New iPod Touch 4G: Has a Poor Camera – Does it matter to you?

By Alan Ng - Sep 7, 2010

While many of you are getting excited about the upcoming release of an iPod Touch with free Facetime video chats, some of you may be disappointed to hear that the device won’t be able to shoot high quality stills with the camera.

As reported from ElectricPig, the biggest feature of the new iPod Touch, was undoubtedly the inclusion of a front-facing camera and Facetime. However, Apple didn’t really go into specifics on the rear camera as if you didn’t already know – it will only come with a less than 1MP sensor.

Some of you may of been expecting the iPod Touch to ship with a 5MP camera, as seen on the iPhone 4, since the iPod Touch will be able to produce HD video recording, and display it on a lovely Retina Display. If this is the case, then you’re out of luck, as the rear camera won’t fulfill your needs if you want to shoot high quality stills on the iPod Touch.

Then again, it is still and always has been about the music hasn’t it – Facetime is just a great added bonus. Let us know your thoughts on this. Are you disappointed about the rear camera specification or are you not too bothered?

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  • Rohith

    Hey ya iPod touch 4 is the coolest I mean I am serious guys I have one
    And it has an amazing retina quality. And u know wat just go take a pic
    In the sunlight and check the quality for the image omg it's amazing.I mean check the quality .try it guys
    And a device this slim and still having a camera isn't it cool think and see.
    Anyway I am enjoying my new itouch 4g.
    Anyways guys it's seriously worth buying one.

  • Miku

    Geez, I cant beleive you guys!!! Its not really for videos and pictures ITS JUST A SMALL FEATURE! You guys are not buying it just because the cam has bad quality?! This ipod touch is great with all the other features. If you want a good quality camra GO GET ONE! D:<

  • Olivia

    hey i really need help should i get this dresser i want or the new ipod touch haha dresser yes idk what one to pick pls help-thx

  • Ryan Hosenphepher

    I never did and never will have respect for this Steve Jobs "" fucktard.

    • Anthony

      stfu fag

  • TheTech203

    The camera is really good in bright areas like a sunny day outside or things like that. When you use it in a room lit by a weak light then you see when its bad. I personally think its good because I'm not looking for any special picture. It's for casual use and thats fine with me.

  • heyhey

    you all are stupid ! the camera is really good, get over it . and the ipod is amzing !

  • gelicane

    the bad quality stills dont bother me too much. since users of the device reported that the HD video recording and facetime video quality was acceptable and reasonable. so it's basically just the stills that kinda suck.

  • Criss

    You have to remember that apple did the simple thing so they can make easy upgrades in the future. The rear and front camera are not that bad (as long as it is casual pics).

  • Bkuu11

    I actually upgraded from the 3g to the new 4g. I can say it was well worth it. It can still take some pretty good pictures. Its not as bad as people make it out to be. Anyways I am very happy with it.

  • Matt

    Bullshit. You know why? I’ve tried it at a shop(John lewis). It the same as my mates iPhone 4. Stupid tolls… And why cancel a preorder and lose money cuz of a camera…

  • Jack

    It's Apple and so I assumed it would have a decent camera but when I was on a tour of the ESPN studios and had forgotten my camera, I had a chance to use my new Touch and guess what? The pictures are crap. They are not even average. This is not cheap quality, this is bad quality. Took a picture of my bathroom wall and it's so grainy, it looks like a sponge or a rug. A camera that bad is a ripoff at any price or on any label. Shame on you Apple.

  • Anthony

    The way I see it, the technology to have made at least one of the cameras better quality is readily available, so why not just include it? I highly doubt it would have been that much more expensive for Apple to produce a camera with a few megapixels nonetheless a 1 megapixel. And maybe you can get a decent close up but i’d like to have a device that has the capability that I’d expect especially from a company like Apple and also when they’re charging 400 friggin dollars for theyre 64 gig version when hard drives and flash memory have never been so cheap to produce. Indeed they need to make decisions that benefit the company so they can keep making awesome products but they need not skimp out on better technology that is readily available and cheap to produce. By the time they are ready to come out with the next gen there will already be way better technology that they can include for consumers.

  • Minehava

    I returned mine in less then 24h!
    Apple sales people actually tried to tell me that the .92 (after update from .7MP) is a lie and that quality it is much better. When I asked for spec. they mumbled around and instead took pictures to show me the amazing (amazingly blured) photos this 'thing' can take.
    The fact that they consider the (bad) ratings on any (googled) web an unjust and refered me to their own web without specs or rating speak for it self.
    Also they accepted the rating 5MP for the iPhone but the iTouch camera according to the tech whizes is measured not in MP but in some other unspecified picture quality media.
    …… Sheesh! What a rip off!

