Google Doodle: Grey Logo on Homepage – Better than yesterday’s?

By Alan Ng - Sep 8, 2010

After intriguing the world with their interactive balls doodle, Google are at it again today. The company has transformed their homepage with another clever idea which is sure to put a smile on your face.

If you head to their homepage now, you’ll see that the Google logo has changed into a grey, pale shade of color. While this may seem useless at first, if you type anything into the search bar, you’ll see that the Google letters light up for the first six keyboard inputs.

So say if you type ‘Google’ for example, the grey logo will transform into the usual Google colors during each input – another brilliant idea by the search giants – do you agree?

Give it a go and let us know what you think. Do you prefer this design to yesterday’s interactive balls?

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  • Lex

    This gray letter that changed to color as you type was clearly your one day warning that Google Instant was coming, which incidently, sucks.

  • anisha

    I like the balls! 😀 it was really pretty and fun!!

  • guest

    grey all gone now

  • Kenny

    Give me back my balls!

  • snappin

    XD, you all like balls

  • Guest-here

    also… if you delete you search word it goes back to grey

  • Guest-here

    love the grey .. color typing logo
    very ingenious (and yes i used it for ingenious 😛 )


    Brilliant – loved both of them – & yes its completeely useless stuff – but highly entertaining and FUN!!!

  • Jeff

    use if you don't like them changing their logo. Also if you'll notice, when using Internet Explorer 8, the past two logos have much less smooth and don't look as good as other browsers, so I think it's a subtle attack on IE.

  • Kimmy

    I quite enjoyed the colourful balls yesterday but I agree with Freya, by the end of the day – it was like a hyperactive child in your face! Also, I have to switch between browsers as BBC iPlayer won't work on Mozilla Firefox for me 🙁 so when I used Internet Explorer – the balls were HALF the size they were on Firefox! Did anyone else notice this?

  • mike

    completely useless stuff

  • Mark

    The balls were very pretty but this grey one is very irritating. I use the Stylish add-on in Firefox to give a dark background to the page. Because the image is not transparent I have a big white rectangle on the screen.

    CDo we really have to have so many alternative logos? Some of us would just like a plain page, thanks.

  • Mike

    They've gone all Billie Jean, lighting letters up along the way on us!

  • Freya

    I liked the balls, but if you were using Google a lot over the day, I could see it might get annoying. This one is actually very cool, I worked it out when I typed in "Google grey logo" to find out what it was. 😉

    • Hannah

      Same, I found out what it did by going to type in "Grey Google Logo aswell.

    • Mccar42

      I also wanted to know what the deal was with the flashy new logo yesterday and after midnight i go to search again and its just grey lol.
      so i typed in google grey logo, and sure enough it lit up… =p

  • Rob Aeschleah

    The balls were highly entertaining. This is also a nice feature.

  • troll

    first post

    • Troll follower