PS3 Firmware Update 3.42 Problems: Bricks, Crashes and Black Screens?

By Alan Ng - Sep 8, 2010

Following on from Sony’s hasty PS3 firmware update to 3.42 yesterday, we told you how there wasn’t any initial problems following the update – until now. We’ve received a barrage of messages from our readers stating that 3.42 is causing them problems.

Just like v3.41, the new update doesn’t seem to be causing everyone problems, just a select few, which means that nothing is likely to be done about it, and Sony will refuse to acknowledge the problems unless it turns into a widespread issue.

In extreme cases, we’ve heard reports that 3.42 is crashing consoles, while a few others have said that specific games are not loading, with Call of Duty 4 and Madden mentioned. Users are also complaining about sound issues, while more than one told us about their PS3 locking up while updating.

It pains for me to write about this everytime an update is out, but sometimes you just can’t ignore the problems. While I can confirm that my PS3 is running fine, others are obviously not.

Let us know your thoughts on this, particularly if you have encountered a problem with 3.42 after updating.

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  • Alexis Edwards

    If just brought a 120GB PS3 slim from a friend but since i updated it, it will not play Madden and i can log on to my PSN account so what should i do

  • Chasten

    Ever since the update I have had problems with certain guns shooting in Crysis 2 which wouldn't be a big deal but its the rocket launcher making it hell to kill even mini bosses : ( as well as my Brink game had been working fine since we bought it until this morning when we tried to load it up it just crashes and goes to a black screen where the controller does absolutely nothing.

  • Histy

    GT5 will not load after update, why wont they just leave it alone!!!! im well peed off

  • angry ps3 owner

    i had a new console 350gb ps3 slim recently and no problems till i updated tried to play black ops and it keeps crashing????

  • peter fenton

    My son just loaded the latest software update on his older style 40GB PS3,
    now it won't play discs of any kind, went through all system/file restore menus.
    nothing works,researching the net this is a common problem,wonder what Sony intend to do about it ?, posted them a message,be interesting if I get a reply,from what I can gather they will fix for $150.00,maybe they should change there name to " FONY"

  • Jay J

    Had 80 gb ps3 about a year and a half old….installed the update that came with medal of honor (i did not have broadband at the time). When i finally did get internet as soon as ps3 was connected the menu screen blinked then went snowy, and then black. PS3 never turned on again…just solid green light then solid red. Called sony explained the situation and they are going to try to fix it or send me a refurbished one…..all my data is gonna be erased but it’s hard to argue with $free 99…I’m just happy to get it back.

  • world beater

    Im on a slimline 250 GB model and since the new firmware i think it was 3.50 i have been getting persistant console freezes mid game on COD MW2 and i have been getting black screens and no sound mid online games in fight night round 4 causing me too loose fights when i have a really good record.
    also getting times where theres a clunk as if the disk has been just put into the console and then the bluray wont read the disk the console was playing fine before the updates how can a global conglomerate like sony get away with this

  • sovan k

    my freaking usb ports are not working then my remote wont sync
    no power from usb and cant controll the system

  • justin

    my ps3 is the fat 80 gb..when i go to update to 3.42 it does update till it gets to 99% then it will not go any further..i have to hit the mail switch on the back…tried it also in safe mode..same thing… now they came out with 3.50…it does the same thing…really pisses me off…never had a problem up untill now…sony told me it a hardware problem..i told them thats funny cause it plays games,plays movies..does everything it always did,except get online to the network..they just kept giving me a run around..guess they are out dating the older ones

  • Carl

    My Playstation launch 60GB model went to the YLOD after the update. took it to a repair shop Sony uses to repair the consoles sent to them. thats why it takes 6 weeks to get it back. got it back and i was told to my surpirse. that it was due to the frimware and that from what their tech is telling me Sony put a line in the code that is appartently shutting the fans down on the old style systems apartently they are trying to get everyone on a slim model which is bullshit i am not givening them another 300 bucks they already got 600 out of me.

  • Renas

    my ps3 slim 120gig dies after 5 – 20 min of playing and that is what ever game you play on it and it is brand new just got a brand new 1 week ago since my first got the YLOD so it would be nice to see sony make a new patch to solve this.

  • buzdoubt

    yes, this is bs. jailbreak the reason? They tell you it’s for updating bluray. My Arse. Madden keeps crapping out and I’ve never ever had any lag online. Now it’s ALL lag & madden plays are all effed up. Game is unplayable. I’ve ALWAYS hated sony and their overpriced bs. Just as bad as EA. no customer support. Haven’t tried a blu ray disc yet, but after reading-I’m afraid! FU Sony. If they don’t fix this update i’ll never buy another sony bs piece of crap again. fu sony.

