FFXIV Open Beta 2010: Server Problems Continue

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 4, 2010

The last couple of days have not been much fun for those wanting to play the 2010 FFXIV Open Beta, which has seen users experience nothing but problems ranging from server errors to password problems.

Final Fantasy XIV beta has started but was quickly suspended shortly after, and those that managed to get their beta key are reporting disappointment by finding the site down, wondering “why send a key if you can’t use it?”

Over the last few hours we have seen updates from Square Enix on the progress of fixing the problems, the latest statement said congestion with the Square Enix Account Management System was easing. For those that are still having problems, Square Enix advises you to “wait and try again later”.

The popularity of FFXIV Open Beta has put a large demand on their servers, and as part of countermeasures against the congestion, Square Enix had restricted the acquisition of registration codes, although this has now been lifted.

Some of our readers are reporting problems with their key, after being forwarded to a maintenance page, some users now have invalid beta keys and cannot apply again. Have you been affected in this way?

Reports of being stuck in a “loop” from one problem to another seem to be a big issue as well. Let us know where you are with the open beta, are things getting better now?

You can get the latest updates from Square Enix at support.na.square-enix.com.

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  • Mothballs

    I found that they had linked me to the wrong shitting site and it just sent me off in a loop when trying to sign in to the dev site. I've got an EU key, and it had sent me to dev-na. Just switched it to dev-eu and it worked a treat ^^

  • Jak

    i finally finished downlaod the game and updated it…when i tried to log in to the game …shit it said the game is on maintenance….the later the day i tried to log in again…it kept looping me bak to log in page…aaaah i wanna play~

  • Dubont

    @ Josh: Characters get deleted at the end of each phase so yes, at the end of OB, your character will be deleted.

    @ Fred: The game had horrible performance in closed beta due to their background mining programs that have that automatically gives SE feedback on the game. If your game crashed, SE knew about it before you could report it. Open beta doesn't have as much background mining so it runs faster. If in open beta you still only get 15-30 FPS, you need to fix your comp. 9800M GTS, 4GB Ram, centrino core 2 duo and I'm running on max between 50-60 FPS np.

    SE released the game to Open Beta b/c most of it IS ready. Just because they haven't implemented it doesn't mean its not ready to go live. Honestly, the only problems I have are "FFXIV Beta has stopped working" but thats not a big deal because it doesn't happen often and is most likely due to the background mining.

    @ Everyone else: wah wah freaking wah. Learn how to use your computer and router. Can't download the patch? Use a torrent or open your ports. That doesn't work? Use a direct link site (yes, those do exist so you don't have to download the file using the patcher)

  • Fred

    I was in Closed Beta and my was in total shock when they moved to Open Beta. They never could keep the servers up in closed beta and lets not talk about client performance. System used was i7 980x, 12 gigs system memory, ATI 5970 2 gigs and on a RAID 0 1 TB drive. In most areas of the game rarely was over 15 to 30 FPS.

    It is a shock Square Enix allowed this to get out of closed when it is not even 50% ready. Makes you wonder is SOE forcing them to launch end of the month. This is will be a repeat of Vanguard Online which totally flopped since was in even worst shape and was never made good.

    I love Square game but this is going to damage them very bad. Look at FFXIII it was held back till ready. Not pushed out a total mess that can not even handle 10k players at a time.

  • Josh

    so if u play on beta, once release date happens do u start over or get to keep your character and lvls etc

  • kuma grillz

    download the stuck version updates with utorrent – it works

    server lag will happen ALWAYS, theres just that many ppl wanting to play – fact

    u have to solo alot in this game, but eventually there will be times when
    gathering many ppl is necessary, dont give up just cus you solo'd to lvl 15
    and it wasnt too hard. zones are bigger and mobs are aplenty we are seeing
    only about 10% of this game imo. not that i mind if ppl quit cus they are
    impatient, go ahead and reduce server lag for us others who LOVE the game
    so far.

  • bear grillz

    So far I used torrents to download the updates, went from booted from closed and re-enrolled for open. no trouble waited 1 day for more keys to come out. got on and started in new cities and began soloing jobs/physical lvls. started doing some missions as well…. i hear alot of complaining about bugs n SE slow fixes, but its beta and i honestly assume the problems will be fixed by game release. they were good about fixing things in closed beta and sure its frustrating but at this point im loving the game and its tons of fun. the only thing my friends complain about is that everything is solo and joining in parites of 6+ just means slower exp and less skill ups cus mobs die fast. but SE cannot honestly make a game where no one ever talks and plays together right? its an mmorpg so eventually ppl will need to cometogether to play and get things done. at least thas what im thinking, maybe beyond lvl 20 we will need to /shout gather ppl together like in 11. i dont mind solo/duo at all though, so far its fun!

