New iPod Touch 4G: Now Shipping – Estimated Delivery Dates

We have some news just in now, and great news if you have pre-ordered one of Apple’s new iPod Touch devices. It has been reported that the new models are now shipping in the post, with an expected delivery due next week!

That is according to this article from 9ToMac, who have just received a shipping notification from Apple, informing them that their shiny new iPod is on it’s way in the post.

According to the email, Apple are sending out the new iPod Touch devices, with an estimated delivery date of September 10th, through to the 14th. It means that if you have one pre-ordered, then you should receive it by Tuesday 14th at the latest.

Meanwhile, the new iPod Nano is also being prepared as we speak, but are not shipping yet according to 9to5Mac. Did you get a notification from Apple today?



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