Motorola Droid X: Android 2.2 Froyo Delayed? – Release Date Update

By Alan Ng - Sep 7, 2010

While the Motorola Droid and HTC Droid Incredible are now enjoying the delights of Android 2.2 Froyo, Motorola Droid X owners are not so lucky. We have some more rumors for you to read about now, which may just turn that frustration into hope.

According to this report from Droid-Life, the official Droid X update to Android 2.2 Froyo will now happen in around 2-3 weeks time, as their tipster has claimed that the update has been delayed due to a problem involving Exchange features.

They say that these Exchange issues are deleting security policies on the handset when moving from 2.1 to 2.2, hence the reason for the delay, as Verizon are now back testing the latest build.

Should we now presume that Froyo will land before the end of the month? Let us know your thoughts on the potential Exchange problems. More over at Droid-Life.

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  • jay

    Man!!!! What the hell is going on at vzw I bouth my droid x for porn where is my flash, I'm typing with one hand

  • c4

    Hey i updated my droid x using the leaked froyo. When the official update arrives..will I still have the choice of getting it? Or will I have to factory reset it to 2.1 to get it or something? Replies are appreciated..thanks.

  • Beamerbuilder1

    These delays are starting to piss me off! I was going to replace my

    IPhone 4 with the Droid X but if Verizon can’t even update with 2.2 without delaying constantly, I may just give it to my wife. At least Apple is usually reliable with their update release dates. Plus I’ve found the iPhone 4 has the much superior touch screen.

  • v hawkins

    Although i do want flash on my phone now!!! I am hoping that the exchange they are fixing will sync better with outlook. Im a website designer and i am going to be so happy once i get the update and i know several people who are gettin the x for business use once flash and sync with outlook better becomes available. Awes can’t wait!

  • D Riveras

    This is BS, It`s alway something with Verizon ! Never giving release dates just keeping you wondering , hoping , salivating , Just release the update and send out an OTA update on the fix later come on !!!!

  • mike

    im just hoping this update will just fix the stupd tiny issues im having with my phone

  • Ivanhoensandiego

    It's really pissing me off that features I've had and used for 10 years with my last 4 Motorola phones won't work with my Droid X until I get the 2.2 update. IE My HF850 bluetooth car adapter doesn't work. Also my home WiFi that uses the more advanced security features available for 2-3 years. Finally I tried to watch a video on Hulu yesterday and it says I need the new version of Flash. My buddy has got his update for his original Droid. I want my Mapo!

    • user01

      You used bluetooth, wifi, and streaming video on your phone 10 years ago?

      That's some maad powaz, mah man.

  • JIm

    Well we were promised that by the end of summer it should be released so by September 23, 2010 we should except it to arrive.

  • dude

    its just because they didnt get to flog the droid 2 enough. its a lame excuse because they are saying that cant release it when its already broken. sounds like they just want to market some other stuff more. We know what they are doing. they have a finished copy they just wont release it.

  • tushar

    flash. i'd really like flash. droid-based phones aren't really used much in the corporate world yet, can't the exchange thing just be 2.2.1?

  • BassMan

    Who cares about Exchange? Businesses give us Crackberries to check work email because the Crackberries can be locked down so tight to make them an extension of the office (i.e., useless). I have my DroidX for my real life. And I certainly don't use Exchange for my real email!

    • jackmccarthy360

      Crackberries suck ass. If you think android shouldn’t iron out exchange issues before release you should be fired from whatever half added IT job you claim to have!