Call of Duty Black Ops: Will you buy it without Zombie Mode?

By Alan Ng - Sep 6, 2010

There has been a lot of talk lately, on the debate surrounding the inclusion of zombie mode in Treyarch’s upcoming release of Call of Duty Black Ops, set to hit stores on November 9th.

We’ve been keeping you up to date with all the latest rumors surrounding the popular add-on, and we’ve also been reading your feedback on the mode as well. A lot of you are still expecting Treyarch to announce it last minute before the game releases, but some of you are also threatening to boycott the game if Treyarch doesnt add zombies into the game.

Just yesterday, we told you how there might be plans to include zombies as DLC after the game hits stores, which would obviously be a major blow for fans, but a smart business move for Treyarch. The company are not stupid, and I’m sure they are well aware that zombie mode was the biggest thing in World at War, and the key reason why everyone paid the extra cash for their map packs.

The worrying thing is, Treyarch has still not dropped any big hints about the inclusion of zombie mode, so as we enter September, two months before release, all we have to go on are still rumors and speculation. The company did say at their multiplayer reveal, that most of their main features have already been announced, but did confirm that co-op would get a separate showing later on down the line – which gives us hope.

One portion of co-op has already been confirmed via the combat training mode, so we just hope that the other remains zombie mode. How would they fit zombies in though? If you’ve seen the latest videos for the game, you’ll know that the game looks a lot like MW2 – i.e all modern settings, rather than World War settings, so could they still make an easy transition from Black Ops multiplayer to Nazi Zombies?

We know that the four zombie maps from World at War will definitely be playable in the special editions of the game, but whether that is part of normal play, or zombie co-op is still yet to confirmed.

It seems that Treyarch has everyone where they want at the moment for a number of reasons. The company has just finished unveiling a brilliant multiplayer mode – knowing too well that everyone is still waiting on zombie mode. If they choose not to release zombies with the game and announce that it is coming afterwards, they know that everyone will still buy it, since the multiplayer and single player campaigns will still offer enough content for your hard-earned cash.

The question is though – where do you stand on this? Are you willing to buy the game if zombies are not included, or are you staying firm on your decision of ‘no zombies, no buy’? We are eagerly awaiting your thoughts on this. Some ideas for Zombie mode can be seen in our previous article here.

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  • marlon

    what does the coin do when yu pick it up in zombie o=mode after using the telporter

  • TED


  • bobby

    who actualy cares now it's already out 🙂

  • NANO_theKiLLeR

    y pay for zombie maps

    • ghost

      i know!!!!

  • TheGuy

    Do you think they will make the extra maps that are available with the hardened edition available for DLC right when the game launches? Or will they be exclusive too the limited editions?

  • Ryan Eddinger

    well idk if they are gonna have zombies or not but its a good game ither way and if zombies are included thatll be freakin sweet.

  • juan

    there better be some zombies in this game……..

  • abcdef

    looks good but 2 many wepons that need no skill.
    i can imagin a lot of camping with explosive wepons on online
    but well just have to see

  • jonnz

    medal of honour is not a good game and by not a good game i mean biggest waste of money in a long long time.

  • joseph

    at geme stop i ask the dud that was behind the counter is there zombies in the game and he said yes.

    • zombie fan

      yes because heavens for bids gamestop employees know everything! better research it yourself…but yes there is zombies…treyarch announced it…its all over the internet…just type it in google

  • Mr CoD

    i am probably getting normal version of it even though i want hardened, gamestop says its out of stock so i dont know about it. All i want to know is if you've already bought the WaW zombie maps previously, are they gonna be in black ops when you get it? And if not, WHY?

    • Zombie fan

      They are not going to just transfer over…for one because treyarch wants money…i mean who wouldnt and two they are revamping the maps and changing them a little bit to put on the black ops engine…so the maps are being redone

  • Cl@ss1f13d

    to be honest, i wouldn't give even if there weren't zombies.
    I'm buying the game for the singleplayer and the wager matches. NOT THE ZOMBIE MODE!

    (though if they have it it'll be epic)

    the customisation and epic maps will be the best bit.

    oh and did i mention the wager matches?

