Dell Streak: Android 2.1 Update – Did you get it?

By Alan Ng - Sep 6, 2010

We have some good news for Dell Streak owners now, as we can confirm that the company is now pushing out an OTA update to Android 2.1 Eclair, despite previously saying that the Dell Streak would go straight from 1.6 to 2.2 Froyo.

Either way, Streak owners have a brand new update to play around with, and as Phandroid reports, customers who haven’t received the OTA notification yet, should go to their phone’s settings and see if anything pops up on ‘System Update’.

No word on the Android 2.2 Froyo update yet, as Dell are presumably hard at work to release it before the end of the year as promised. At least you can say that you’re not stuck on Android 1.6 now!

Have you received the update on your Dell Streak yet?

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  • mikeyivan

    its the last week of the year and no updates to 2.2. wtf? and i cant even get 2.1

  • mikeyivan

    how do you get the 2.1?

  • David Bailey

    Hi, I also updated to 2.1 a few days back and I have to agree with Kenneth.

    The new keyboard is a real step back compared to the one that came with 1.6. When texting it becomes a real point of annoyance having to switch from letters to numbers and punctuation after being so happy with the qwerty+ layout we had before. I bought the dell streak specifically for the screen real estate & I don't see why I should revert back to a keyboard that not only seems more suited to a smaller device but also seems a lot clunkier to use. Bring back the qwerty keyboard & number pad combo Dell team, it was a pleasure to use compared to this!!!

    The other thing I found erk-some with the update was the changes to the camera function. 1.6 came with a zoom function, fair enough it was purely digital, but it was something on a device with such a nice camera.

    Other than a few aesthetically pleasing new aspects to the new update I fail to see too much benefit to taking the time to update. Still no flash support, which on such a nice device is such a disappointment, and why can't they incorporate a simple back up to SD function for important data in updates so that I don't have to reinstall wireless keys and contacts(fortunately I backed these up).

    Overall, love the dell streak, love android(had the G1 previously and am starting to miss it now), and I'm hating being negative about it but I can't see the combination as a real long lasting contender yet as it could be so much more…

  • Kenneth Anderson

    Updated to the Android 2.1 on my Dell Streak…. a few hiccups on the way. Firstly, and probably the biggest of all, when I updated to the Android 2.1, I lost all contact information, text messages stored on my phone, and applications. To start with my thoughts of the update, I hate the new keyboard. There is no button on the keyboard anymore to close it down, so you have to press and hold the touch button above the home key….which doesn't always close down the keyboard. Also it doesn't offer scroll left/right button, so if you need to go back to a certain point in text, you have to try tapping at exact point in the text you wish to amend. Also it can be really annoying constantly having to change to the punctuation screen on the keyboard and look for the punctuation required. Before you could see the punctuation available above the letters on the keyboard. It may seem like little things to complain about….but I really find the new keyboard both annoying and disappointing. I want to have the old keyboard back.
    I also dislike the idea about getting less apps on the home screens. There was nothing wrong with having smaller app icons….bring back smaller app icons!!
    Now that's off my chest here's some things I do like. Love the live wallpaper, really cool. Drains the battery, but very impressive. Also bluetooth works properly now, as on android 1.6, I could only view pics etc on other phones, even with bluetooth apps installed. Now I can actually download old photographs and videos from old phone.
    Haven't noticed much difference with the camera/video, except the options/layout when shooting pictures or video, and again I preferred the old layout.

    Overall the update is really disappointing was expecting more from the update to 2.1, I was hoping to be able to download Adobe flash player, to view movies/tv on internet, but since found out I will have to wait for Android 2.2, where hopefully I won't be disappointed so much with that update, and don't lose all my texts/contacts/applications etc when I upgrade again!!!! PLEASE GIVE ME BACK THE OLD KEYBOARD NOW!!!!