PS3 Firmware Update 3.42: No Problems So Far

By Jamie Pert - Sep 7, 2010

Usually we receive a huge amount of feedback from PlayStation 3 owners soon after a firmware update is released, however it looks as if firmware 3.42 is not bricking consoles like some updates we have seen prior to this release.

To be honest it looks as if firmware 3.42 has been developed to just block jailbreaking, therefore it may not be too extensive, we are hearing that some PS3 owners are snubbing the update as they want to continue exploiting console via the the recently discovered jailbreak.

If your PS3 has not yet received the update it should be manually downloadable later today, at the time of this post it wasn’t available, however if you check out this link later it should be live.

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  • jess

    Scrap that – post on the details on the PS3 forums as these are all they read.

    After talking to Sony they still deny any issues and report no other users having issues caused by fireware.

  • jess

    Can all those who are having problems after the 3.42 update please post your PS3 i.e 60gig, the last section of the serial number and the country you are from.

  • Branden

    The same thing happened to me. I have a 60gb and after I installed the update, I got the red blinking light. It was working fine just before that.

  • Matt

    Eric, me and my friend are having the same problem with madden… is there any word from sony yet?

  • steve

    i have never had a issue before i installed the update to play burnout online, 20 seconds after getting on my PS3 shut itself off, bricked. i played it for 40 minutes prior to the update with no issues.

  • widget

    PS3 firmware 3.42 caused PS3 40gig to die. The FORCED update download completed and installed fine, less than 15 mins later I have a red flashing light and I'm left with a brick.
    I spoke to a very unhelpful person at sony who tried to tell me that a firmware update cant cause these errors. I lost the plot at that point due to having over 15 years experience with firmware both using it and coding it so I know exactly what it can do.
    From reading forums it appears most people are unaffected by the update but there are also alot who are – far too many for sony to just ignore. Errors range from as little as sound glitches to dead boxes.

    Im not a big gamer but when I have the time once or twice a month I do enjoy a movie or a go on COD – what im trying to say it the system is not hammerd or mistreated in anyway as sony try to imply.

    My box is out of warranty as will most owners so lets face up to facts – even if sony do admit fault they will not to a thing about it so we are left with no option but to buy another. Thanks SONY!

  • Just happened to me. I have the old 60gb fat PS3 – tried to log into PSN, prompted me for the update – hit update, it turned off and I waited. It took forever, like more than 20 minutes of it being off, so I figured I'd restart it by turning the power off from the back. Turned back on, asked me to update again so I did, same results. Next time I restarted, it would turn on for less than a second, quick yellow light and then 3 red lights. I hope this was caused by 3.42 and not something else, I called SONY and the idiot over there had no idea what a clock error or fan test was, just told me to send it in.

    It looks like it happened exclusively to 60gb models and after the 3.42 update, so it's a game of wait-and-see at this point. Hopefully SONY acknowledges it. For now, talk about it more, get it indexed by google so the problem gets noticed.

  • Eric

    This is ridiculous. I got the update screen while trying to play Madden. After the install, everything seemed fine. Loaded my franchise, chose the next game I had to play and watched the loading screen for nine weeks (crammed into 3 long minutes of never-gonna-happen time). Still won’t load an actual game.

    • Bernardo

      I've also experienced this problem. Its an older PS3, one of the first 60G models. Its loads for hours and just freezes there. Is there a solution on the way?

  • Josh

    My ps3 worked fine prior to the update. I updated it, everything went fine. Played on it for couple hours then shut it off. Come back about 4hrs later, when I turn it on my home screen won’t come up. All I have is a black blank screen. Tried to reset input settings by holding the power button and nothing happened. Better not be bricked.

  • Guest

    Turned on my PS3 and logged into Call of Duty 4 and it told me i needed a system update..i updated and the system rebooted …At least it tried too.. Now i have the Red light blinking issue.. I called Sony and they tell me it wasnt the update and i need to send in my PS3.
    I had just turned it on and was not haveing any issues untill the update.

  • Casho

    I can`t start COD World of war since doing update 5 mins before…controller not recognised.
    Also the browser gives a memory leak and crashes…grrrrr

  • Frank

    I don't know if it was this update, or Call of Duty 4 that I was playing while it happened, but my PS3 just took a dump. I updated my PS3 to 3.42, and started to play COD4 for about 2 hrs. I came across this teamkilling idiot, so I wrote a really mean-spirited message to him, they guy leaves the lobby, and all of a sudden my ps3 just turns off! I though this moron had sent a virus or something to me, so I researched it and found out that there are no PS3 viruses. So then I remembered that I had updated it not 2 hours ago, so either its: A) Update=virus, B) Virus somehow sent to me, or C) It was just my PS3's time.

  • Hamdan

    My PS3's sounds are now messed up. Prior to the update, not an hour ago, I was playing MW2 campaign and everything was fine, and the little clicking noises that are made when switching between folders (Games to Videos, to Music etc.) were still fine, but when I decided to go online on MW2 I needed to update, and as soon as the update was installed, I got no volume from games or the system itself. I called Sony and they made me do some file restores and at the end told me it was not the update and that I had to pay for my system to be serviced or replaced.

  • Jim

    I wish they'd fix the trophy syncing between 2 consoles because after having my 60GB break i'm missing trophies i've earned on that console.

  • Matt

    It locked mine up at 99% for about 8 minutes, then it worked and installed fine.

  • Nick

    Whatever! No problems??? How about it's locking my PS3 up at 99% and will go no further!!!! This is just great… Thanks again Sony!