Final Fantasy Versus XIII: PS3 Exclusive Confirmed – For now

By Alan Ng - Sep 9, 2010

We have some fresh details on Final Fantasy Versus XIII now, and particularly refreshing news if you are a PS3 owner. Square-Enix has just confirmed that the upcoming game will be developed specifically with the PS3 in mind.

As reported from VG247, Tetsuya Nomura, the director for the game has posted a message on Twitter which has definitely turned the heads of PS3 and also Xbox 360 owners.

Here is what he had to say: ”All I can say right now as a developer is that Versus is being developed specifically for the PlayStation 3.”

While this is good news for PS3 owners, he did give a glimmer of hope to Xbox 360 owners praying for a port, as he continued: “Porting is something that’s done after you’ve developed a game specifically for a particular platforms.”

You could say that he didn’t really give anything away, other than the fact that the game is definitely coming to PS3 first. Xbox 360 owners would take a port of Versus XIII any day – wouldn’t you?

He also didn’t say anything about the potential PS3 release date delay. There is more from him through the link. Look out for the game at the Tokyo Game Show.

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