Toshiba Laptop Recall: How to Fix and Statement From Toshiba

By Alan Ng - Sep 4, 2010

Following on from our previous article which informed you about a huge Toshiba Laptop recall involving their Satellite models, we now have a statement from Toshiba and a reminder on how you can fix the problem manually.

As reported from Techlogg, Toshiba Australia has acknowledged the problems which have resulted in the recall of 41,000 notebooks, but have stated that the problem may be region specific, since no complaints have come in from Australia so far.

Here is the latest statement from Toshiba: “The US, Canada and European markets have experienced a limited number of incidents regarding the issue which have been addressed swiftly with a BIOS download from their local country websites.”

Despite the recall, Toshiba has stated that the overheating problem has already been fixed, and users can manually solve the problem by downloading a BIOS update for your laptop. If your laptop is proven to have a problem, then the BIOS update will solve the overheating issue.

If you haven’t performed a BIOS update on your computer before, you can find information on this by visiting this Toshiba support page. Once you have read that, you’ll find the BIOS download here.

Are you affected by this Toshiba laptop recall? Let us know if the BIOS update fixed your problem or not.

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  • Ebayhao

    I sent my T135D in for the recall and got it back in about 2weeks. It worked fine for about 3 weeks until yesterday when it stopped recognizing the AC adapter all together. Now the battery is dead and I have no way of trying to figure out what is wrong. Trying to contact toshiba recall dept to see if they will take it AGAIN and repair the harness. I doubt it. This is out third Toshiba, the first one lasted for years, the second one was dead within 1 year. Curiously both died in the exact same manner, suddenly the ac adapter wouldn’t work, however, the other two were not recoverable. I will never buy another Toshiba laptop. Used to be such a great product

  • I tried to download Bios and my computer crashed. There is nothing on the screen.

  • Cynthia Jenik

    My Toshiba Satellite was also a problem from the day I brought it home. It has consistently had vibration in the screen and I have purchased 4 wireless mouse only to have them stop working. I finally realized the mouse appeared to be overheating. So I contacted Toshiba to find the product was recalled. However, all the other problems I am now told are not covered since my warranty expired 2 months ago. The mother board and cp are defective with total repair costs of $425.00. There is no way I am spending that kind of money on a worthless piece of junk. I am extremely dissatisfied with this product. I will not buy another Toshiba product.

  • danilla ice

    my toshiba satellite p105-s6227 has been nothing but problems right out of the box. I'm currently on my fourth complete system recovery. I'm hoping it will run properly this time.

  • andrew mcneal

    Me and my girl have the same Toshiba Satellite A505, and hers will will just not turn on. I saw the Batt light only illuminating, took her batt out and put my batt into hers and it worked. Guess her batt went tits-up, so now looking to buy another battery for hers…only 7 months old.


  • Rene

    I have had a L305D-S5974 for over a year and no problems at all. Works flawlessly!

  • brittany

    I HATE my TOSHBIA laptop

  • Cheryl

    I actually LIKE my Toshiba and have had ZERO problems with it and it's a year old.

  • Glinda

    I have a Toshiba and my USB doesnt work The Media Player doesnt work It moves very slow I only had it for a month and its horrible without and extended waranty its worthless I only had it a month and I HATE IT I will never buy another Toshiba…

  • Edwin H.

    I own a Toshiba L305-s5984. It wont boot up, won't charge or any lights turn on. Is their a recall on this particular model? If it does I would like to send it back to Toshiba for repair. Thanks.

  • Terryl

    I have had to replace my power source cord 3 times in 3 years!!!! I have had several issues and just paid 238.00 for a complete repair….my cd reader goes out and the lap top gets over heated all the time. I hate this thing….going apple asap

  • Cindy

    I have a Toshiba L355 that has been nothing but trouble. I had to by a restore disk, because it didn't come with one and the disk I had to pay for didn't work and was told that it was the hard dirve. I bought a new hard drive and was told that the reason it still didn't work was it was the wrong hard dirve and that a new disk needed to be sent. I am still waiting to get the new disk that was sent Nov 6 but somehow got delayed until Nov 22 and still hasnt arrived, Dec 8. I have been talking to customer service for 3 months and still no solution. The computer is one year and 3mo old and of course is out of warranty which I am told every time I call. I asked to talk to the supervisor and was told that there was no supervisor only managers. When I asked to talk to one of them I was told they didn't take phone calls. I guess that this is a throw away computer. I will never buy anything from Toshiba again. Buy American.