    • Legit Gamer

      sure wager matches will be fun…the whole online will be until people find a way…and yes they will it is enevitable…they will find a way to cheat…glitch…modd or find some way to make online mode in black ops no fun…that is why zombies is fun and you are obviously not a fan of coop then…

  • Quinto-

    zombies sucked it was the worst feature in that game, even if its in black ops i will never play it or buy extra for it

  • ryan

    god save us no zombies wouldnt be that bad so wee ur pants

  • RECONArmOL21

    nahh u guys are just waiting for zombies to come out the night and kill huh?? lol

  • bob

    i love weners

  • algbla


    • algbra

      this game will be hella fun

  • Mc-lovin-117

    I just dont want zombies after Online.

    • Legit Gamer

      I dont know what you are talking about? Zombies is an amazing game! Online is terrible. There are so many campers…noob toobers…glitchers….modders…the list goes on and on…there are very few legit gamers out there and I bet you aren't one if you like online

  • tyler

    treyarch is realy pushing this whole we dont know if their will be zombies thing by keeping us waiting and if they dont do something soon I think that a lot of people are going to get mad and lose entrest so how long do you think you can make us wait treyarch
    WE WANT ZOMBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lokienloki

    Well, this one is previewed even more better as the official updates are coming about its new game-mode. COD Black Ops Complete Impressions.

  • sstem

    it is a waste to buy the four extra maps even if they are available to purchase as dlc because you will be spending $40 total instead of getting all of them with the hardened edition for twenty dollars less than what you would pay total

  • rory

    if you get the regular edition, will the 4 extra maps be dlc? i am dying to know.

    • Chris

      i hope so coz im not paying £20 more for a medal and the four maps (i want it to be on the ps3 store / xbox live marketplace)

  • Gab

    Will those four maps have the ability to be purchased from PlayStation Store?? It'd be nice, instead of having to buy Hardened or Prestige editions…


      Get a 360 playstation sucks online

  • Den

    Theres got to be something on black ops for zombies, if you thin back to der riese, and one of the easter egg glitches, the radios, well the one under ground clearly stated that they need more substance 21 or something, which is found in the nevada desert for the wanderwuffle. so im thinking a spin off of zombies based around that may be an option to think about? we all know treyarch like to link things. Im not saying they will be NAZI zombies, maybe just taliban ones lmfao!!!!!

  • HIND3R

    stfu and go bitch bout something else FPS is great an cod got things rolling for the genre so stfu gtfo

  • Savat

    Zombies Are Confirmed! But Only On The Hardend Edition And Prestiege Edition.

    • xXxOg_SnIpEzzxXx

      no dats a lie u dont even know wat ur saying……there r gonna be zombies even if its not th harden or pretiege edition……..*(_*

      • jose wat lol

        thank u ive been wonderin that still might buy the hardened edition just in case though…

        • jose wat lol

          ps.if its just the der reise map again i will kill myself i didnt have online for xbox360 and thats what i have wow on so i couldnt by it

  • Jordan

    I'm not really expecting it.. its not like games have never let anyone down before… its how they roll i guess.. there could be reasons not to put it in like how multiplayer needs improvements to where they have no room for zombies leaving thousands of angry fans to not really focusing on a bonus to a game that will already sell like hot potatoes

    leaving many in the wind as they still keep the majority of fans who play for the multiplayer + other garbage just all depends on how much success is good enough for them

    i'm dying for zombies …tired of der riese

  • Zombiefan121

    Treyarch is not as dumb and stupid as you think they are. They will have zombies for sure in all the editons of black ops. The regular edition will have 1 new zombie map ready to play for everyone who has the game(Possibly after you beat campaign) . The hardened and prestige editions will have 4 old zombie maps and 1 new map to play just like everyone else. So STFU about this no zombies in black ops bullshit, its so fucking obvious they will have zombies in it.

    • david

      Dude ur so right thats so true there will obviously be 1 zombies map for free and u just gotta buy the other ones makes perfect sense.

  • deevawn

    i just think the co-op zombies or whatever enemies it is will be more plot based and more of a campaign kinda of thing..

  • NSFW

    It would be absolutely backwards not to include the very mode that gave Treyarch a toehold against the more well recieved IW. Zombies –will– be in this game at launch. Period. It will be compunded with DLC. Anyone with any marketing sense and deductive reasoning would reach the same conclusion. Most people would get it with or without zombies…but Activision would be shooting themselves in the foot without it…Kotick won't stand for that.

  • o0RECON0o

    hope you can pack a punch a weapon at least 5 times for more and more money each time, should be able to continuously upgrade all upgrades.

  • Max

    I'm not buying it for an entirely different reason: Medal of Honor.

