New iPod Touch 4G: FaceTime & Vibration Alert

By Jamie Pert - Sep 7, 2010

When Apple recently revealed the fourth generation iPod Touch they were keen to promote the FaceTime support and retina display, we are now hearing that hardware within should allow vibration alerts.

This was discovered by two members of iPodTouchFans’ forums, they done some digging around which seems to have pretty much confirmed that the vibration alerts are coming to the new iPod Touch.

Let’s start with the hard evidence, if you check out the iPod Touch 4G’s accessibility page it clearly stated “If somebody wants to start a video call with you, you’ll receive an invitation — along with a vibrating alert”.

If you check the image embedded at the end of this post you will see some of the new iPhone Touch’s internals, I am by no means an expert on electronic components, however I am reliably informed that one component is a vibrating motor (if anyone reading this could confirm that this is a vibrating motor that would be great).

Finally someone who writes for iPodTouchFans spoke directly to Apple, the writer asked “ under the ‘video calling with facetime’ it lists vibration as a feature. Is that true?“, and the Apple customer support representative answered “Yes, that is correct- as a notification feature when you get a video call!

To be honest I am pretty much convinced that the iPod Touch 4G will feature this functionality, however I would like to hear official confirmation from Apple.

Do you think vibration alerts will increase the new iPod Touch’s appeal?

Source: iPodTouchFans

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  • Daviddevuono

    its the microphone idiot…

  • Ally

    i don't even know how to use face time i feel soo dumb 🙁

  • I am on my itouch 4g and this article is wrong. No where does it say anything about a vibration feature and does not vibrate. The 4g is nice and I have little complaints but this article is wrong

  • jamaya

    they dont vibrateee i got oneee!!

  • Cal

    I have an iPod touch 4 and I can’t figure it out how to make it vibrate

    • Retuer

      They don't have that feature afterall.

  • brea

    i wish you could just send in ur old ipod touch for that one and pay the dif. but no life doesnt work that way!:):) i am looking forward to getting it if i do. first i have to selll my old one and with this new one coming out that will be hard! facetime and the vibrating sound cool but A CAMERA??!? NO WAY!! well i mean its not like i didnt expect it it should have been on the other ipodtouches from the beginning!

    • Aaron

      You can do that only if you buy it from Costco. That’s how I got mine

  • Jason

    Wow you know what I think it is true it makes perfect sence and it even states on the APPLE WEBSITE that you will receive a vibrating alert aswell on your ipod touch. This is an awesome feature. I do find it weird however that many things were left out in the keynote. They do not go into detail like they did with the iPhone 4 on tech specs. Even the retina display the specs are a tad diffrent on the ipod touch….something seems fishy.

  • lokienloki

    The new iPod Touch is just amazing, only problem is, what will happen to those people who had their old 3G? Also Facetime without calls is somewhat hard.New iPod touch Unbiased Impression.

  • DeezNutz

    Jamie…the FCC diagram explicitly states that it is the microphone.