PS3 PSJailbreak Update: Did Sony remove PS2 Gaming on Purpose?

By Alan Ng - Sep 7, 2010

We have some interesting news to bring you now, as the team behind PSJailbreak have stated that a forthcoming update will allow the USB device to play PS2 games on the PS3 console – what is going on Sony?

As translated from German website, PSJailbreak is set to receive an update, with the biggest feature being the Backup Manager v1.1. According to the website, the update will ‘enable’ PS2 gaming, despite the fact that Sony seemingly killed off PS2 gaming on the PS3 ages ago (unless you have an original 60GB of course).

I guess the question that really needs to be asked here is, did Sony keep PS2 Backwards Compatibility on the PS3 all along? As it would seem a pretty big job if the hackers have put PS2 gaming on there from scratch – don’t you think? Speculation is mounting that Sony didn’t remove PS2 support from the PS3, but rather disable it, allowing consumers to focus on their lineup of PS3 software.

Just so you know, the update to PSJailbreak is also set to bring a collection of other useful features, including the support to use ‘any’ firmware. Head over to for full details on this.

Let us know if you have anything to share on this mystery.

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  • suckered by sony

    screw ps2 i want linux and an nes emulator on my 3.56 slim yaarrrrrggghhhhh

  • Daniel G

    The fine folks at Sony filed a patent for PS2 emulation on PS3. Thats just one of my many requests from Sony, like: Sly Cooper 4, Remastered PS1 games, Patches for the classic games (Just pop in Spyro 2, and patch that opening video problem, right?), Madworld for PS Move (I guess that's a Sega issue) and while they're working on that PS2 emulation…Dreamcast backwards compatibility (I can dream can't I? And maybe Saturn emulation, too!)

    • dctravis

      actually the dreamcast emulator is already in development. so far it runs at 8 fps and has pretty good compatibility. If I remember correctly they said the first release beta should be released in about a month.

  • kjhjghkghk

    wow, u've finally realized? sony has even said they disabled it because "people mainly want the ps3 to play ps3 games with" which means that they want you to pay for the downloadable ps2 games.

  • me

    It is common knowledge in the scene that they dumped ps2 hardware compat for software emulation, which they removed all together starting with 40gb model. All firmware updates have had the PS2 software emu in the file, for the models that supported it.

    it is by no means 100% compatible. I believe it was 60-70% compatible.

    But it is there…., and they are just re-enabling it. Talk was that it was deliberately disabled so people would still by PS2 machines.

  • Zipper

    Until I see evidence, I'm going to call bullshit on this claim.

  • Frosty

    PS2 had 4MB of EDRAM for it's video memory. while a pitiful amount, EDRAM has one big advantage over conventional memory… it's amazingly fast. That's why PS2 was so good at doing things like particles, because it had an amazingly fast fill rate thanks to that EDRAM. PS3 uses GDDR3 for it's frame buffer (but has 256 mb's of it, allowing room for all that HD goodness), and as such has nowhere near the fillrate PS2 enjoyed. even 360's fillrate, with it's 10mb of EDRAM, doesn't enjoy the same advantage since it has to fill a lot more pixels (HD) than PS2 did. That, and you have to pull off some clever trickery to make a HD frame fit in the 10MB's of frame buffer, which is why we don't see much of an advantage (the contrary often times when you compare exclusives) in visuals with 360.

    What all this means is, PS2 games are programmed to make use of it's hardware. You can't just take a PS2 game and run it on PS3 hardware and just say "oh, well it's more powerful so it should run just fine, right?". More powerful overall does not mean each and every aspect of it is more powerful, no matter how dramatically better the end result may be. Even PC's struggle to properly emulate a PS2 still to this day. While they've come a long way, it's still far from perfect.

    This is why Sony has not released an all in one emulator for PS2 after removing the EE and GS chips, disabling PS2 backwards compatibility. They'd have to pretty much write emulators on a per-game basis, which is why you see them taking the route of making the emulator, and also remastering the graphics into HD at the same time (If you're going to pay someone to make an emulator, why have it run in crappy SD resolution when you can overhaul it into HD and then resell it for a small profit?).

    So, I think this claim is bogus. They might have some sort of emulation up and running, but you're just not going to see them pull a fully working PS2 emulator out of their hats like that almost overnight after the PS3 was cracked. While the homebrew community may be able to whip up some cool stuff given enough time, don't hold your breath.

  • Your Mom

    Needs more detail. Are they playing backed up PS2 games on PS3s that play PS2 games or are they able to pop a PS2 disc into a non-backwards compatible PS3 and play.

    There is a MASSIVE difference there.

  • Guest

    Sony needed PS2's hardware to have a decent PS2 emulation on the PS3.

    PS2's Emotion Engine & Graphics Synthesizer for 20/60gb PS3 to PS2's Graphics Synthesizer for 80gb PS3 to just taking it out for all the models after that.

    I really don't think seamless PS2 Software Emulation for all PS2 games is possible on PS3 unless you have some PS2 based hardware like the Emotion Engine or you recode the game itself like PS2 HD Classics.
    Even if PS2 software Emulation is possible on PS3, It won't match the quality of what a Remastered PS2 HD Classic has to offer like Trophies and Properly Unscaled 720p Support.

  • Noob

    I don't know everything about the PS3, but from having taken apart almost every fat Sony model, I can tell you that they all don't have the EE Emotion Engine, except the 2 dedicated models. If the PSJailbreak team says they can make it play PS2 games, it is probably done through an emulator app.