American Flag Meaning on Google: Labor Day 2010

The Black Ribbon has been used by Google to mark a few events, and the latest display was not obvious like today’s American flag meaning on Google. The United States will celebrate Labor Day 2010 today, September 6.

Labor Day is known for many things; first and foremost it should be remembered for those that died during the Pullman Strike, and for strength of the labor movement that directly contributed in Labor Day becoming a national holiday. You can read about Labor Day history in this article here.

Most people who wake up today in the U.S. will remember Labor Day for the day off work, and some will get out of bed that much later, while others will be thinking shopping. You can get some really good deals on Labor Day, and stores like to offer exclusive sales just for today.

How will you remember Labor Day 2010? Will you be looking for a good deal in today’s sales, or do you celebrate Labor Day in a more traditional way?



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