Ford’s $131 million verdict for Explorer accident

By Jamie Pert - Sep 7, 2010

It has recently been revealed that Ford Motor Co have been ordered to pay a family $131 million following a fault with their Ford Explorer, in 2001 this fault cost Brian Cole his life.

Ford believe that that the tiremaker Firestone are to blame, they no longer have a partnership together as Ford say that their tires were responsible for blowouts and accidents, some of which were fatal, however experts suggest that the Explorer’s exhaust is to blame as it is too close to one of the rear tires.

To be honest I am surprised that the judge reached this verdict, this is because it has been revealed that Cole was not wearing his safety belt and was travelling at 80 miles per hour, a Ford spokesperson had this to say on the matter “This was a tragic accident and our sympathy goes out to the Cole family for their loss, but it was unfair of them to blame Ford”.

The settlement was so high because Brian Cole was an upcoming baseball player for the New York Mets, many are surprised that the family got anything as another passenger who was wearing their safety belt walked away from the crash.

Do you think this is harsh on Ford?

Source: Reuters

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