Ford’s $131 million verdict for Explorer accident

It has recently been revealed that Ford Motor Co have been ordered to pay a family $131 million following a fault with their Ford Explorer, in 2001 this fault cost Brian Cole his life.

Ford believe that that the tiremaker Firestone are to blame, they no longer have a partnership together as Ford say that their tires were responsible for blowouts and accidents, some of which were fatal, however experts suggest that the Explorer’s exhaust is to blame as it is too close to one of the rear tires.

To be honest I am surprised that the judge reached this verdict, this is because it has been revealed that Cole was not wearing his safety belt and was travelling at 80 miles per hour, a Ford spokesperson had this to say on the matter “This was a tragic accident and our sympathy goes out to the Cole family for their loss, but it was unfair of them to blame Ford”.

The settlement was so high because Brian Cole was an upcoming baseball player for the New York Mets, many are surprised that the family got anything as another passenger who was wearing their safety belt walked away from the crash.

Do you think this is harsh on Ford?

Source: Reuters


  • RJS

    Jackpot Justice!

    It's always someone else's fault – especially if they have deep pockets. People must take responsibility for their actions and consequences – or our society will eventually collapse.

  • Losing Faith

    Why is it so difficult for people to accept any blame or take any responsibility for their own actions? Why is someone else always to blame and why does our court system allow/reward that mentality?

  • oldgriz

    I stopped using Firestone tires in 1964, I had the same problem tire failure. Firestone replaced all tires and they failed also ! Bidgestone also, I had the same problems But they split down the middle,not over inflated or overloaded. I made my way to Kelly Springfield and over 26 years and 2.5 Million Miles, NEVER had a tire failure with Kelly ! Once on a Kelly tire I ran over a spike, It never got past the steel belts. It's your money $pend it the way you want, but I suggest, Kelly,BF Goodrich and Goodyear, Michelan didn't perform as needed but is an excellant tire. Most people do not now how to handle a tire failure, and the first thing is DON'T SLAM ON THE BRAKES,wear your seat belt etc..

  • Barry Manilove

    what about all the other 01 exploders still on the road with hot tires…???

  • Guest

    Those tires are not racing tires. The recommended tire pressure on these vehicle was low as far as I am concerned. The low pressure with the tall heavy vehicle and excess speed would cause tires to overheat causing failure. Why do people think they can drive like Mario Andretti with a vehicle that's almost like a small school bus.

  • Guest

    Where is the editor on this one?? The subjects and verbs do not agree! Especially on the second paragraph. I had a lot of difficulty getting past the grammatical errors to even read the story.
    I disagree with the judge! If the driver was speeding and not wearing his safety belt, then he was in error. Reactions at that speed can be dramatic and cause all kinds of problems.

  • Joseph

    Back when Ford ended its relationship with Firestone they (Ford) tried to lay all the blame on Firestone. Truth be told, Ford had a design flaw that caused the tires to explode. The exhaust was right over the left rear tire.The heat from the exhaust was also a factor in the tires failing but Ford tried to tell everyone it was only the tires.What liars. The very next year Ford quietly changed the location of the exhaust.I have no sympathy for Ford.

  • Kietara

    Perhaps the judge should be investigated maybe the judge has some sort of financial connection to the mets

  • Patrick

    This is indicative of the problems in our society where we get to "play the lotto" and sue others rather than face our own faults and take responsibility for our own decisions and actions. While compensation for damages is a just thing, the verdicts being handed down in these cases is not.

  • Guest

    I thought that it was found out during the investigation into the Explorer rollovers that Firestones tire were not to blame, but that the tires were being damaged at one of Fords assembly plants. Now as for the circustances leading to this rollover I don't see how you can fault Ford, speeding no seatbelt speaks for itself. And a blowout doesent cause a rollover its the drivers reaction of jerking the wheel that causes problems.

  • guest

    Why is Ford having to take the blame? First he was going too fast and 2nd no seat belt, plus it was the tires that blew, nothing wrong with the vehicle itself. Where is Firestone in all this? What was the judge thinking? Yes I believe this harsh towards Ford. Sympathies to the family, but not $131 million worht!!!!

  • Guest

    I am surprised that it has taken the family 9 years to file a lawsuit. First I feel bad for the family. Second, he was not wearing a seatbelt and speeding. The family only got that much money was because he was going to be famous. I think the passenger should get part of the money for having his life put into danger.


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