  • Jenine

    want hd qaulity pictures? Get a digicam.

  • who cares

    People I don't know why you give so much importance to the megapixels, it has nothing to do with quality, it is only with size. Unfortunately there is no LED Flash like an iphone 4g. For me LED Flash is more important than more mega pixels (more than 2mpx).
    The front facing camera takes pictures (VGA quality) and video (VGA Quality)
    The Rear Camera (Back) takes still pictures (960×720) and 720p HD video Recording (Just like the iPhone). I think 960×720 is the normal use of a photo, and my cybershot takes too large photos, like 4mb to 6mb.

  • who cares

    I have ipod touch 4g and beside ipod touch 4g I have sony 12MPX digital camera for better pictures. I am very happy for new ipod touch 4g because It still takes good pictures and excellent 720p HD videos . I don't have any complaints as others do. Be happy what you got and enjoy the life with it because there is always something important than ipod touch, iphone or something else.

  • Yeah buddy

    Why is everyone complaining…it’s s freaking iPod, not a camera. If you want high quality pics get a high quality camera…everyone is just being cheap. You want a great camera, music, videos, games, wifi, gps, etc…for 229$, pssh be thankful you get all these great features right out of the book…crybaby’s

  • ash

    ok, really… wtf judda ur comparing iphone 4 with the PS3 and Xbox..a mobile with dedicated gaming machines. im pretty sure that mobiles cannot compare to PS3 andd xboxes

  • ashwin

    yeh, how can pics be not that great and video be awesome when using the same camera

  • robinson

    Come on gang– to argue that megapixels don't matter is ridiculous. Yes, sensor size, pixel density, etc. matter much more… let's admit that there is a minimum of mps for turning out decent computer pics– or ones that get projected onto a TV for family viewing. Too few pixels and the shot will not look good at all!

    And it sounds as if the new IPT suffers in that regard. OTOH, small pics of small objects seem to be OK, especially when viewed on small screens.

    So, it's a social networking camera, but not a decent enough camera for many, many IPT users to upgrade!!

    I'm one of them and I'm staggered by how many people feel the same way in posts I've read… far more than the usual post-Apple product intro… OK, that's an exaggeration– many of us wee disappointment last year that there wasn't a camera, so I guess having something is better than none!

  • Judda

    Yea Robbie is clueless. As a photographer, more megapixels means larger images size, this also means a crisper image when enlarged. Anything less they 2 megapixels will not impress your friends when you catch that sunset from your car. Most cell phone pictures are taken at the spur of the moment when you don't have your camera around. Sometimes these pictures make the best ones cause you weren't expecting that rainbow through the clouds. I think it's Lame to be honest. My three year old Samsung phone has a 5 megapixel camera built into it AND WITH A FLASH. I think apple cut corners with this product in regards of quality for the price you pay. I have an old Ipod touch which I plan on keeping and it does what I need it to do. Play music! but if Apple wants to really impress me.. they should go the distance or what's the sense of updating. I own a PS3 and Xbox, so as far as games who cares! I doubt the iphone can hold a candle to them. I've seen some comparisons online and I am not impressed either.

  • Zokune

    Music? MUSIC?! No, mine has always actually been more about a pocket sized computer, I only have 9 songs. But that one broke and I'll be getting this one either way, and yes, I'm kinda disappointed about the 0.7 mega pixels… Can someone explain to me how still pictures can suck but video can be awesome on a camera?

    • Yboy403

      A video is a whole bunch of still images moving really fast-in this case, 30 per second. You don’t have time to notice the quality of one frame as much as you would a still picture. Also, it’s harder for an image sensor to capture 30 5-megapixel images per second. So, what they do is they have lower standards. What we call 720p video is really 30 0.7 megapixel images a second-good in terms of video, lousy in terms of still images. If you took a single frame from an hd video and blew it up, it wouldn’t look as good as a still taken by the iPhone 4’s camera.


  • Qbert

    I could really care less. The iPod touch 4g. Is a brilliant device. It’s like 6 mm thick and you people are up in arms about the .7 mp camera. That’s pretty damn good. Sure it ain’t the iPod 4, but the iPhone 4 is three times as thick

  • Callum

    I don't care about the camera. Look at the price.
    I can't wait for my new iPod touch

  • john

    Hey Robbie you are completly clueless!!!!!

