Google Doodle: Interactive Design – Do you like it?

By Alan Ng - Sep 7, 2010

You won’t need us to tell you, but I’m sure you are already aware that Google has added a nifty interactive logo as today’s Google doodle. It doesn’t have a historical meaning like previous doodles, but it is fully interactive with the user.

I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that this is the first interactive design that Google has used for their website. We all remember the flash Pacman game on Google, but this one is a game of different sorts.

If you hover your mouse around the logo, you’ll see that the multi-colored balls disperse according to which direction you aim your mouse towards. If you leave your mouse idle for a short while, the balls will regroup to form the Google logo again – very clever.

Give it a go yourself and let us know your thoughts on it. Do you like Google’s interactive Doodle?

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  • Susan Anderson

    Looks like socialist propaganda they are trying to indoctrinate with. Obamaganda.

  • Umais Zahid

    Wow, Surprised at how many people that are getting agitated about it… As someone said, if you don't like it, then change your homepage to Google advanced search.

    Personally, I love Google and all of it's quirky little ideas. It's always churning out new things and I love it for that..

  • Mike

    I love the design!

  • higgster

    inane falderal

  • Benito

    Hasn't slowed my computer down.. I like it. Makes me laugh these people getting so angry about it… there are people in the world with no food.. but poor you with your search engine disaster! Idiots.

  • dave

    I wonder how they got so hand-shy?

    The balls are afraid of movement, not your cursor; Move your cursor into the logo and allow everything to settle down (they’ll come back) As soon as you move it again, chaos!

    Poor little fellers. They’s just some balls. Never brought no harm to no-one.

    • Whirlybirdie

      Hey, I just held one ball 'hostage'! I discovered it's very easy to 'trap' a ball or bounce a single ball downward for as long at I desire. Sort of like dribbling a tennis ball up with the racket but downward, as if it was a very buoyant helium balloon. The entire time I concentrated on the one ball the rest of them regrouped into the Google logo and patiently waited for me to stop bothering the lone ball. Try it!

  • Winna

    I love it and I want it to be there tomorrow…..or let me choose it as a home page….

  • 1of2Techs

    As someone else posted, it looks like the dots used to test for color blindness.

    John Dalton was the first scientist to take academic interest in the subject of color blindness. He was born September 6, 1766 in Eaglesfield, England and died July 27, 1844 of paralysis. One of the first scientific papers John Dalton published was titled “Extraordinary facts relating to the vision of colours” and released in 1793.

  • Guest2

    Fun. Made me smile…before coffee.

  • sdk410

    I like it… it's fun!

  • man

    veryyy dumb idea on google's part. it been slowing my web down all day it is very upsetting. i may have to block the google now!

  • markroll60

    On September 7, 1927, Philo Farnsworth's image dissector camera tube transmitted its first image, a simple straight line, at his laboratory at 202 Green Street in San Francisco. Colour Television as we know it. The dots represent the way the image is comprised. Farnsworth is indecently who Prof Farnsworth in Futurama is named after

  • joe

    Perhaps a nod to dot matrix printers?

  • Will

    It is very annoying and slowing down my searches…Google aim to make searches fast so why add extra weight to the page.

  • Johnny84

    Another Google Doodle that's oodle's of fun! As @DJOlfin pointed out if you're not happy with it just set your home page to the advanced search, but why would you want to miss out on these little perks!

    Moan about the weather, not something that's meant to be a little bit of fun.

  • Eric

    Bad Acid!

  • Stephanie

    Well I like it – as a one off. Was also confused that I couldn't click on it to find out what it was – so I googled it of course. It is fun – but I guess it could be annoying after a while. I have used Bing – and really don't like it. Google will be my search engine of choice unless something better comes along. Maybe next time they produce an interactive google doodle they can build it with an off switch – that should keep the moaners happy.

  • elaine

    can't get it – must be for US only, how cheap !!!!

    • Alan Ng

      UK as well elaine! Where are you based?

  • BunnyNC

    Love it…thanks for another fun doodle! 🙂

  • ImotionX

    Dont agree. Love it.

  • IT Jonny

    Stupidly thought out by Googles designers, it slows down your browsing experience.

    The reason Google has become the de factor standard for web search engines is it's clean fast UI.

    I'm going to use a faster and less distracting search engine.

    Bing seems the best option for me today, if they keep this up I won't be using google at all in future.