  • Kyotita

    After the recent update my 60 gig, which has worked perfectly up to now, crashed to black screen every time I try and load stuff now….this is ridiculous. I dont have 150$ right now since im between jobs and this SCREWS me.

  • Drake

    Like others, mine stopped updating 67% through and stopped. Now it doesnt stay on past a few seconds. I called sony and they said they have had "no" reports of problems with the update. Oh really? Either that or we're all liars..

  • Brad

    Just updated to the newest software. BAAAAM. console froze. Now nothing. This is crap.

  • Sean

    I can`t log to the PSN, it says that my passwor is incorrect and when i click the I forgot my password button it says problem something… godly fuck

  • craig

    I also have a 60GB PS3 and has had no problems until last update(not todays,but last one befor today). MW2 will freeze up after online match. DVD movies play with no problem. I played Tigerwoods online today with no problem, also played NBA live. Whats going on with MW2.

  • alix

    The Update has just killed mine after boot up from downloading it

  • 26PoundEvo

    …I'm satisfied with my outcome. I'm just happy its getting fixed. 🙂 Also: Let me say that i'm not searching for "something for nothing" If I was in the middle of a game and the PS3 melted down for no reason I would have no probly paying $180 to fix it, I love the console and it would be money well spent. BUT, This seems a bit to coincidental to me therfore I fought to keep my hard earned loot. Even if Sont had said; "Yes, the new firmware changed "X" and that may have caused a hardware failure on your older 40gb system…" I would have been ok with it b/c I know it sees alot of game time and the system is 4+ years old. Its the head-in-the-sand approach that angers me. If there's a problem, just say so… Ok im done now, good luck to all affected gamers and I hope this helps.

  • 26PoundEvo

    Instaled 3.42 on a perferctly good 40gb model and the system locked up at the menu after the initial reboot them would not restart (blinking red light) and would also not give me back my disc. I called Sony and got the same "Were not aware of any issues…" BS and was told firmware couldn't cause total system failure. Dont know about all that but what I do know it the day before the update the PS3 worked great and immedietly after, it didn't. ::scratches head:: After 45 mins on the phone sticking to my guns (that im not paying $180 for something that im convinced was "their fault" ) they agreed to fix my console at no charge. I'm currently awaiting their box to ship my baby off to be fixed. My advice: If your story is like mine and your out of warranty call Sony and make a big deal and chances are good that they'll "Do a one time only good faith repair for a loyal customer…" (<—their words not mine) Continued…

  • Khit min

    Shame on u Sony It was just fine using the v 3.41 and now 3.42 my console is like a ps1 now I hate it and I would like t downgrade it. I was dying but we can't afford for a new console curse you Ps3 🙁

  • BrianD

    Updated with 3.42 and have now lost the centre channel on dvd & blu-ray playbacks thru PSP3. Have ruled out AV receiver by using stand alone dvd player.
    The AV receiver I have as several playback modes, only dolby virtual provides centre channel but the rest of the channels are flat.
    Problem is with PSP3. Yet machine as worked without fault for last two years & is well cared for
    Sony has lost this customer.

  • james/stewboy1

    i just got a brand new 320gb ps3 yesterday. i had to get a new one after the lazer went on my 60gb. but when i finished transfering all of my memory onto the new console the update came up and the same thing happened to a brand new console fresh out of the box which was launched on the 17th of sep. explain that to me!!!

  • Super-K

    After attempting a firmware update yesterday my system wont make it past 3% and fails everytime with error 8002F14E. Thanks Sony!

  • Luis

    Demon's souls is not booting… =( Firts time I have a problem like this.

  • Anthony

    My PS3 was working fine until I installed their update, it now crashes after about 2 mins after powering up……is it possible to restore PS3 to previous settings ???

  • Dodo

    After 3.42 update my ps3 wont play games!! DVD-s work….anyone???

  • twonorth69

    Wow, I never had a problem with my PS3 and after this update when I play a Bluray DVD my system locks up. My son's new Xbox 360 is starting to look real good. Maybe time to buy one for myself and dump the PS3.

  • Jono

    Can no longer connect to Wifi

  • Ian

    Just updated to fw 3.42, sound doesn't work anymore.

    are there any fixes, like using an optical cable maybe?

  • Peyed

    After the latest update, me and my cousins ps3 fail to start any ps3-game…
    The only yhing we see is a black screen and nothing else…

    does anyone have got the same problem?

