Google Balls Logo: Five Meanings for Today’s Doodle Dots

Following on from our previous article on today’s mysterious, but fun Google Doodle, we now have an article for you to check out, which give you 5 humorous suggestions behind Google’s choice of Doodle today.

The article in question comes courtesy of TechRadar, and it appears they are as baffled as us when trying to figure out the true meaning behind the doodle. Usually Google has some historical meaning behind their daily doodle’s but this one has us all confused. Enter TechRadar.

They have listed 5 reasons which could solve the mystery of Google’s ‘balls’ homepage. One of which is a new Google ball testing website, another is a Google vehicle business called Google Bounce, while another teases of a Google ‘ballpoint pen’.

Obviously, this isn’t meant to be taken seriously, but maybe you have a real explanation behind today’s doodle. Share your ideas with us below.



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