major "dumbing down" for a search engine to behave this way.
    In the past few days I've had more irritation with their damn search engine than ever. I really hate it now. I type something in and automatically the "search" button moves so that when I go to hit it I hit the wrong thing and wind up with the wrong search. It's happened now too many times for me to count. It's lousy. Fast sure, but did I need that? It doesn't get me to where I'm going faster. It's just irritating. Now as soon as you type in the search box, not only does the search button move away, but the whole damn box moves! Why? Why not just put the damn search box where you can keep it? If it's going to move to the top of the page, then put the damn thing there to begin with. The search button doesn't move now. They put that where it should have been before so that it didn't move when you went to hit it. Now that the searches are instant they put it where it doesn't move. Great. That's so damn thoughtful. I hate Google now. They can go run circles around themselves from now on as far as I'm concerned. Screw 'em . I'm done chasing them around. I don't like trying to walk on a path of banana peels . It's not funny.


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