Google Doodle: Interactive Design – Do you like it?

You won’t need us to tell you, but I’m sure you are already aware that Google has added a nifty interactive logo as today’s Google doodle. It doesn’t have a historical meaning like previous doodles, but it is fully interactive with the user.

I may be wrong, but I’m pretty sure that this is the first interactive design that Google has used for their website. We all remember the flash Pacman game on Google, but this one is a game of different sorts.

If you hover your mouse around the logo, you’ll see that the multi-colored balls disperse according to which direction you aim your mouse towards. If you leave your mouse idle for a short while, the balls will regroup to form the Google logo again – very clever.

Give it a go yourself and let us know your thoughts on it. Do you like Google’s interactive Doodle?



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