  • sissyfos45

    i have problem with my ps3 media server after updated my console with 3.42 firmware update.
    Ps3 can't find any media server what can i do to solve this problem?

  • I have an original PS3. Not sure about COD, but Madden keeps crashing. C’mon Sony…..fix this so I can game online.

  • Rust

    My friends ps3 strokes out while playing god of war 3. plus when u press the PS button it will go to the dashboard but not load any icons or let us access anything or go back to the game, then it just freezes. requiring manual restart. Hes running any original 40gb. Im currently installing the new update to my machine its an original 80gb with 4 U.S.B ports (bitches). ill be back to report problems (if any). It sucks to see that every time Sony comes out with an new update it hinders the PS3's mighty power. I really wish Sony would start giving a crap.
    but i guess it still beats a console that reaches critical core temperatures and malfunctions, destroys disc, sometimes wont read discs, have to pay just to have an online profile, and uses an old outdated format for games which degrades quality

  • Shonuff_Shogun

    I own the 60 gig fat PS3, I've had this unit for about a year and a half after my first one started freezing after a os update. If I'm correct it had something to do with the blue ray. Anyways no big deal it was under warranty so I sent it in and got a new one. Haven't had one problem since. I keep my ps3 in a well circulated, cool, dry environment. Never had it on for more than 2-3 hours at a time, played it every couple of days. The very moment I update to 3.42 I start having issues with games freezing and not being able to play! A rep from Sony tells me that he knows for a fact it's not the update because his ps works. He also told me my only options were to either pay $150 bucks to get it serviced, or pay $178 for a new one since mine is out of warranty. Horse shit!!!! Not only do I have to pay for something out of my pocket for an issue I didn't cause, but I have to buy one from them for 3/4 the cost of one brand new from the store? Fuck you sony, you will never get a dime from me again!


  • dave

    PS3 fatboy, no problems ever, until 3.42, turned machine on for the 1st time that day, had to update to the new version. Updated fine, loaded hawx2 demo, 30 seconds in the console shut off, It now has ylod. £131 to get a refurbished machine. I will not update to the new version ever again. if the new console gets ylod i'm getting a ******game boy advance!

  • SonySucks

    I have never done any hacking or jailbreaking. I have never had a problem with my console before. I set mine to turn off after the update was done and it won't turn back on now. ylod!!! Sony is pure garbage treating their own ******* customers like this

  • bjamin02

    Decided not to download this update yesterday as I wanted to play my newly purchased God of War 3 game, played it for a few hours without any issues before going to bed.
    Came in from work today and installed this update, now my playstation just shuts down after 10 minutes of play, no red light. I thought the fuse had gone. Replaced the fuse put the plug back in and it did the same, no red standby light. Removed the plug, plugged it back in, the red light came back on fine, played the game for 10 minutes and it shuts down again.
    I own a slim 120gb, very well looked after, not over used, free from dust and plenty of ventilation. This is definitely an update issue can anyone help?

  • victim

    ************************************DRIVE PROBLEM****************************************
    After the update 3.42 my ps3 often freezes after a match on modern warfare 2. At first i could still press my ps button on the controller to quit the game and restart it but now the whole system just freezes and i have to press the on/off button on the console.

    I read online(note i dont know this is for certain) that apparantly the new update 3.42 makes the disc reading run faster than normal resulting in overheating. The forum iread it from also had many others experiecing the same problems after the update.

  • father33

    40 gb fat shut down completely after a few minutes of bfbc2. now won't even start. just the three beeps and blinking light.

  • arshad

    Big Problems with Red Dead Redemption, my system freezes with just 10minutes of gameplay. this has been happening since they came out with version 3.41 . and now the same with 3.42.

  • Dan

    Me toooo…downloaded update, worked fine for the rest of the evening. Came back today, and I get the 3 blinking red lights. It's an original 60Gb. I have always feared the updates and tried to wait several weeks so these issues could be avoided. Argh! I will not buy another Sony PoS.

  • Steve

    I have the older Fat models 60gb I think and when I updated to the 3.42 firmware I was unable to load any ps3 games or blueray videos. I can load normal movies and music cds. I called Sony asked them WTF?? They said no problems are been reported about the frimware. But I found a way to get the ps3 system working.

