Pokemon Black and White Review: Perfect Score from Japan

By Alan Ng - Sep 8, 2010

We have some great news for those of you planning on picking up Pokemon Black and White on the Nintendo DS, as we can confirm that the game has just been given a perfect review over in Japan – a good sign of things to come perhaps?

As reported from VG247, popular Japanese publication Famitsu are the team responsible for the score, as they have awarded the upcoming game a flawless 40/40.

You may think that these perfect scores are handed out a bit too easily these days, but there is no doubt that Black and White is looking like the best game in the franchise to date.

Sadly, it won’t be out in the US until next Spring, but you can import it from Japan this month if you really want it bad. Tell us what you think about the perfect score. It is worth pointing out that Black and White is the first Pokemon game in history to receive a perfect score from Famitsu, joining the likes of Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker, and the great Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

Will you be picking this up?

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  • no one

    I think the game is awesome. the graphics are terrific, most of the pokemon are cool, and i love the c-gear. I wish there were more legendarys though, and maybe a few more surpises. plus, we should b allowed 2 take our pokemon from ss hg, etc. before ur almost finish the game. Does anyone know if u can get an eevee in this game?

  • robotron

    i totally agree with pke league about that pokemon league stuff i seem to remember from the show that there were 32 trainers battling for the league trophy and not any elite four which entered the show much like an afterthought. and seeing other trainers in the game trying for badges is also a great idea, cmon this isn't such a big thing to ask for why can't the game developers make this happen.

  • red123

    I can't wait till this game comes out !

  • courtnay

    you mean like other players through wifi?

  • pke league

    i just want a real pokemon league like the show and see other trainers in the game tryin to get badges not just me . i wan t a real poke tornement

    • Zander

      Well i'm pretty sure platinum does that. Your rival Barry seems to always be one badge ahead pf you. Kinda like Gary, in the first pokemon season.

    • Hamann

      Lol Pokemon MMORPG Version

  • Kat

    I can't believe it's not in the u s a !!!!! 🙁 I need it now how much dose it cost to import it from japan and will it be in English or japanese??? 🙁

    • bur

      No Ingris! A winner is you. Victoly!

  • ajjjjjkllk;

    Pokemon Black and White looks pretty cool but I HATE some of the changes! Why can't you see any pokemon from previous generations until postgame?! And the whole Black city/ White forest thing is too confusing. I like most of the pokemon except that stupid 'celestic pokemon' thing or whatever, its pre-evolutions, and all but 5 of the legendaries. Plus i'm strongly against them raising the entire leveling thing. Why does jiheddo evolve into sazandora at frickin level 63 or whatever it was? but over all not too bad.

  • Nintendo is Retarded

    Pokemon Black and White came out in Japan a couple weeks before i decided to import mine. I put the game in with much excitement to see the new variety of Pokemon bombard me. I disagree with @PokemonFollower mainly because hes too much of a difference spotter rather than a critic, also with his failed demographics about the WiFi connection. With my Pokemon SS online was heaven for me. Woopin’ ass over WiFi may noy be as satisfying as FPS’s, but it still delivers the fun of battling a challenging opponent. Most of the new pokemon are fairly unique. The closest I’ve seen to a Pokemon similiarity is Oshawott(Water Starter) looks a bit like a blue Bidoof. @PokemonFollower also mentioned that it’s built for the Japanese public. I agree, but only in the case that he’s playing the JAPANESE version. Overall I believe that this game has well deserved it’s perfect rating. And in case you’re wondering, Nintendo is retarded for not releasing Pokemon B&W in America before Christmas. Am I the only one who thinks that they would make an assload more more by releasing it 1-2 weeks before Christmas? Also, more info on my experience, I have Pokemon Black Jap. Version, I play on the DS Lite since it dosent work on my DSi XL, and if I had to, I’d rate this game 40/40 too. I chose Snivy(Grass Starter.) What about you guys?

  • PokemonFollower

    Personally, I was not really looking forward to the game to begin with, and once I started playing…. my fears were brought to reality. I do not like the whole wireless function. I think that in the United States, that function will not be used as much as in Japan. This goes especially for those like me, who only have a DSLite, not a DSi. I Prefer the touchscreen menu like SS and HG had. I also do not like any of the pokemon – they are really getting lazy with the ideas. It also so much harder to keep with the pokemon YOU want in this game. So far, for every gym, you need to go and catch some pokemon that is super effect against the gym' leaders pokemon just to win. I would much rather stick with my 4 basic favorite pokemon and level them up to beat anyone. And that leads me to how much more annoying leveling up is. You get less and less exp when you defeat someone who is of a lesser level that you. Nice idea… but it makes it a lot harder and much more annoying to train up your pokemon. And what makes that even more annoying that most pokemon only have like, 2 evolutions, and they usually occur at much later levels, like in the 20s, 30s, and 40s. A little too much for me.

    Don't get me wrong, the battle system is nicer. I love the 3d effects and the new music they have, but there were too many changes that just made the game less personable to me. I bet if I did have a constant DSLite compatible wifi connection, I could enjoy the game more, but even then, what about the rest of America. Not everyone in the US plays pokemon like they do over in Japan.

    I think they made this game to satisfy only Japanese fans, not the fans of other countries. Its a good DS game, but in comparison to the past games, esp to SS and HG, it really needs improvement.

  • dan


    it’ll be the same price as the previous pokemons games in your country, probably around $60US however, you’ll have to import it from Japan as currently it’s only been released over there. so if you wana learn Japanese to play it, go ahead otherwise you’ll be waiting till spring.

    • Sam

      no actually its $35US

  • Sebastian

    Holy cow! I just watched three videos about Black and White on YouTube, and before today I hated the idea of a new Pokemon game! Now I HAVE to get it. How much is it?


      £26UK on ebay free delivery LOL

  • i agree 2 with windwaker 2

  • ms22

    i agree with ms21

  • Wyndfyre

    Wow. That's…wow! Great! 😀

    But didn't Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker get a perfect score from Famitsu too? 😛

    • ms21

      windwaker should have gotten a perfect scroe, its an amazing piece of gaming genious that still stands up with any game made today

    • jwalker

      Yes my friend, AND RIGHTFULLY SO.