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Samsung Galaxy Tab: Price missing from Vodafone Confirmation

Recently Vodafone UK officially revealed that they would be offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab, however they left out some very important information, the price.

Obviously the price will be greatly subsidized as it is being sold as part of a data contract, however we do not yet know how much Samsung will want for the tablet contract free.

So far we have seen Amazon Germany list the tablet for the equivalent of around $1000, therefore I am sure that that the subsidized price won’t be extremely cheap, however Samsung execs have stated that a price of between $200-$400 is much more likely.

For me a $1000 price tag is far too high, the 3G iPad’s have a price range of between $629 and $829, therefore I believe the Galaxy Tab has to use this pricing as a guideline, undercutting this price could give the tablet the boost it needs.

How much would you be willing to pay for the the Samsung Galaxy Tab as part of a data contract?

Source: IntoMobile



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