    Step 1. Have the ps3 off and no cd
    Step 2. Press & hold the power button you will hear 1 beep then a pause then 1 more beep then a pause then 2 fast beeps. Let go of the power button this will take you into the safe mode.
    Step 3. Once you get to the menu click on the file system restore.
    Step 4. It will say system is corrupt and its restoring.
    Step 5. After its restored shut down the system turn the power off on the switch on the back of the ps3 and wait for 20 min or so
    Step 6. Start up system with or without the cd in it and it should be working

    Not sure if this is a permanent fix or not.. But it should work untill the new frimware comes out.

  • MegaG

    FF13 been crushing, which it never before, until 3.42. Demon is Souls is officially unplayable sense it freezes every single time I load it up within 2-2, which again is a first. It may not be effecting some PS3 users on one side, but it’s is effecting a lot on other. Sony has a good history of creating bad firmware updates. So I honestly don’t know how anyone can defend them on that. Some gamers these days. <_<

  • Billy

    Immediately after updating to 3.42, my PS3 won't recognize the Netflix Streaming Disc. Anyone else having this problem?

    • Billy

      I sent away for a new Netflix disc, which seems to have solved my problem. No matter what I tried with the old disc (clearing the BD cache, clearing the system settings) didn't work until I tried this. So…if you're having the same problem after updating to 3.42, you may want to contact Netflix for a new disc. Good luck!

  • dave

    when l updated l got halfway through the update and it crashed now its on a loop gets to about 60% and then crashes sprouting a message starting with number 8, spoke to sony and they want £130 to refurbish bloody joke when it was their update that caused the problem.
    also took it to local repair shp that fixes ps3's and they said its unfixable
    ps it original 60gb model

    • brainee

      I had the exact same thing happen to me. The guy at my local repair shop says he's seen the same thing with other PS3's. He said since Sony has proprietary control over the firmware there's nothing he can do. And he can't get access to the hard drive, so the many hours I've spend on games that I haven't finished are going to be washed away.

      Only thing left is to send it back to Sony and pay the $150 for a new machine. I'll try calling them, but I'm not expecting much luck. They'll say no one in the world is having problems with the update, and it must be my fault. Of course, a simple web search for "sony ps3 firmware 3.42 problems" brings up many people with issues. But they'll still say I'm a unique case 🙁

  • kmgold

    My son updated the firmware and played fine that evening…….now today after school the ps3
    keeps shutting down…..won't stay on long enough to even get the game out.

    If the ps3 is fried……does that mean his online sign on is also gone, along with all the map packs
    purchased for xtra money……I think we've really gotten screwed here.

    • Alan Ng

      No, his online sign in isn't gone..and the map packs will be stored on the hard drive. You can back everything up and try formating the system.. or give Sony a call. Good luck!

  • Anders Erlandsson

    I have the oldest 60gig model (euro), never had any problems before 3.42. Now it freezes completely in a couple of minutes 🙁

  • Bobimba

    2 ps2's, a 60 GB original and a new 250 GB system a little less than a year old. Both are playing everything fine after the update. No problems so far at all. A Bad connection causes Connectivity related issues, try turning off the network and see if it plays off line ok as a hint :).

  • MCGoo

    Im not bothering to update until the next firmware. That or sell my ps3 for double the price just because it's technically still "Jailbreak-able"

  • 2 PS3's … one 20GB and one 60GB. Both get played the same amount. 60 works. 20GB I launched BF:BC2, tried to play online and got prompted for the update. Update downloaded and just as the machine rebooted to perform update. BLinking red.

  • mandrax

    to all having problems after updates , i can repair most of the faults on the ps3 fat or slim . dont charge half what sony do and 6 mouth warranty on work done

  • ArtemisKitty

    Good luck with that, you're of course welcome to demand a fix, but they'll turn it right back around and demand $150.

  • ArtemisKitty

    3.41 caused a few issues with Oblivion (but then, it wasn't the most stable to begin with) but 3.42 has Fallout 3 freezing constantly, Demon's Souls won't even load, Bioshock 2 is tearing/distorting and Batman Arkham Asylum has started freezing some when going into new areas, plus even Little Big Planet (GoTY Edition) is locking up – NONE of these had issues other than Oblivion on previous firmware versions. Dubya Tee Eff Sony? What did you change that caused THIS many issues? I've never had trouble before this. Oh, and the fan started spooling a lot more too, even in the XMB – the temperature is the same it was for about an hour and a half before I signed on and updated, but since then it's almost constant. 73F degrees in here, PS3 is sitting on ceramic tile with open air space around it. Never been a problem before.

  • cross

    i did the update to 3.42 last night and Blu-Ray and Games will not load now. Regular Dvd's load with no issue with the problem isolated to what i mentioned above. I will be contacting Sony and demanding some sort of fix.

