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Apple Game Center: Full List of Games – Where are they?

If you have just updated to iOS 4.1 on your iPhone 4 handset, you’ll know that the long awaited Game Center is now live. However, it doesn’t seem very useful at the moment, since it only supports one game.

That game is MS PacMan, which also costs a small fortune to download. Considering that the Game Center has been a long time coming and is basically the biggest addition to iOS 4.1, you would think that Apple would of put a bit more effort into the launch of Game Center.

Instead, all we have to sample the new feature is a $4.99 (£2.99 in the UK) Pacman game which won’t be for everyone I’m sure. We would of liked to see Apple put a few more games out there, hopefully they are planning to do so over the weekend – otherwise, whats the point?

What are your initial impressions of Game Center? – Are you disappointed with the lack of supported games?



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