Toshiba Laptop Recall: How to Fix and Statement From Toshiba

Following on from our previous article which informed you about a huge Toshiba Laptop recall involving their Satellite models, we now have a statement from Toshiba and a reminder on how you can fix the problem manually.

As reported from Techlogg, Toshiba Australia has acknowledged the problems which have resulted in the recall of 41,000 notebooks, but have stated that the problem may be region specific, since no complaints have come in from Australia so far.

Here is the latest statement from Toshiba: “The US, Canada and European markets have experienced a limited number of incidents regarding the issue which have been addressed swiftly with a BIOS download from their local country websites.”

Despite the recall, Toshiba has stated that the overheating problem has already been fixed, and users can manually solve the problem by downloading a BIOS update for your laptop. If your laptop is proven to have a problem, then the BIOS update will solve the overheating issue.

If you haven’t performed a BIOS update on your computer before, you can find information on this by visiting this Toshiba support page. Once you have read that, you’ll find the BIOS download here.

Are you affected by this Toshiba laptop recall? Let us know if the BIOS update fixed your problem or not.



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