  • KnoMeNot

    PS3 runs Perfectly, Played Killzone 2 online fine – frozen out (but that happens due to my router), played Madden 11 fine, i see no Problem so far, but man i feel sorry for ya, wish i could help…PS3 Phat 80gb

  • I own a 60gb fat PS3, just updated to 3.42 and am getting this problem – turns on for a second, then 3 red lights flash and nothing else. Ruled out overheating, it's been cold all day and NEVER had a problem before – I've had it for years. Hopefully SONY acknowledges this, but I just got off the phone with a customer service rep and he was of no help at all, told me to send it in. I guess it's a game of wait and see for now.

  • batman

    i dont have any of these problems, the issue i have is that when ever i want to sign in, it tells me that i need to update my ps3, when i click to update it says that i have already installed the update and that there is no update required and it takes me back to the menu, i try signing in again and it does the same thing, do u guys know whats the problem?

  • Daniel Linger

    Biff, no the 360 doesn't need updates to die. It's quite happy to do that on it's own.

  • GamerChik

    So far, no issues here, and I've got one of the fat ones.
    But to all you guys havin' problems, I feel ya. Last update killed my sound on LittleBigPlanet, which makes it no fun at all.

  • ajprice1016

    No issues here,3 ps3’s, 60gb from launch, 80gb 2years old and a 120gb slim 1 year old. I have never had any issues with any firmware and play all the games listed as having issues. Take care of your consoles, let them rest and cool down after a few hours of gaming, dont block vents and keep them clean. Dust kills electronics and ALL electronics should be dusted every few days, not once a month. Common sense people.

  • Biff

    Oh please how many have, had a PS3 claiming you have PS3 that died on them or freeze because of the firmware updates, but never happens to the XBox 360? when it updates

  • Biff

    Oh please how many have, had a PS3 claiming you have PS3 that died on them or freeze because of the firmware updates, but never happens to the XBox 360? when it updates.

    • ArtemisKitty

      Nah, all 4 of the Xbox360's I've had die on me over the years (different versions, ALL kept in strictly filtered air, never above 77 degrees, usually 72-73, either mounted on glass or ceramic so there's no blockage, and always with lots of air circulation around them – until 3.42 my launch day PS3 worked great, and my Xbox 1.0 still does, so I'm confident it's not environmental factors here. Those just cooked their GPUs, nothing to do with firmware, purely hardware issues. That being said, my newest model Elite seems to run a lot cooler and hasn't had issues yet. (knock on wood)

  • SofaKingCool

    All Windows operating systems(XP,Vista & 7) require a Serial Number or else u get problems updating the software and the Annoying Genuine pop ups but on the FLIP SIDE, ALL MAC operating systems do not require a Serial AT ALL! They prefer to have ALL the MACS on the market and in Peoples home to be working computers without those issues. Now thats thinking out of the box!
    If you make a killer product whatever it is(car,tv,medical cure etc.) and charge Alot of money for it, then only a certain amount of people can afford it, now make it cheaper and more people will by it!!! Thus gaining the same revenue since so many more people bought it! Well good luck to all those updating to 3.42, I'd rather have a working PS3 with no PSN at all than to have it bricked or damaged beyond repair by the very people I bought them from and then most likely will not fix for free! If they can even fix it in the first place!


