Apple iPhone 5 (5G): Concept Image and Specs to Die for

By Alan Ng - Sep 8, 2010

Consider this the first of many to come, as we have one of the first images of a concept iPhone 5 or 5th generation device for you to take a look at now, giving you some ideas on what the device may end up looking like.

As reported from RedmondPie, this image of an iPhone 5 prototype has been created courtesy of the guys over at German website Handyflash, as they have come up with a sexy looking device, which I definitely wouldn’t mind seeing at WWDC 2011.

As you can see from the image, this design is reminiscent of the current slew of thin LED TV sets out at the moment, with the iPhone 5 sporting an ultra thin body, while still retaining that aluminium trim around the edges.

Their specs include 4G download speeds of up to 100Mbps, an enhanced Retina Display Screen with added Backlight feature, 10.2 megapixel camera and a new generation battery too.

While these specs are pretty tasty, it is unlikely that we’ll see all of them added into the iPhone 5, but you would have to say that 4G speeds should be a certainty. There could even be the possibility of 3D features added into the mix – what do you think?

Do you like this concept design or not? Let us know if you have seen a better one!

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  • Haristanoli007

    i like ifone 5

  • can give apple iphone 5.? 
    and 16gb internal 
    can give free!!??

  • Ashishchhajed11

    i wnt price of iphone 5 

  • Joshua

    I want..
    4" AMOLED display with 720×1024 px..
    8MP still cam.
    1080p video rec.
    1,2 Ghz ARM A9 dual-core with A5 chip
    1 Ghz RAM
    32 GB internal storage
    slim design (8mm)
    price range around $700-$1000

    I think that's enough..

  • Weston

    These are all such low specs,
    I think it should have a quad-core 3.4 Ghz with 16Gb of 2Ghz ram
    And 128Gb of storage with an external 64Gb microSD card included
    And a Nvidia Qaudro graphics card built in with a 4.5 in h Oled transperent screen.
    It should also be under 3mm thick.

    Now on the serious side… I bet it will have the same A5 chip as the ipad 2 and MAYBE 1 Gig of ram
    Just because of what happend between the iphone 4 and the ipad 1
    Where the iphone got double the ram of the ipad and the same proccessor.
    So i think it will be the same.

  • mahmud

    i think it should have 8mp camera xenon flash

  • Will.I.Am

    I think it will be:
    10MP Camera
    5 GB RAM
    Quad Core processor (4 3.0 ghz power efficient processors)
    2 GPUs
    32/64/120 GB internal storage
    Suport for SD cards 32 GB +
    1 year battery life (lol. just kidding!) 10 hours battery life.

  • Micheal

    I got iphone 3g,3gs and iphone 4 and iphone 5 will be my next one

  • Tom

    I think it will have

    144MP Camera
    1 TB RAM
    Full 2160P^2 HD recording.
    a 26" flat screen display
    3 microns thick and, of course,
    5 Gb fibre-ove-wifi network speed (it's coming really)
    Battery life that will last a week.

    Possibly a perpetual motion machine included as a bonus gift….

    Seriously articles like this are silly, I can photochop anything and make wild predictions and call it "news."

    BTW, there already exists an iOS device that looks like the above image, it's called an iPod Touch and it already have 64GB of storage and kicks ass (I have one). Until Apple can make a phone that's actually good, I'll stick with my BB9700, the BEST phone for communication. It does suck for internet usage and apps, I'll give you that.

  • soldier nick

    but i still think i'll buy it

  • soldier nick

    dont keep your hopes up on a brand new awesome iphone apple never tells you what anything looks like before they start selling that item

  • Haris

    i think the new iphone 5 should have :
    12mp cam 720p HD
    1.7ghz processer
    2gb ram
    3d screen
    dual internal antenna
    updated gui the icons make more varian
    internal storage 64gb or 128gb maybe split into 2 sections 1 for music and other for phone
    hardend scratch resistant screen
    led imlumianted buttons

  • john

    i think….
    Intel core A5 extreme integrated processor (3.99 GHz)
    3 GB ram
    Nvidia 3D graphic accelerator
    extreme super AMOLED display (1280 x 960) display
    full HD 1080 .Mp4 recording
    12.1 MP cam (xenon flash) primary cam
    5 MP secondary cam
    super oleo phobic display
    5g download speed upto 150 mbps
    video calling over wifi and network
    price range from 700$ to 1200$**

    a very special news this time iPhone is going to collaborate with android 2.4

    **price may vary from place to place

  • Sal_audio

    im so excited on this new iphone 5,i like to buy now how much?

  • Tim

    I will buy it too

  • If new apple iphone 5 have 12 mp camera,large display,3d screen,slim phone,2gb ram then i can interested to buy this one, anyway i also using iphone 3g during 15th month. I like iphone,will be use, but need this configure

  • ghost

    i think the 5g will have
    12 mp and 2 ghz prosuseur
    2 gb ram
    a free application and games
    because i will buy it

  • ppc

    I think I will buy it.

  • john

    i hope a bigger screen thats all i ask!!!!

  • scott lewis

    i think the new iphone 5 should have :
    12mp cam 720p HD
    1.7ghz processer
    2gb ram
    dual internal antenna
    updated gui the icons have been the same since first iphone
    internal storage 64gb or 128gb maybe split into 2 sections 1 for music and other for phone
    hardend scratch resistant screen
    led imlumianted buttons
    maybe a tv tuner for subsciption

  • lokienloki

    A better preview about this one, confirming a new bump-to-pay feature for this one. 5th Gen iPhone Latest Updates

  • unknown

    I think they will have;
    8 MP Camera
    New Design
    Dual Internal Antenna
    1.5Ghz Processor
    1GB RAM

  • tahmid

    is it a fake

  • looks retarded. Android Baby!