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Black Ops: Multiplayer Gameplay Video Shows Flamethrower

If you are like me you are probably keen to see as much Black Ops footage as possible before the game’s release on November 9th, now we have come across a video showing the new flamethrower attachment.

We have not yet found out a lot about the flamethrower attachment, however in my opinion it is a very welcome addition, and should create ‘sizzling’ multiplayer moments.

In Modern Warfare 2 people tended to use the grenade launcher of shotgun attachments if that wanted a more versatile assault rifle, now with the flamethrower attachment in the mixer we may get a lot less noob tubers.

You can see a video showing the flame thrower video below, you only see it for a few seconds, and it reveals that the flames are not quite as massive as many would have thought, which in my opinion is a good thing.

Check out the video below to see the flamethrower attachment in action (approximately 60 seconds into the video).

Will you use the flamethrower attachment?

Source: YouTube



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