Angry Birds: Android App Review

By Jamie Pert - Sep 6, 2010

Angry Birds has already proved itself as a great game for iPhone and iPod Touch, therefore it is unsurprising to see a beta version recently arrive at the Android Market, but is it as good?

The good news is that the beta version for Android has a higher resolution than the iOS version, the iOS version runs at a relatively low resolution of 480 x 320, which does not look great on the iPhone 4’s impressive display, Angry Birds for Android has a native resolution of 800 x 480, which helps makes the graphics looks superior.

As it is in its beta stages the game is not perfect, apparently there are some light issues when you pan across the screen, no doubt this will be rectified before the game’s proper release.

Despite it being in its beta stages there seem to be a lot of happy gamers out there. It is said to look great on the Dell Streak’s 5-inch display, whilst we are hearing that it runs great on the Galaxy S, Droid and Droid Incredible, however EVO 4G owners are experiencing some difficulties.

With the beta version being received so well I doubt that the proper release is too far away, as we hear of an official release we will keep you posted.

Will you buy Angry Birds from the Android Market?

Source: Engadget

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  • so_what

    you guys are nerds

  • Peener Puncher

    Droid > bastered child of smart phones

    Droid> step child of smart phones

    BTW any word when angry birds is going to be released for the cough cough droid?

  • Jdub

    @ yo mamma:

    To that I say… damn what??? All u Droid fanboys try to wave your “we have flash and you don’t!” flags in our faces, so just do you homework before u run your mouths…that’s all

    p.s. U ought to thank Apple for creating the iPhone….without it, Google wouldn’t have had anything to rip off

    • Guest42

      You mean like how the Iphone ripped of the Prada?

  • yo mamma

    yeah but we didn't have to download an app to use flash on Driods!!!!

  • Jdub

    @ Darkangel:
    Flash works just fine on the iPhone….app called Cloud Browse allows u to view all flash videos and games on your iPhone….u might wanna do your homework before u go mouthing off

  • jtort

    How the heck do you get it?

  • Milind

    I got bored after a while. Why is this such a hot game on the iPhone? I just played 3 or 4 rounds and I’m not a gamer. But my son is. And he got bored as well. It does look good and works very well on my Vibrant.

  • Conan776

    Def buying. Finished the beta and want more!

  • Darkangel

    lol Jbo!

    It's a standalone company producing Angry Birds, how is that copying?

    Ps. Let me know how Flash is working out for you on your iPhone :oP

    • Drey

      I can't believe how hard you just owned Jbo

      • Englishdude

        its working pretty well for me on my iPhone 4. Thanks for asking 🙂

  • Jbo

    android playing copy cat again

  • NiiDiddy

    I will buy it!!

  • Definitely will buy it!! It runs great on my HTC Hero with Android 2.1 btw!

    • David

      how did you get it? I am not able to find it on the market and i got an HTC Hero 2.1