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Apple iPhone iOS 4.1: Download Release Time – Updates from Twitter

We have just told you about the manual update to Apple’s iPhone iOS 4.1 software, but now we have a few details on the ‘official’ update – which is expected to go live later on today.

At this current time, Apple still hasn’t given any indication when the new software will be available, but all signs are pointing in the direction that it will be today – after the error on Apple’s UK website.

Furthermore, Steve Jobs himself stated that iOS 4.1 will be available this week (when talking last week), so that adds further weight behind today’s update.

If the update does come out today, you’ll be able to track the latest updates on this Twitter page, allowing you to see the exact moment when the download becomes available. We have started to do these update threads a lot lately, and they are proving very popular with you on release days.

If you need a full recap of features in iOS 4.1, you can head to our previous article here. Have you heard anything regarding today’s update? You can always check out Google’s latest doodle if you’re bored!



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