Dragon Age: Origins DLC: BioWare Working on Witch Hunt Bug Fix

By Jamie Pert - Sep 9, 2010

We have heard that some gamers are experiencing a problem when playing the recently released Witch Hunt DLC for Dragon Age: Origins, you will be glad to hear that BioWare are working on a fix.

BioWare’s executive producer Mark Darrah recently admitted that there are a few bugs affecting the DLC, one of which is a continuity bug affecting a minority or Origins players. There is also another bug regarding saved games and DLC completion.

At the moment BioWare are working hard to resolve these issues, here is an official statement from them “We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing anyone, we are doing everything we can to fix this in a timely manner so those who are affected can go back to enjoying Witch Hunt as soon as possible”.

Have you noticed a bug in the Dragon Age: Origins Witch Hunt DLC? If so, feel free to talk about it in the comments section below.

Source: JoyStiq

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