  • Chris too

    Well, I got my Key at 1:30 A.M. and it was almost finished patching at about 5 A.M. and it went down. I only need 5.4% to finish the patch for today but since the crash my patcher has gone on strike, it won’t budge 1k now, repeated restarts do nothing but add up the extra remote connectors and locals but 0 is 0.. So I tried using my other drive that has its own vista on it but that ended up getting a dll error that has broken the patcher, can’t win..

  • Eddie Alva

    I'm really really close to just giving up on this crap! I just get the error on Final Fantasy XIV Updater. If I keep getting one problem after another, screw it. Doesn't Square Enix know they have a reputation? They know their games are a hit since the beginning, yet it looks like they don't prepare enough…Then again Internet Congestion is common…but still.

    • Cube

      Their games have been a hit since the beginning? Do you not know the story of Square Enix? lol. They tried many games before the first Final Fantasyand failed over and over again. Final Fantasy 1 was named so as their last attempt at a game. When it became a huge success, that's where the franchise took off and they kept the name Final Fantasy.

  • Chris

    If you are having major problems with the U.I. your PC can't handle the graphics and you need to turn them down. I thought it was lag ect at first but I turned down the settings and ordered a new video card. The game works fine now. I have a i7 920 6GB ram and 2 ATI Radeon 4600 HD Graphic cards in crossfire. I would suggest upgrading your card (at a minimum) to the 5770, I went with the 2GB Vram 5870

  • Espikes

    At least you guys are online playing. I heard about the Open Beta last night at about 10 p.m, after easily getting my key and downloading the client, I got to start the Downloading of the version update.. I had the issue with 2010.09.05 update, but now I am stuck with the other update…time remaining is @ 21hours..and freezes about every 20 secs.. So far from last night, I'm @ 21.0% and it has almost been 24 hours..
    I'm frustrated and almost about to just give up on it.. Hell, I never had this kinda issue with FFXI, even with congestion..

  • Micah

    I've been updating for about 3 hours now… and it's at 1.0%.. Just about to give up and wait for the actual release if it errors out on me again, just seems a bit lazy to me that they are using p2p for the update instead of just putting a link on the tester site.. but hey it's SE so I've gotten used to this kind of crap.

  • Walker

    Though it would have been nice to know I needed to open certain ports to get the updates to download from remote (NOTE FOR SLOW UPDATERS: use the torrents. google how. it's SO MUCH FASTER and FAR EASIER), after getting those, I experienced none of the problems mentioned about beta keys and whatnot.
    Biggest thing I've dealt with was a sluggy UI and lots of server lag (the later is to be expected, the former hopefully will be dealt with before release). Also, I'd really like to be able to change my controls, but they seem to be frozen for the time being. Otherwise, the graphics are gorgeous, the battle system, though taking a bit to get used to, is rather slick once you know what to do, and the ability to change jobs just by equipping an item is rather innovative.

  • Dag vilmar

    I cant login to the https://dev-na.ffxiv.com/ site just keeps putting be back to the login link, and yes i have registered the key i got in mail on my account management site,

  • Dexi

    Wah Wah Cry Cry bitch moan. its BETA not DEMO. It's going to have problems. That's why they are TESTING it.

    • Noodle

      Yet the game goes live in 18 days. There is no way they can even start to fix this many bugs in 18 days. Also if we are "testing" it then why can't we access the Beta forums and post feedback? Square wanted to release a Beta, so people would rave about their game and it would sell many copies. So far people have complained at the mess its in and cancelled pre-orders. The PC community isn't forgiving, it won't stick around long when we already have much much better games out there.

    • JK

      Lol you people and your “its a beta theres gonna be issues” need to stfu, this game is just over 2 weeks from LAUNCH not being able to get into the game AT ALL is a HUGE problem with that kind of time table. SE needs to get thier shit togeather because so far this game is a gigantic FAIL

    • Karo

      I was in alpha and closed beta, we never had these kind of problems….. SE is just dropping the ball thats all, they are good at that, i can hear the RMTs getting ready to pounce on this game like flys on stink.

  • HealthyForMe

    I got a key but every time I try and play the lag is so bad that it makes combat and even talking to NPCs very difficult. I doubt this is a problem with my computer as it's only a year old and is a gaming computer. If there isn't a fix to this then I will have no choice but to scrap my plans to buy the game. Which makes me very sad as I've been looking forward to it for over two years now.

    • None

      Try using only keyboard controls/get a usb controller if the mouse lags too much.
      If it still lags too much, try lowering CPU/GPU intensive settings

  • Damien

    Hey hey good work ryan nice spotting there. I always thought it was weird that it was na but i didnt complain since it was directed from the email.