    over & out

    P.S. Please excuse my F**king French

  • SofaKingCool

    So far I've been a PS fan since the beginning, bought every single console Fat and Slim, hacked and unhacked. Where was Sony when I bought my $500 PS3 Fat and 1 month after my Warranty expires I get the F**KING YLOD(yellow light of death)?!?! An obvious flaw in their hardware design! Did they do a recall or fix my PS3 and hundreds of other damaged PS3's? NO! Personally Sony should get Smart and just offer Unlimited access to all their games and have them all available online for a monthly fee or at least sell the game with 3 downloads free for your friends and that way u all chip in and all have the game. I mean Blockbuster is doing it!! Blockbuster has a deal they don't even tell people cause they make more money renting you games and movies one at a time. For $26 a month taxes included you can rent 1 movie or game at a time, unlimited times in a day for the whole month. And for $5 more a month you can do 2 of either movie or game. I get a game, play it, save it, go back get a movie, and before they close I go back and get the game again until I finish it. Also there is no time limit with the game. You can stay with it the whole month if you'd like. So hacker haters, tell me this, I get to play ALL the PS3 games courtesy of Blockbuster, finish the game completely, play online and return it and go to the next game or movie. Sony is not getting the full $26 i pay a month to Blockbuster and yet I have FULL access to all their games and all of Hollywoods Movies. It's called the Movie Pass or something, in store ONLY, not that blockbuster online stuff. If Blockbuster can do it, why can't SONY PLAYSTATION do it directly through their PSN? I mean really!!!!!! Wouldn't u pay $10 $20 a month for ALL ACCESS pass to Games??? I would!!!! So Sony, If you can't beat them join them or at least out smart us Hackers and make us a KIller offer we can't refuse! Stop thinking Software and think everyone will want to buy the HARDWARE and be willing to pay u MONTHLY for Unlimited access, Can u imagine! Worldwide Sony getting paid directly through PSN for ALL Games at a cheap price WORLDWIDE! People in other countries Like Brazil pay from $100 to $150 a F**king game! Worse, it's not even going to SONY! It's that expensive after the Government imposes their import Tax which is almost 100% of the value of the game. Plus no more Plastic Packaging that sooner or later ends up in a landfill where most likely all my Nintendo games are RIP. No Cd's! Just Downloads! I love the idea with PSN that any games you buy stays in your account for life and if ur PS3 dies or is broken or your console and games stolen you can always revert to your account and re-download your games. But they don't even offer the great games for download! If not unlimited then Normal Price per game just let us share it with at least 2 other friends so we can split the costs! A $60 game title is reduced to just $20 between me and my 2 friends. A happy customer is a returning customer! Last but not LEAST, I find it so totally f**cking ironic that Sony in their rush to F**k with PSGROOVE and homebrew have released an UPDATE that has totally messed up many LEGIT unhacked PS3's and by the looks of it, this is just the tip of the iceberg! I wonder, if Sony isn't able to fix the PS3's that got messed up,bricked by their own update, will they admit to it and Fix them ALL??? Or will they all be collateral damage?!?! Sony has to think outside the box!

  • SofaKingCool

    To all u Hacker Haters, PIRACY makes the world go round! There are Millions of poor people on this earth that can only afford entertainment if its Pirated! Yes, even the less fortunate deserve to listen to music or watch a movie to unwind after working all day minimum wage, which is about $300 to $400 a month in Brazil not to mention other countries which are even worse! Every single Movie that is released by Hollwood are copied and sold worldwide and Hollywood doesn't seem to be hurting at all. The Vast majority of people buying copies can't afford to pay $15 to $20 dollars for a dvd movie. There are enough people in the world going to the movies and buying Legit DVD's. Same goes for video games, in fact, video game titles make more money today than Movies do! That's a fact! I'm 100% sure that Sony PS3 sales will go up once this Jailbreak stuff works perfectly.

  • Abaddon

    You can thank the a-hole hackers for the security patch .If it wasn't for cheapass people who feel that they are special and don't need to pay for games we wouldn't have Sony rushing out these patches. don't blame Sony, blame the hackers they are the root of this problem and will continue to be.

  • Bigmo

    Madden works fine till i try to play a game… sit in load screen PERMA. AWESOME SONY.

  • Billy B

    Sony: As*holes is precisely what you are hiding behind firmware revisions etc , soon you will be like most decent windows titles ' online only ' if so goodbye you will be lowest of the low then, even lower than Nintendo Soft backboor either way you will lose sales on games and that excites me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope modders keep exploit up to date for as long as the PS3 last's which doesnt look to have a long future now they have had their backdoor kicked in , credits to all modders who F*ck these almost legal drug dealers , i feel sorry for the real dumbasses who have updated to 3.42 on a non-hacked system and still got issues , well done sony you should be proud now your even pissing off the straight and narrow, the honest people with real retail discs that aint worth sh*t 1 week later

  • andy simpson

    just went 2 do 3.42 download system crashed 19% in download now system is black, looks like i'm going to have to sent it to game insurance company

  • Annoyed

    Sound doesn't work through my stereo after installing 3.42. This is shocking, Sony should check this kind of stuff before a release….

    • Less Annoyed

      Just got this working again, if you have the same problem put in a game disk and it seems to fix itself… make sure you turn the amp down though – I didn't 😛

  • Sérgio

    My ps3 after a minutes playing shuts down all alone!! I don't know why…but before the update I could play hours and hours and it didn't shut down….

    • David

      My PS3, with the last firmware (3.42) shut down alone too while I am playing. It used to happen, more or less 3 quarters of an hour after I turn it on.

    • Carl

      mine did it too. do you have an old style or a new one.

