How would you change Apple’s Ping?

By Jamie Pert - Sep 6, 2010

Now that Ping has been out a few days, we thought we would ask our readers what they though of Apple’s answer to a music-centric social networking service.

We already know that Ping has been riddled with spam messages that are linked to scams, viruses and malware, therefore it is far from perfect, so how would you change it?

Obviously making it as secure as possible has to be a huge priority, therefore a better message filtering service has to be put in place, but what further functionality would make Ping a serious alternative to the many music-centric social networking services out there?

For me there are two major front runners out there, MySpace and Spotify, both are great in different ways. MySpace in my opinion is much better for keeping in track with artists and seeing which artists your friends are fans of, one downfall is that it is web-based and has been linked to scams and viruses etc.

Spotify offers great playlist sharing capabilities, the social networking side of things is a lot less prominent, which is great for people who just want an easy way to discover new music.

For me there are lots of different directions Ping could take, should it neglect the social networking side of things a bit and become a direct competitor to Spotify? Or should it concentrate on the social networking side of things and become a Spotify/MySpace hybrid?

We would love your ideas, such as new features etc, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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