iPhone iOS 4.1 Update: Download Manually – Available Now

By Alan Ng - Sep 8, 2010

Well this is something you don’t see everyday. It looks as if Apple has made a slight error in allowing the iOS 4.1 download for developers, accessible to normal iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4 users – it is available to download right now!

You’ll be able to find the download links courtesy of Uneasysilence.com, who have uploaded the links onto Multiupload for you. The official update to iOS 4.1 is available for the iPhone 3G/3GS, iPhone 4 and also the iPod Touch 2G and 3G.

We’re not sure how Apple has slipped up here, but the links are definitely the official update for developers, which also work fine on any handset.

Dont worry if you’re too scared about trying this – it is your prized iPhone / iPod Touch after all. But if you want the update before Apple release it normally, then give it a go now – let us know how you get on. By the way, take a look at the comments in the source link, it looks like this method works fine folks.

Download iOS 4.1 here.

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  • Harvi

    Hey i have iphone 3gs and i want to update ios 4.1 …. Its baseband is 5.11.07 ….. Can i update this without getting any problem like some r saying it will get locked ………. Plz tell meeeee

  • zholy

    Done, seems faster on aiPhone 4 – no issues found.__I found a best free iPhone 4 Apps for Aneesoft tutorial,useful……

  • Adrian

    Hey guyz, I just did the manual install for the ios 4.1 on my iphone 3g and it works awesome.
    There is a marked improvement in the speed of the iphone. Google maps launches in seconds. There is no more wait time for the keyboard. I havent checked the bluetooth connectivity thing yet. But all bugs that were reported to have been fixed look like they have been fixed for the 3g atleast.

    I havent jailbroken yet, so dont know what will happen to the speed of the phone once I do that.

    I'll keep you guyz posted once a jailbreak is out.