  • SONY-Useless-SONY

    I have a 60gig ps3, that after the update just won´t install demos or boot demon´s souls.
    Fuck sony and fuck this useless update.

  • Nelson

    I can't sign into the PSN since the new update.

    • Ryuuu

      I have the same problem. On the internet connection test internet access is fine but connecting to the psn fails

  • Thewraith420

    i finally update and when i play killzone as soon as it starts to load it freezes my ps3 the fps slows down so bad that the xmb menu lags ,then it freezes, switched out and put in bfbc2 ans about 15 into the game it freezes its done it twice plzzz ps3 fix the upsate!!!

  • sugaplz

    Hey guys,
    I updated my ps3 yesterday. Sadly I'm encountering some problem with online play.
    I tried playing Cod MW2 online but i almost never made it passed the loading screen for the and when I did it was massive lag and I got kicked. After that I tried Racedriver Grid and had the same thing, never made it to the starting line.Today I tried again with the same result. Anyway I really hope Sony is goiing to do something about it, never had problems with updates before

  • BrentJenn

    I updated yesterday and worked, started playing this morning and doesn't. Called Sony they deny that it could be the firmware. I turned my system on in safe mode, and tried the Restore File System, it said there was corrupt files, so i tried to restore, but won't work. I now own an expensive POS!!! And by the way I don't even know what a Jailbreak hack is or any hack for that matter. FU Sony!!!

    • PS3

      did you ever get it fixed??

  • brendan

    Its the hackers fault ……… if there wasn't a hack you wouldnt need a update!!!!!!!!

  • TommySeal

    I played a little bit of Mafia 2 after I updated to firmware 3.42 and my screen just went black all the sudden so I had to turn ps3 off and on.

    • Yeah, I got the same problem when playing RE5!!! my screen sometimes juz turns off and on back again. Man, this really sucks… =(

  • t12gle

    ive just updated and since keep getting a black screen after playing bad company 2 for a few minutes. have to restart and it works for a while. 🙁 no issues EVER before.

  • sb5676

    I just started the download, and half way through it crashed my system!!! It just shut down in the middle of it!!! Now it wont turn on for longer than three seconds!!!!! I can't even get the game out of the system!!! F**** You Sony!!!!!!!

    • Same thing happened to me when I tried to update last night.

  • Guenni

    Got the big one. I had the YLOD after watching some Video’s from the Harddisk!!

  • Darren

    Blu Ray Discs Half The Screen Is Black With A Big Green Bar At The Bottom.

  • Fvdf

    Major sound issues now on my home theater. Games crash or won’t load. Ps3 is almost unplayable now. Ps3’s quality control team can suck it.

  • Ste

    Hmmm I always hear about this but have never had this happen to me or anyone else I know with a ps3.

  • daps

    wise up people….no wonder the world is in debt……sony surely are not……also to repair your console takes time and money…….to conteract any type of firmware or hardware that stops sony making money 3 days…and to top it off it messes up your console…lol….dont update to 3.42……as for online games…..dont be foolish……you have spent money on the console to entertain yourself….not only to play online……my thoughts goes out to those who`s consoles are now paperweights……but my respect goes to the hackers……keep it up

    • Colin

      The original ps3 was meant to be around 800 they dropped the price to 600 to make it sell easier. So they were losing $250 for each ps3 until the hardware prices went down. So sony definitely wasn't doing well for a while until people realized how much more of a good value it was

  • daps

    as for the latest update….good…if it breaks your ps3 so be it…….its sonys fault……my respect goes to the homebrew and hackers of these consoles as all they do is find way to allow us to play our much loved games at a cheaper cost…..the psjailbreak may be expensive…but be honest all of you…nothing in this world is free…but with this dongle which is the price of two games allows you to play on……….and to add sony will charge you for everything…..instead of fixing connectivity problems or the messed up ylod

  • daps

    you all think sony gives a monkey about yours consoles……THEY DONT… but it(expensive) you purchase the games(expensive) you pay for add on online(expensive) in fact any additions to the ps3 is expensive……..there is rumours of a ps4 console…well sod your ps3 then… they wont bother with it anymore…same as they did with the ps1 and ps2…….as for backward compatability…fools…its cheaper to buy a second hand ps1 and ps2 and use them…to much hype on the old 60gb models…..stop following some idiots trend…HES GOT ONE….I MUST HAVE ONE

    • bunimomike

      Your replies are unreadable. Fullstops galore. Sod that.

