Sony PS3 Slim: New White Model coming to US?

By Alan Ng - Sep 6, 2010

We have some exciting news for PS3 owners now, as it has been revealed that the elusive White PS3 Slim may be set for release in the US after all, after a discovery was made on Amazon.

As reported from Engadget, a new PS3 Dual Shock controller with the description ‘Classic White’ has been listed on the online retailer, along with a shipping date of October 15th.

You may be aware that Sony already sell a white PS3 pad, but this is the ‘Ceramic White’ pad, and it’s a different shade of color to the Classic One. Of course, you can pick up a white PS3 model in Japan, but the shipping costs and hassle bringing it over to the US is simply too much for the average gamer.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think Sony are planning to introduce a White PS3 for the US at the Tokyo Game Show? We’re certainly excited about this.

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  • like it in the but

    marcus_ is the white os3 in the us yet?

  • livingorganism

    when will they come to Australia?

  • livingorganism

    when will they come to Australia?

  • gouki

    I would buy a white ps3 slim cuz it's something different
    but you could send any electronic devices to color ware and they
    will color it for you.

  • manny

    white ps3 is sexy

  • Stating_the_Obvious

    Why would current PS3 owners be excited about the white one when they already have a PS3?

    • How do you know we're current PS3 owners?? I dont have a PS3 yet.

    • even more obvious

      maybe because they look sweet and have a 320 gig hard the 2 together and have one badass duo …ever think of that…maybe you need an x box…….. dummy!

  • Marcellus

    WOW! I spent the last 3 weeks looking for a white PS3 Slim model. It's finally here!