Google Doodle: How to Remove Homepage Logo Yourself

By Alan Ng - Sep 7, 2010

Earlier on, we asked you for your opinions on Google’s latest interactive Doodle, and it seems that opinions are clearly divided. For those that don’t like it, we have some steps you can take to remove the background for the rest of the day.

It is actually a quite simple process, but you’ll need to have a Google account if you want to get rid of today’s logo. Once you have that, click the ‘change background image’ in the bottom left corner. After you have signed in, you can select a new background from Google’s list in the public gallery.

While you won’t be able to choose a plain white background from Google’s menus, at least you can change it from the interactive logo on today’s homepage. Another tip is to choose the ‘from my computer’ option, and create a white canvas in paint – but that is taking it to the extreme!

Are you planning to put up with the Google Balls, or have you already changed it?

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  • masoud

    Just right click on any Icon on the right top in the browser and choose " manage extensions…"
    from the opened page find " google doodly"
    under that click uninstall.
    thats all

  • shri

    just use as your homepage – it will remove the google logo altogether 🙂

  • martin in minnesota

    The 7-year old laptop that I use at work has a 2.3 gHz Intel processor. Loading the Google homepage used 100% of my processor time for somewhere close to a minute. I regard today's Google home page as nothing less than a piece of malware. They are idiots.

  • mkayyash

    use . Though it's Australian but it's still English after all.

  • Lotta

    Horrible for home users who are doing work same as it is for people doing work online in an office. Anyone doing actual work where a search engine is needed would hate this. And if anyone is not doing work, while being paid to play with google's juvenile screens, I'd like a shot at their job…
    I hate background pictures and can't imagine why anyone would want one. Too hard on the eyes. So that is no fix at all.
    The simple solution to Google being stupid is to swap to Bing or another search engine. If Google keeps this up I may actually decide I like one of those search engines better just due to continual use…
    How about a great big TURN IT OFF button with every juvenile logo offered? Presuming the children are running Google and intend to force this garbage on us continually.
    A big button like that would allow the adults to do actual work online without having to put up with headache causing, nauseating, cpu draining actions or noise pollution on the Google home page…

  • Jeff

    As an alternative, just use or, if you're lucky enough to have access,

  • Matt

    I wish google would only show this garbage to people that are logged in! For me I'll disable it by using BING until it's gone!!! Stuff like this makes google home page seem like a kiddie toy more than something I'll want to use at home or my biz!

  • mfsamuel

    The firefox page lacks the custom logo, and anyone can change their start page, or link to google without a google account.

  • Andy

    Fantastic piece of coding – great for home users – not sure whether it is suitable as a corporate homepage – bit of fun though – maybe we are getting to serious in the workplace if we start getting emotional about it?

  • user

    Saw a suggestion somewhere earlier… just make the Advanced Search page your homepage. No doodles.