    Black Ops looks better than MW2 but it's a rental for me (as MW2 would have been had I known so little had changed and how the story would suck)

    • Rex

      "so little" cod4 was amazing and i play it to date mw2 however is total trash

  • Jordan

    Yeah they have to throw in zombie mode the game is pretty sweet yeah but it would be unwise to not make any dlc map packs without zombies ..multiplayer gets boring so a few rounds of shredding zombats gets me in the mood again so if its just multiplayer and some crap co op like mw2 it will get pretty dusty sitting on my shelf or even go back to the store for resale like mw2 did …also so many people want it ..and lots of people + dlc = money and who doesn't want money

  • stu

    there has to be zombies it was too good a mode to not bring back although i have been thinking that they might do a spin off game which is just zombies

  • Slaughter

    COD Commie Zombies will NOT be in multiplayer…you know why??? It isn't multiplayer…it is co-op!!! That is why it wasn't at the big reveal last week, they were showing off multiplayer, NOT co-op.

    Also, Kevin is exactly right, Josh Olin confirmed that all 4 Nazi Zombie maps will ship with the Hardened and Prestiged editions.

  • Farjuan

    you have to buy it, its call of duty

  • Aldo

    It doesn't even have to be 'zombies'. Just some basic type of coop wave defense mode, thats all i care for.

  • mike

    yeh i think zombies are in it already! due to having a seperate co op event showing etc
    the dlc might b those map packs u can get in the limited editions but maybe the article is right those maps might become multiplayer maps and not for zombies either way im buyin it cause theatre mode and multiplayer have already bought me

  • JakeCooper187

    in the case of zombies right ! couple of weeks back now i seen an interview with josh olin and he said, the hardened and prestige edition will come with all 4 maps from waw, however black ops will have a new co-op multiplayer mode which wont be zombies ! search youtube for the video i was looking for it for you guys cant find it though x

    • gues

      shut up, medal of honor sucks bad!

  • The multiplayer is going to be who can reload there explosive weapon first when I watched the multiplayer video it had at least 6 or 7 exploding type weapons that took no skill to use (a.k.a noobs, and camping) if you want to play a real game go play “Medal of Honor” is going to be the place to be…. Checkmit out in the link and watch “fallen angel part 1.

    • David

      I played the medal of honor beta and dont get me wrong it was an ok game, but thats it. Compared to Call of duty medal of honor is like a kids toy, cheap and in a few days you will be done with it, so best bet is on call of duty.

    • Andrew

      the game looks really good, it seems like an awesome reboot of the series but there are just too many cod fany boys out there..

    • Joker

      What in the world does this have to do with Zombies? Go place your opinion on whatever one game is better than the other somewhere else retard.

  • kevin

    Um they already confirmed it get a Twitter and follow treyarch they tweeted about it your a bit late and you didn’t have write this whole article.

    • Alan Ng

      Oh really? Care to provide a link please Kevin – I haven't seen it confirmed yet.

      • kevin

        Scroll down to.august 13 and there it is so don’t get smart with me or try to prove me wrong cause I know my call of duty news

        • Alan Ng

          August 14th you mean Kevin..

          Not trying to be smart but there still isn't a confirmation of zombie mode. They said that the 4 zombies maps from World at War will be included as 'co-op' levels for the special editions (as stated in the article above), but still didn't confirm zombie mode for Black Ops.

          Unless of course you know something we don't 🙂

        • Anthony

          There is a guy Confirmed to be doing Zombie Voices for Black Ops on IMDB, this couple with the old zombie maps being on the special editions…i think an annoucment on Halloween would be a safe bet

        • Andrew

          I hate to be persnickety but it was the 13th… and I'm sure it will be confirmed at the co-op reveal

        • DJoseph

          Zombie mode has already been confirmed though. The tweet said "All 4 existing #CoDWaW Zombies maps will be included in Hardened & Prestige editions of #CODBlackOps as callback co-op levels!" So on top of the new Nazi zombie levels being developed, these callback co-op levels are just levels taken from the orginal Nazi Zombies in WaW which will be packaged in the Hardened and Prestige editions. Also, if it were campaign co-op they were talking about they wouldn't be referred to as "co-op levels" but "co-op missions".Here's an IGN article confirming as well:

        • Randomcommenter

          where does he say theres gonna be new maps mr i know my news?
          u need to know how to read first mate

        • carter

          hey kevin did treyarch say anything about it being in just the nomal packs and stuff

        • Dillan

          does anyone think or know if you will be ale to purchase the old maps as dlc with the normal edition. i want the maps but i dont want to pay extra fro the other things i dont want