New iPod Touch 4G: Photoshop and fourth-generation photos

By Jamie Pert - Sep 6, 2010

Apple has recently updated the pictures of their 4th generation iPod Touch, this is because the first renders of the device featured a few mistakes.

If you check out Engadget’s recent article you can see some of the original renders, they show a phone app and a messaging app, these apps are not available on the iPod Touch.

Apple are usually quite thorough with their device launches, therefore it is quite surprising to see so many mistakes, I wonder if they are too busy trying to work out how to make a white iPhone 4.

We have embedded one of the renders below, you can clearly see the phone icon.

Source: Engadget

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  • Luzponce98

    Someone took an iPhone screen shot and put it in the iPod 

  • Gir♥

    Huh… who woulda thunk.

  • Jason

    The viewing angle is terrible. It's really noticeable when you're playing a game which involves tilting the device. I got annoyed with it very quickly when testing it. Also the screen is nowhere near as bright as the iPhone. Marketing this as having the same display as the iPhone 4 is disingenuous at best, an outright lie at worst.

  • crum

    there is also an ipod app which is only for iphones…
    it should be music and videos in separate apps.

  • EMiiiLY

    so what ur saying is that the megapixels are low for the face (front) camera? or the ipod touch (Apple) is lying and saying it has 7 MP but it doesnt im confused here. Also if it is low MP then this would be for kids to use am i right? cause i need to know the information about the camera becasue i really want one!!! Tell me about my answer and someone reply FAST!!!

    • Jennnnn

      The camera takes video in HD video but the still camera has a less than 1mp sensor so its pretty rubbish for pictures

  • Jay

    The world just recently found out that the new iPod touch uses an inferior Retina Display. The iPhone 4 uses a high-contrast, high viewing angle IPS LCD screen, the new iPod Touch does not, despite Steve Jobs standing up in front of everyone and saying it does. I'm wondering if this photoshop error has a direct relation to this scam, as the coloring of an iPhone 4 image would be better (which they've obviously used).