Dragon Age: Origins DLC: BioWare Working on Witch Hunt Bug Fix

By Jamie Pert - Sep 9, 2010

We have heard that some gamers are experiencing a problem when playing the recently released Witch Hunt DLC for Dragon Age: Origins, you will be glad to hear that BioWare are working on a fix.

BioWare’s executive producer Mark Darrah recently admitted that there are a few bugs affecting the DLC, one of which is a continuity bug affecting a minority or Origins players. There is also another bug regarding saved games and DLC completion.

At the moment BioWare are working hard to resolve these issues, here is an official statement from them “We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing anyone, we are doing everything we can to fix this in a timely manner so those who are affected can go back to enjoying Witch Hunt as soon as possible”.

Have you noticed a bug in the Dragon Age: Origins Witch Hunt DLC? If so, feel free to talk about it in the comments section below.

Source: JoyStiq

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  • Lilirara

    I have this really nasty bug when Varterall cutscene simply doesn’t trigger, so I can’t get to the Nest. Is there some command that can trigger it?

  • Willis

    I just downloaded the dlc last night and none of my decisions for any of my wardens are acknowledged. Very frustrating.

  • Richard

    I am having a problem none of the trophies are working. I have done it on hard, Done the deed collected all the lore for A time of wood and stone, and killed the last boss but no trophies! Any ideas? I loaded a game from awaking first then re-did it with a saved game from main story line also.

    • Shane

      I have played through it twice. I have never gotten the trophies either.

  • I had the same problem, with her ignoring my previous choice. Overall, this DLC was a massive let down.

  • Demei

    well the first time i played it with my mage it was right then i tried GoA then went back to it after with the same charachter and this time she gives me the wrong answers like i didnt do the deal with her when i actually did

  • Guilherme

    I tought I was the only one with this problem, I reinstalled the game and started a new Char., but I can´t reinstall the downloadable content I purchased before because it does not appear in the screen in the game… I hope they fix that, so I can play it again… HELP!

  • Incubi

    i found why the bug happens, it is simply, u have to have morrigans ring equiped on u, i made 2 characters, one that had it equiped, and the other i destroyed it by acident on origins.

    the one that had no ring, bugged out the responses.

  • Dargus

    What Miky said.

    Sometimes when a company says "…affecting a minority…", I wonder if they are … well… Liars.

  • Miky Ruiz

    YES! My earlier game decisions were not used. It made the ending feel like a copout. Glad to hear it was a bug and not a typical ripoff move. So good to hear they're working on it because they still haven't fixed the bugs in the Awakening DLC (I would like my human characters to wear the very cool Sentinel armor as well.) Very disappointing because it has become one of my favorite games. I have to say , though, that the Bioware Dragon Age Quality Assurance team sucks! Seriously, I look forward to the patch or fix or whatever. I just hope it addresses a ALL of the problems in ALL of the add-ons. It would make a great game even better. And I won't feel like a Royal Fool when I pick up Dragon Age 2.