New iPod Touch 4G: Has a Poor Camera – Does it matter to you?

While many of you are getting excited about the upcoming release of an iPod Touch with free Facetime video chats, some of you may be disappointed to hear that the device won’t be able to shoot high quality stills with the camera.

As reported from ElectricPig, the biggest feature of the new iPod Touch, was undoubtedly the inclusion of a front-facing camera and Facetime. However, Apple didn’t really go into specifics on the rear camera as if you didn’t already know – it will only come with a less than 1MP sensor.

Some of you may of been expecting the iPod Touch to ship with a 5MP camera, as seen on the iPhone 4, since the iPod Touch will be able to produce HD video recording, and display it on a lovely Retina Display. If this is the case, then you’re out of luck, as the rear camera won’t fulfill your needs if you want to shoot high quality stills on the iPod Touch.

Then again, it is still and always has been about the music hasn’t it – Facetime is just a great added bonus. Let us know your thoughts on this. Are you disappointed about the rear camera specification or are you not too bothered?



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