Google gets Bedbugs: Nightmare in New York?

By Alan Ng - Sep 6, 2010

It turns out that internet search giants Google are just the same as everyone else, as the company has admitted that they have a bed bug problem in one of their offices in New York.

As reported from Gather, the infestation of bugs were discovered by a Google employee, who decided to share her thoughts on the matter on social networking website Twitter. This is the message she posted, before it was swiftly removed:

“Jeepers i am not immune from the bedbug epidemic. bedbugs have been found at work.”

As a result of this becoming public knowledge, Google has calmed the situation by delivering a message of their own:

“Like several other businesses in New York City, we’ve discovered bedbugs in a small area of our office. We have notified employees and are taking steps to treat the affected area.”

It is fair to say that bedbugs are a common problem anywhere you go, but it is still a surprise to see that a company as big as Google are having problems with them, and that they were discovered inside one of their office buildings.

What are your thoughts on this? Full story through the link.

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