Google Logo Today (Dots / Balls): Most Annoying Doodle Yet?

By Jamie Pert - Sep 7, 2010

If you have visited today you will see that the home page features a new interactive design, this has received a huge amount of feedback today, however not all of it has been positive.

The interactive doodle has caused a huge amount of searches today, at the time of this post some of the most popular Google searches included google logo, google balls, google homepage today, google dots, google home page, google theme and google doodle.

I did not like the logo, therefore followed this simple tutorial to disable it, it was a nice visual effect at first, however I use Google a lot and the design soon gave me a bit of a headache.

We would appreciate your feedback, therefore feel free to answer the following question.

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  • OwnU

    I use as the logo never change there it's still

  • Denise

    I enjoy seeing different logos -vs- plain ol' one everyday. Someone has a fun job!!!

  • F. Google

    Like it or hate it, it's extremely UNPROFESSIONAL to NOT code a large "X" next to such things to turn animations OFF in a persistent manner in accordance with USER CHOICE, something that google is opposed to.

  • bewildered lately

    If the scattering balls wasn't bad enough, today I got (temporarily) stuck in their "instant" search type engine, where every single letter I typed resulted in their jumping the gun, thinking they knew what letter I would type next!

    I used to like google, but they're getting sillier and more annoying by the day. Think I'll try new search engines for a while, until google comes back down to earth. "earth to google! can you hear us?"

  • Abdullah

    Google Balls ? lol

  • Google Logo sucks

    This is stupid.
    Just leave the logo along. Otherwise I'm switching to something else.
    Maybe Firefox Google page?

  • Rob

    It slows down my computer consirably – I use an old 1 Ghz Sony. Google is my Start Page because it's simple and fast. Those balls were AWFUL plus they were annoying to watch. If Google does more of that nonesense, I will move my start page somewhere else or just write my own.

  • Kristy

    I really liked it! Trying to catch the dots was fun! How can people be annoyed by something so cheerful and colorful? Being able to catch some and see what they do would be even better. I made a circle around them, and was able to highlight them though.

  • Beej

    it was cute once. I use as a homepage at work, so it was very annoying after that.

  • Garry Harper

    Awww, come on, Google has been brilliant to date…tell me one person apart from those that don't own a computer that doesn't know about Google….Today is an exception – hey, when it's your birthday, you make an exception too…so GO GOOGLE GOO!!! Great!!!


  • Ann tinder

    i have Photosensitive epilepsy and i had to immediately take google off from being my home page, thanks Google.

  • PNut

    well Ive totally given up with google searches today as Ive spent all day playing with the balls instead – much more fun!

  • horrible, I'm switching to yahoo today

  • Mike

    it was cool at first but now i'm sick of it

  • Matt

    I've been using bing all day because of this annoying animation LOL and it's not too bad, I maybe start using it every day.

  • Khurram

    Seriously stupid. It gave me a very bad headache.

  • Gadsden

    Google is like the "fun" parents of modern times. They're always trying to please by being overly-enthusiastic about everything which more often than not turns people away from them. Everything about Google is supposed to be "fun", from their ridiculous homepage to their dresscode ('casual Friday' is everyday, professional dress is frowned upon).

  • Greg

    The point of a simple search page destination is to have no distractions. Does Google have no employees in the front page logo projects with ADHD, who could provide some advice on the way such a logo might make things difficult for people who have clinical ADD?

    I think this is a great day for me to finally start trying out !

  • Rachel

    I agree – it's an extremely annoying and distracting graphic. The sooner Google gets rid of the egotistical 'all style, no subtance' design freaks that seem to work there these days, and get back to providing solid products that actually do useful things for consumers, the better. These baubles that merely act as a distraction are not in any way welcome in the midst of what should, first and foremost, be a *useable* product.

  • John C

    It's really got on my *its today!

  • P Squared

    Cool for about 1 minute.