    • BunnyNC

      How does it slow down your browsing experience? It doesn't affect the search box or time for results to display at all (at least not for me). Could you explain, please? Thanks.

  • Bromley

    I love it

  • Robert Thompson

    This is the most annoying thing they have ever had on their page.


    It is horribly distracting and blows up when you move the mouse around. I asked my wife to look at it because I couldn’t believe I was the only one it drives nuts and she asked me why I hadn’t switched to Bing. She switched when they had the background debacle (and the fade-in mess).

    I have been able to disable this mess using the noscript plugin in firefox and taking google off the whitelist. And to remove the horrible fade-in that is also distracting, I have a greasemonkey script. Normally the logo is blocked so they went around all my blocking to annoy me this time. I am about ready to give up and join my wife.

  • Kale

    Whoa, guys. It's just a logo. No need to be irate.

  • DJOlfin

    Robert Thompson,

    I take it you like Bing's search results better then too, right? No? Neither does anybody else. The only reason I've found for people having as their search engine is that it's the default in IE (more monopolistic behavior from our favorite Redmond-based overlord, surprisingly enough). If you want to be rid of all of the Google Doodles just set your default search page to the Advanced Search page on Google; doing this you get both decent search results along with a lack of Doodles (unless you go there on your own).

    You also get more fields for immediate refinement of searches if you'd like. You sound like a no-nonsense type of person so this probably fits you well.

  • debrose

    Totally love it!

    It reminds me of a display in Bradley Airport, where you walk by a wall with projections of red umbrellas (advertising life insurance) and your shadow blows them away. I still don't know quite how they do it, but there seem to be two types of cameras – one projecting onto the wall, and one tracking you, as you pass by.

    This Google doodle is even better because it is multi-colored and you can move things around on purpose.

  • colourgirl

    At first I thought it was pretty cool but after a few seconds it started driving me crazy, because when I tried to click on it to find out what it meant, it just kept going all over the place!

    But I'm generally a big fan of Google doodles. Loved the interactive buckyball one the other day, couldn't stop playing with it.

  • Fran Fig

    IT IS BRILLIANT! I had fun interacting with it! It looks great! I wish Google publishes full information on the design, intention and the creator. Congratulations Google !

  • Guest

    Clever … but very, very distracting. Without an explanation of some kind, or a way to turn it off, I can easily see how it could become annoying.

  • HMMMMmmm

    very interesting….

  • pete

    very annoying

  • Brooks

    I'm with Annette, I find it annoying. What I like most about Google is the no-nonsense UI. The cutesy stuff is not working for me at all.

  • Kory Hoang

    Looks like common colorblind tests to me.

  • Alec

    The Google Doodle for the buckyball a couple of days ago (Saturday?) was also interactive. You could spin the buckyball in any direction, and it would continue spinning, gradually slowing down.

  • Whirlybirdie

    Very slick and playful doodle. Doesn't seem to have any real purpose and I can't find any explanation on the web. But hey, I admit to chasing the balls all over my (full screen) window for at least five minutes :p

    Will be waiting for an official notification as to the meaning of the balls later today.

    • derret

      how do i get this google doodle

  • Rafael

    you seem very misinformed… flash is a slow and buggy, google would never put that on the homepage. the pacman doodle was developed purely with javascript and html5. so does this new one.

  • I am pretty sure this interactive doodle was made for Google's BIG Search Event on Wednesday. I love it, I hope the do a new one every day.

    Hmm interactive doodle, saw some interactive search result pages in a video about a week or so ago. I think this might confirm that video maybe? or am i grasping at nothing…

    only time well tell.

  • digideth

    I am pretty sure this interactive doodle was made for Google's BIG Search Event on Wednesday. I love it, I hope the do a new one every day.

    Hmm interactive doodle, saw some interactive search result pages in a video about a week or so ago. I think this might confirm that video maybe? or am i grasping at nothing…

    only time well tell.

  • Annette

    I am finding it very annoying!

  • Matthew R. Lee

    This doodle must have a name. Google ought to make a statement on this doodle later today. They can enjoy the amazing traffic they are getting for several more hours but if they don't say something it's going to drive people nuts.

  • joseph k

    What about the blue rectangle with the white dot?

  • android


  • ThatGuy

    I was a little confused for a minute seeing as I couldn't click on it to find out what it was about. It is pretty cool though.