  • Alan

    Your story is about 24 hours late, last night everyone I know that was interested in the ffxiv beta, myself included was in and playing. Been smooth so far just congested in the city. For a game everyone is complaining about it sure is popular to have every available server full.

  • Cherrydust

    For some reason it wont let me sign up for open beta… Its really starting to get frustrating.

  • None

    Still can't get a hold of a key.
    Keeps taking me to maintenance pages and the "applications are suspended" page.
    Guess I'll just keep checking every now and then.

  • Jaykyoo

    I'm having a different kind of problem – I've been able to get myself signed up, I'm reviewing the dev-NA site no problems, everything going great, even was able to log in for a bit last night and toy around with it before going to sleep – now I'm trying to get the 9/4/2010 update through the beta program, and it's stuck at 94.8%. I've tried restarting several times, left it alone to just "do it's thing" for a few hours, but nothing really gives, here.
    Anyone else running into this, and have any suggestions for a fix?

    • Guest

      I'm stuck at 94.8% too with 0:00:01 remaining for many hours.

      • rafael

        samee! agh is there no fix?

  • Wad Dap, PuSsy!

    I dont know why you need a damn key for open beta, the korean mmos dont need any of that crap, closed beta? yes, but not open beta.

    Still cant get into the promotion key page however I can log in into my account.

    • HealthyForMe

      Believe me, you're not missing much, hun. The lag is so bad it's making doing anything really difficult. It's insanely frustrating and is taking the fun out of the game.

  • phoenix_down

    3:43pm EST (12:43 PST) Site is still down for maint/ Access to creating a NA service key is still temporarily suspended. Meanwhile the game servers are online (probably with lots of lag) Thoughts, anyone?

  • Nicole

    I am having problems with file: d2010.09.04.2000 percent has been stuck at 94.8% for the last hour or so, anyone else having this problem?

    • HealthyForMe

      I had this issue but had to let it sit for an hour and a half or so. It FINALLY updated and launched the player.

    • rafael

      im having the same exact problem but with d2010.09.05.2000 and its on 94.6%

  • Stephen

    Sweet way to not let anyone tell the truth about the game Chubbs…

    • HealthyForMe

      How so?

  • Stephen

    The controls for keyboard and mouse are horrible. So far the leveling system, and battle system suck, in my opinion this should be a free MMO. The graphics are awesome, but this feels like a downgrade from FFXI. Maybe I just had my hopes up too high, but I feel SE has really dropped the ball on this. I will report back on my findings after playing the game longer.

  • Ryan

    Worked out the problem that Damien and I was having – the link given in the e-mail recieved was "https://dev-na.ffxiv.com/" – I'm not a north american tester, hence why it was not working. For me I just changed the "na" to "eu" (europe), and presto. Try something similar if you are getting the same problem.

  • Ryan

    Worked out the problem that Damien and I was having – the link given in the e-mail recieved was "https://dev-na.ffxiv.com/" – I'm not a north american tester, hence why it was not working. For me I just changed the "na" to "eu" (europe), and presto. Try something similar if you are getting the same problem.

    I've contacted the support service to inform them of the problem.

  • Monkey

    It took a lot of time, but I finally got a key for me and my Wife. I was able to create three characters and play and test things out. For me the sound is a bit off from the cinematics and the characters running around in the world become a bit choppy. Guessing mostly that is all from beta. Keep trying and you'll get in. The game looks and feels amazing. I'm pleased with the features they have. Today though is a lobby server timeout.

    It took me a good day of just checking every now and then to get the keys.

    • rafael

      i have a really annoying problem the thing i have is that i have a key and everything works fine except for the client for some reason it got frozen on 94.6% downloading and wont move its been like that for almost 3 days

  • Anonymous

    Jumped back into Open beta from Closed – started Open about 24 hours ago. Everything has been going fine other than the server lag and same sluggish UI. So the server crashes about thirty minutes ago and I can't even log into the beta test site. SE needs to start picking up the slack if they're planning on launching CE in 19 days..

  • FFXIV Tester

    click on Update Page once you launched the client in order to let it know you are here to play!!

  • gooser

    try to remove the service from your account and try for a new key

  • Damien

    I finally got a key but when i try to access the beta testers website it says im not a beta tester lulz (Yes i have already attatched the key to my account). What to do … what to do … Just sit here and troll till i get in 😀

    • Cheska

      I've got the same predicament. Anything happened now?

      • Manual de Instrucion

        RTFM, guys. First you go to the Squeenix acct mgmt page. Then you 'add a service' for FFXIV w your beta key. Only then should you access the FFXIV beta site.

        • Zepheris

          And as he mentioned, he ALREADY added the service by attaching the key…

          it's STILL not registering as a beta tester even though the account managament clearly showed that the service is active.

          read the farkin sentence.