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Apple Change Flash Support: Still No Flash In Web

Apple has recently changed its rules for app developers, this change will allow developers to design and build apps for the App Store in Flash, however before submitting they must be converted into “Apple-Friendly code”.

This is great news for Flash developers who have not been able to submit their apps to Apple, and should ultimately mean that iPhone/iPad/iPad Touch owners will have more choice in the future.

This recently revealed Flash support has confused a lot of people as they think it wil allow them to view Adobe Flash content whilst browsing the web, however this is not the case.

The fact that Apple have budged a little suggests that they may perhaps be backtracking on their plans to offer no Flash support whatsoever, I can’t help but think that Google Android 2.2’s Flash support may have played its part in this decision.

Will Apple offer full Flash support for iPhone/iPod Touch/iPad in the future?

Source: BusinessInsider



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