    • PS3 OWNER

      wot the hell are you wittering on about? what do you think firmware updates are for then? they are to keep everybodys ps3s in an up to date condition. they also include other software and items to be used on the ps3 such as the video editor and trophy organiser. firmware updates are by definition for old an existing ps3 owners/customers. and as for this PS4 rumour!!! i dont think so mate. do you really think sony would waste millions on the MOVE and PSN PLUS if they were releasing a new console? your whole comment stinks of ignorance and FAIL!!!

    • Ryan

      “they wont bother with it anymore…same as they did with the ps1 and ps2” The PS1 AND PS2 were supported for a few more years when their successors were released, and Sony have already said the PS3 won’t be dropped until at least 2016. We’re probably looking at a 2014 release date on a PS4.

    • Verata

      Wait a sec here daps – Sony do give a damn about that console of yours. If it breaks you won't buy any games for thing (losing them money), you start hating Sony even more and you stop buying Sony hardware, movies, music (losing them money). They'd like to have a system that works – but when it fails they go into damage control trying to find the cheapest possible fix to avoid having to replace your PS3 with a new one. If they create a brick – they should fix it. Just always remember they're a business and they'll act like one.

  • Waldo

    Sony has no real idea as to the state of the millions of PS3's out there. Having Multiple SKU's can't help either. Though the system Core is very similar, they're not all the same. Tied to the fact this would have been rushed to combat the JailBreak exploit (it's not a hack). I'd guess

    Sony will be willing to accept some Collateral as long as they foil the Jailbreak software. I can't see the Jailbreak software being kept up to date. Sounds like too much hard work, Sony will always be one step ahead by updateing the firmware.

    For those thinking that they'll just stay with the older firmware, you'll lose PSN, and any future games that depend on newer firmware updates.

    Still; Kudos to the exploit designers, and further Kudos to Sony for countering it. Let the two piece chess game begin.

  • Porkchop

    big problems with Battlefield 2: Bad Company. Keeps on crashing everytime I finish a battle.
    I have also had huge problems with sound cutting in and out.

  • fiveftassassin01

    I installed the new 3.42 update yesterday … I play MW2 for about 20 minutes and then my system shuts down completely… My system isn't hot or anything so i think its safe to rule out overheating. My PS3 is only 3 mths old (120GB slim) and it hasn't been "hacked" in any way… So what could be the problem???

    • Stratospheric

      I have exactly the same situation as fiveftassassin01.
      MW2 plays one online game and locks up the PS3 at the end needing a reboot.
      Very frustrating…

    • father33

      same deal here with bad company 2. console just totally dies. 40gb fat. i think they may have rushed the update too quickly to block the ps3 hack that has been circulating lately.

  • mushi mush

    not a single problem. Updated on slim 250gb model.

  • thebigted

    i got ylod and so have 20 other m8 of mine. we all have/had the 60gb models.

    • Guest

      my 60gb is crashed too. it wasnt jailbreaked or anything

    • Hamza

      even i got ylod but somehow its working again this might really be a problem in the update


    Shane, what do you suppose the problem is? I do believe in circumstance for these cases, but this seems to happen every update. I'm not sure if I can keep overlooking this. My friend was just hit with the flashing red light after the update. His fans are still spinning and he's always given it adequate ventilation room. I'm wondering if a particular system config with a particular update can cause these problems. But who knows. As for this particular update, It is possible a lot of those complaining about their bricked consoles may have hack it using the jailbreak, or one of its free alternatives. I'm not sure if the update bricks hackers consoles, or just stops the hack from being used. I'm gonna read more into this.

    • Cory

      SO I called into Sony and they said the problem is Software related and the issue is with the software database requiring the database to be rebuilt- Issue is for some reason I cant rebuild it! The screen shows I have but their tech support person said it will take 2-10 minutes and if it takes anything less then the system actually didnt do anything.

  • Jeffrey

    I've had a problem with a previous update, resulting in me sending in my PS3 and having Sony "repair" it for $150. Never did tell me the problem although when I received it back, the console had a previous update installed. I am wary of doing the update unless it's been tested by others.

  • Shane

    People do not know how to look after their PS3…

    • craig

      yes hover the vents from time to time and give them a break after 3 hours mine 1st lasted 4 yrs with ov 40 blue ray films through it and plenty ov 4 hr online sessions!

    • tayizfire

      werd shane …sumhow every firmware update ….a select few have a problem ..while me and errbody i kno in real life …has neva had a firmware issue ….but iono ..even on my friends list on psn …nobody has ever had a firmware problem ….so i wonder who keeps making these imaginary update problems…give us sum proof ..update your ps3 on cam and show us this ….so called firmware issue