  • Dave

    ANNOYING! and it doesn't give a description of why it's even there when you hover your cursor over it. I did find out that it's for their anniversary but WOW how self absorbed, presumptuous, and egocentric of Google to "assume" that we are all going to know why they annoying balls are there in the first place. They just assume that everyone is waiting in anticipation for their anniversary. Don't get me wrong, I'm a fan of using Google and like their simple home page but their logos are getting to be annoying.

  • Pax

    It's just annoying that every time the curser moves anywhere on the page the dots explode. It just gets irritating after a while. I don't mind when google does these experiments- some people like them and I guess they're trying to find out what people like and don't like but they need to give people the option to opt out of these "Effects". I think they forgot about the negative feedback they got when they forcibly did the background changes without giving people the option of opting out.

    • raz

      how long is that a problem though? You just type, enter, done! And the problem's gone…

  • Jeff

    I was just wondering, also, what it's about… that search brought me to this page. Still haven't really learned. The dots just keep moving. Doesn't say anywhere (like it usually does) what it's about.

    That's the annoying part.

    I saw the buckyballs one and never knew it was interactive. Just went on searching. But at least they told me what it was and why.

  • Derek

    I hate today's Google Homepage!!! It's much too resource intense for any netbook!!! Thanks Google!!! Looks like I'll be using a different search engine today….

  • Derek

    Today's Google Home page is way too resource intense for netbooks!!! Thanks Google!!! Looks like I'll be using a different search engine today…

  • Scott

    Who goes to Doesn't everyone have a text field in their toolbar for Google searches? The dots logo doesn't show up in search results.

    Some people really like to complain, I guess.

  • Neil

    Oh come on its bloody brilliant! try making the window smaller, if you drag it around with the mouse it carries on moving! Hours of fun.

  • soph

    how can it possible be that annoying you're only on the page for about 10 seconds at a time

    • Dave

      Some people do more than one search in a day, specially if they are doing research.

  • Lotta

    Another boondoggle.
    If Google wants to be an annoying game engine maybe it should launch a new product line such as Google Idiots or Google Juvenile.
    Heres a thought maybe Google could include, with every juvenile idiocy like this, a big TURN OFF THE CR*P button and count how many times it is used by all the annoyed people who really don't want nauseating movement, cpu sucking scripts and noisy useless images on their preferred search engine screen?
    The only one here who thinks the bouncy balls are fun or funny is the 4 month old kitten and she doesn’t pay the bills or do any actual work.
    I guess if I go to Bing often enough I’ll get used to it…

    • Dee

      Hmmm, I understand how it could be annoying to some people; especially if you're constantly refreshing the Google Homepage and getting bouncing balls everywhere. However as far as it being juvenile, it doesn't affect any searches, it can be disabled (apparently) and it makes an interesting temporary change to the plain Google logo.

      Often Google has logos that are unusual and different – this is just trying out a new one. It's not a game, it's not rubbish and nor is it only for children, teenagers or 'juvenile' adults. Maybe Google's trying something new.

      Some people really do complain about nothing. As far as I know, it hasn't affected most concentrated people from working. And if you visit Bing, do tell me if it's any good: I've never used it before – I guess I'm too fond of Google and it's sometimes wacky ways.

    • Adam

      wow what a troll

  • Derek

    Today's Google Homepage is way to video intense for netbooks and is really pissing me off!!!!!!

  • dave

    Relax people… if you dont like it go to yahoo.

  • Dee

    I think it's great fun! I spent ages today trying to click on it to see what it was all about without it moving away form my mouse. Could get annoying though I guess.

  • Sean

    It's celebrating their 12th birthday, and highlighting the capabilities of CSS3…

  • Guest

    Its brill

  • -Guest

    I think the Google Dots is pretty cute, I just wanted to know if it was celebrating something or it was just there.

  • Jin

    Yeah, first thing I realized this morning. So annoying and distracting…

    I am sorry, but I must say this is one of the stupid experiments they are doing.