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FFXIV Server Status Update: Square-Enix Limiting Beta Keys

For those of you who are still having problems getting into the Final Fantasy XIV beta, it has been confirmed that Square-Enix are now limiting access to the beta, due to the overwhelming demand by gamers.

As reported from Eurogamer, Square-Enix has sent out a statement, informing everyone that beta keys are now being severely restricted, as the company try to manage their servers which have come under increased pressure ever since the beta went live last week.

Here is a portion of Square-Enix’s latest message to gamers: “Currently, players may not be able to log into the FINAL FANTASY XIV Open Beta Test, or acquire registration codes for the game. As a countermeasure to the congestion, we are currently limiting the acquisition of registration codes for the Open Beta Test.”

They also advise gamers who cannot get into the beta, to wait and try again at another time – but let’s face it, that’s not going to happen. If the website gives you an error message, then its only natural to keep trying – this is one of the most anticipated betas ever let’s not forget.

What is your current status at the moment? I know a lot of you have managed to obtain a beta key and enter the beta, but others have not been so lucky. Good luck getting in guys.


  • stillwaiting

    Im in the same boat

  • anonymoose

    The FINAL FANTASY XIV Beta Test Site can only be accessed by those who have been granted Beta Test accounts.

    Beta testers can log in from the link below using their Square Enix Account.

    Get this message on the site I was told to log in at. Funny thing is I already got the Beta key, code worked fine, and now this…

    I’m wondering why I should bother at the moment. I’m waiting on the support ticket to be answered. If this is any indication of their customer service, I’m just glad I’m not paying for it.

  • Ron

    I'm still trying to get in… =[

  • Dave

    I got in friday morning and I have been playing since then.


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