  • jc e

    ipod touch 4g is the best ipod ever. stop whining about stuff that isn't there instead focus on the good stuff and be happy that they have huge updates. once agan, great work apple! 🙂

  • Levi

    Do you guys understand that the amount of megapixel a camera had does not determine the quality of the picture but the width that it captures, the field of view, for example, it will take great portraits but won’t do so well on large landscapes like if you took s pic of the grand canyon it would only capture a narrow section if it, it will still be high quality just narrow field of view

    • jc e

      that is so true!

      • Jared

        Exactly, people are so stupid, theyre asking too much of the ipod touch, this ipod is crazy, and having facetime, retina display, being thinner, and having TWO cameras is a big upgrade people.

  • Robbie

    It cracks me up to hear people b!tch and moan about a 0.7mp camera! If you're actually in tune with the ins and outs of photography, cameras, and lenses, then you know that how many MP's a camera shoots only determines how large the photo comes out – not the overall quality.

    For example, a 5megapixel photo is about the size of a small movie poster (which isn't small at all, really). A 0.7megapixel photo is about the size of half a 14" notebook screen(plenty large enough for a snapshot or even detailed photo).

    Even still, if you shrunk a 5mp picture down to a 0.7mp size and compared it to an identical 0.7mp photo, you'd see that they look exactly the same in resolution (granted that they were both taken with decent lenses). Even more so, most monitors, laptops, and HD TV's can only handle so many megapixels on screen and I have yet to see someone with a family album that has photos in it that are 3' wide x 2' tall (5-7mp cameras take photos this large).

    So, to sum things up, the general populous doesn't know wtf a megapixel is, they only know they want the biggest, bestest one. The new iPod touch picture quality is perfect for 90% of anyone interested in taking high quality photos that aren't super f'n huge.

    If you dont believe me, open up a high quality 5mp picture in ms paint and view it at 100% – you'll see how rediculously large it actually is. Then, compare it to a high quality 0.7mp photo in paint at 100% and you're going to say the same thing everyone(90% of) does after doing the comparison, "Wow – I never needed anything larger than a 3MP camera – EVER!". I garantee it. As long as the lense is good and youve got a steady hand (or image stabilization), you don't need more megapixels.

    Don't let the nay sayers scare you – the iPod touch is going to meet your expectations when it comes to still photos. Hope this helped!

    Photographer, Cinematographer, Graphic Designer, IT Technician (all current professions)

  • oscar the grouch

    i was excited and ready to buy, but disappointed after reading this. i think i'll wait for the next upgrade, surely its gonna be better, otherwise it wont be called 'upgrade'. and hope that it comes soon.

  • scrouch

    It's too bad the camera is such poor quality. I don't need a really high-quality one, but a few MP would have been good. As it is now the rear-facing camera may as well not even be there. Anything under 3 MP is pretty much useless. Was also hoping for GPS. No such luck. Connectivity to 3G networks like the iPad would have been good too but that would have probably really hurt the iPhone market and driven the price up a lot. This is still the best iPod Touch out there, but they could have done quite a lot more.

  • Jason

    I don't really need a 5mp camera but before I buy I'm definitly going to go to best buy to try the test model to see if the new itouch is all it's cracked up to be. I'll try the camera out there and see if it will be good enough for just a tiny pocket camera. Other then that I am overwhelmed with the new stuff they added and I think it's definetly worth it. It is now pretty much a total pocket computer it's got a webcam and everything. Btw they did not say anything about the new speaker on the bottom??? Whats that all about I've been waiting for them to add a louder speaker does anyone think that is what that is?

  • lokienloki

    This is the ultimate ipod touch. Enough said. Only problem is, what will happen to those people who had their old 3G? Just kiss and good-bye, I guess? New iPod touch Unbiased Impression.

  • Travis Pelley

    The new touch is awesome….just got it to replace my 2g……the retina screen is amazing and it seems way mpre "snappier" than the 2g. Yea I wish the camera was better, but remember it is NOT a camera, a feature like that and video is a bonus for a device like this……if you don't want one, quit whining and don't buy it….but if you want one of the coolest gadgets that you'd only dream about as a kid…..go get it and enjoy.

