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iPhone iOS 4.1 Update: Download Coming or Not? – Apple playing Games

You may remember a few days ago, when we informed you that Apple may be dropping iOS 4.1 on Wednesday September 8th, after they let slip a few details on their UK store. Well there is another twist for you to know about now.

It turns out that Apple has now removed the September 8th date from their UK store, with no reason behind it at all. Is it an error on Apple UK’s part, or is the update still coming out? A lot of websites are reporting that iOS 4.1 will be out tomorrow, but we still haven’t heard any word from Apple regarding the update.

Hopefully we do hear from them in a few hours time, as no doubt the internet will be going mad as users look for the exact moment when notifications will be going live on the iPhone 4.

If you need a recap on what to expect for iOS 4.1, head to our previous article here. Do you think iPhone iOS 4.1 is coming tomorrow or not? We’ll let you know if there is any word from Apple.


  • Mette Thrane

    If U go to Itunes NOW you can download the software, but it can't connect to the software server… Properly b/c a lot of people around the world is trying to get their hands on the software… But it's here guys!!!

  • Miguel

    Apple can't (shouldn't) play with fire: the issues with 3G seem to have been a desperate attempt to incite buying 4. They've acknowleged the mistake and yet one still has to beg for this to be sorted…
    I've been tempted to change my notebook (pc) for a MBA, but it seems that Steve is more concerned with fixing up the prosumers with more and more gadgets, rather than looking at the more comercial and serious side of business. I want Air to be updated: that or I'm going for any other ultraportable ms-based.

  • Mark

    If it is today I think maybe around 10am or around 6pm uk time

  • Luke

    Oops, we accidentally put the date on the website. C'mon get real, stop messing about and just say when it's coming out. You've messed people 3G users around for ages by effectively making users phones unusable and don;t rush to fix the problem. You could have rolled back the version for 3G only, I for one one gladly have lost ios4 to get a phone that works again.

  • indi

    I would imagine that 8th of Sep is by California's time as that is were Apple is located.
    Patience is a virtue 😛

  • Rob

    The update will be set on 09/08/2010 USA TIME even though right now its the 8th in UK it will not go through until apple releases it here in the state give it time


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