  • Jack Jack

    From a business standpoint it's the right move. Cheaper to manufacturer and allows updates for future iterations of the ipt. I'm not going to make judgments until I see the quality of the pictures using the built in HDR in ios4.2

    If it looks better than or equal to facebook picture quality then I'm a happy boy. This is essentially an iPhone 4 without a good camera (and phone.) Sure, it'd be nice to have a 5mp cam on the sucker but considering the jump from 3rd gen to 4th gen; I feel Apple have been more than generous with this new update.

  • OB1canOB

    I've got a 5MP cameraphone already. I could really care less about making stills with the think; I'm all about FaceTime!!!


      If you COULD care less, then you must care slightly; I don't think that's what you're trying to get across. I really do despise that expression. It's COULDN'T care less. Goodness me.

  • boo

    we should boycott Apple! put them in their place! so they’re not always abusing their consumers by leaving features for their products put just to leave it for the next upgrade! they know we’ll buy the product without that feature! “they want to please their customers” but their not…they’re just in it for the money…

    it’s the same with the iPad…everyone wondered ‘why no iSight on the front???’ well…that’s their point…leave it for next gen! andake more money! same with the iPod touch! surely they coulda put a better still camera WITH the HD video…they didn’t want to…they know ppl will buy it no matter if it has good still or not…

    I am gonna still buy it…they got me…but if there was some kind of ‘boycott’ of not buying the touch to cause the sales of the touch to go waaaay down…I’m in…but only if thousands of ppl join in it….it would be really interesting! put Apple in their deserved spot-not abusing their customers just for the sake of making more money!

    boycott? it would be awsome if the iPod touch sales would be REALLY low! someone that’s able should launch a ipodtouch boycott site! HAHAHA

    • Dyani

      Do you seriously believe that Apple is "abusing their customers" by offering a product for sale that doesn't meet each one of your expectations? If you can find a better mp3 player anywhere, by all means buy it. The bottom line is Apple is running a business and the profitability of that business will depend on the choices made by consumers. The fact that in the middle of your rant you added that you are still going to buy one shows that the product is definitely worth the price.

      • boo

        yea…I overdid it…I have done some rewding and stuff and by what I’ve found out, the camera would serve my purposes well…and even if the still camera wouldn’t be very good, it’s a HUGE upgrade…retina display, A4, TWO video cameras, FaceTime, etc. … and yes…Apple might have been able to add more megapixels, but yes they are a business and of course they’ll do whatever to make more money for themselves…that might be leaving a feature for next gen 😛 cause they know we(me and many of u others who are ranting abt the .7 mp camera) will buy it!

        hey and those of u who don’t like the .7 mp camera idea and think it’s too small and low quality…look on the apple site where they have the sample of the HD video and there’s a sample of the still…if it is really that good…I’m really happy!

        any of us who are just even slitely familiar with apple’s pruducts, we know that they don’t make bad quality products…so why would they want to make a badstill camera this time? surely it’s fairly good quality or they wouldn’t even have enabled the stills to be taken (like on the last gen nano)

        IM GONNA BUY IT!!!

        • Callum

          Thank you.

  • Taddel

    Yes of course I´m realle disappointed…I read the most rumors and was really happy because it looked real nice but in those rumors they speculated for an 3.2 mp or 5 mp camera and now just 0.7…its real bad from apple because it isn´t very more expensive they just want you to buy their Products and upgrade next year…I think the frontcamera is very useless because I don´t want to call over Wifi…I dont need that and I think if you just can use it at home because you don´t have Wifi everywhere its unnecessary and also my friends don´t have an Iphone 4 or iTouch 4g and aren´t going to buy it…so yes I will buy it because my 2g isn´t good enough anymore and the 3g is that good…so Apple wins and I will buy it

  • John

    Hey Guys, no offense but are you blind? Apple has on the technical specifications page the resolution of both the front and back camera! YEp its right up there, on your right ( ) but obviously no-one checks the tech specs page… It clearly states that it has a 960×720 still image resolution. And if you don't know how many MegaPixels that resolution is google it.

    • Brian

      Well since you’re not too bright I’ll point out your flaw. Stating the resolution is not clear, most people don’t know them and they only did that so pplwouldnt think twice about buying.

  • Simonwc

    I was going to buy one until I found out about the camera.

  • hmm

    The other poster really described it well. It was really sneaky how Apple didnt include the actual megapixel rating with the intent to confuse the consumer. While the touch isnt an iphone 4 without the phone, people do assume it is except for the lack of gps and a few other features. The fact is adding a 5mp lens wouldve only added another $10 to the cost of the touch. Adding the phone capability plus gps adds up to another $400 more or $699 for an unlocked iphone 44 from Apple seems outrageous. Apple is really gouging everyone who buys either the touch or iphone.

    • Tony=

      They could have added a 5mp camera for just $10 more but then how would they get everybody to upgarde next year.

  • Mdelahun

    Cancelled my pre order. Very disappointed in poor quality camera. I want my money back now!

  • damian

    i posted my report to apple 2 vicvicvic, syrsly apple WTF

  • cbsdhfj

    I don't think that REALLY matters. Just take a video! You can still upload to Facebook can't you? And, anyway I'M not going to be going to use it for a photo comp or something! I'm just going to be using it for uploading pics onto Facebook! If the iPod touch 5G comes out and its got an awesome camera and better features – just buy a camera and get the update onto your iPod Touch 4G!!! It's not THAT hard. For those other people and iPhone is an iPhone – it's got a PHONE! I'm going to go out in 2 weeks to buy my iPod touch 4G.

    Also, take a look at this page and scroll down to the last photo of this great device and check out the example on there! It's not the best pic in the world but it's still a great quality camera for Facebook! Here it is

    Oh, and just a quick question, does that front facing camera take video AND still?
    Well, the video brilliant on the rear facing on so at least thats good.

  • Dance4$

    You're right. Ipod Touch 4 is no Iphone 4 without the phone. It's a Ipod without a decent camera, no gps without wifi, no gorilla glass, etc. It is thinner and that's about it. Oh and it's cheaper when you exclude the ATT contract. I think it was built to match a price. If it really had all the goodies….then I buy one and just carry a small Verizon phone for the best of both worlds. Oh well. Nice try Apple but no cigar!

    • diego

      psp go = no camera

      nintendo dsi xl= front 0.3 megapixel camera and aga 0.3 megapixel camera……..

      ipod touch= 0.7 back camera, hd video capable, front facing camera…..facetime …..please ……ipod touch is not a phone…….

  • VicVicVic

    I am very disappointed, to the point where I e-mailed Apple late last week. If anyone else is disappointed, I think a comment to Apple would be a good idea, even if it is just a one sentence long note. E-mail them about the iPod Touch here:

    The following is what I wrote them:
    Hello, I hope you are doing well. I have been waiting for the new iPod
    Touch for months, checking news sites to see what I could expect come
    September 2010. I watched the keynote and was really excited, and then
    placed a pre-order as soon as I could. Since, I have been reading up
    on the iPod Touch, as I have been looking forward to receiving it.
    Unfortunately, I canceled my pre-order this morning. I found out that
    the camera was only .69 megapixel, in comparison to the iPhone 4's 5
    megapixel camera. I thought it was somewhat shady of Apple to not even
    post that information in the technical specifications page on, whereas for the iPhone 4's technical specifications page,
    "5-megapixel still camera" is clearly displayed. Now, I think I
    understand why the camera isn't that great – my top reasons are: 1)
    it's cheaper; 2) most people wouldn't even notice until they actually
    had the iPod Touch in hand; and 3) so that next year, the 5th
    generation iPod Touch can be said to have a great camera. It's just
    really unfortunate that Apple has decided to go this route. I have had
    many Apple products in the past, but this time, I'll be passing Apple
    for another company's product. Thank you.

    • Don

      I totally second it to your letter. You speak!

    • Susan

      I just ordered two this morning…and now after finding this out, i'll probably cancel my order…it's really a shame to put such a cheap cam there

  • dcdhu81

    why upgrade r u retard??? just the cpu is faster, double ram, and the best the retina display its 4 times beter scren than the 3g. i dont care about high cualiti in my ipod touch its is just for casual pics

    • lokienloki

      Yep. The new iPod Touch is just amazing, only problem is, what will happen to those people who had their old 3G? Just kiss and good-bye, I guess? New iPod touch Unbiased Impression.

    • Udoy

      Dude the iPod touch 4g is WORTH upgrading alot of people is gonaa upgrade to this….but just coz your not going to buy it doesn’t mean you go telling everyone not to buy it…..ALOT of ppl r Gonna upgrade….and get a life…


      Lol you are the retarded one… Learn to spell? "Scren", "Retard" "Cualiti" that one made meLOL 2 typos in 1 word ;D First its spelled with a Q not a C in that case it would be "Qualiti" But it would still be wrong because it ends with a y not an i… LOLOLOL Talking about yourself being retarded?