COD Black Ops Zombies: Post-launch DLC release?

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 4, 2010

Over the past couple of weeks we have not heard much about COD Black Ops Zombies, the new Call of Duty Multiplayer reveal was a success for most fans, and was not expected to bring anything in the way of zombies.

According to Games Radar, they have more proof not only of Zombies, but the “Commie” zombies. In their article they explain how they came about this evidence, which includes talking to a Treyarch staffer and a Call of Duty Community VIP.

The evidence they have is pretty weak and they cannot understand why zombies are still not confirmed, but we have had confirmation before from many sources (here and here to name a few) and it’s almost certainly coming, but how and when are the real questions.

Zombies are a gold mine, and they know this. Why would they want to launch COD Black Ops with zombies built-in? Black Ops will sell on a massive scale without zombies, now if they just add some new zombies DLC post release, then they will not only have loads of downloads but could also attract more buyers of the game later on.

It’s my view you will see zombies as downloadable content.

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  • bob


  • Alex


  • Superb design I have been looking for something like this, amazing Playstation work chaps.

  • fu


  • Vladimir Kovacs

    First and Foremost Call of Duty is a war game. It should be remembered as a war game. But just because it is a war game does not mean they shouldn't add a little something extra like zombies just for fun. Zombies mode is the only way to expand the single player experience unless they make a story expansion, so for all single player gamers with slow internet they should release more zombie maps as DLC.

  • Jack

    Yeah Zombies has been added in….. but i carnt picture the 4 "exclusive" maps for the hardened edition buyers being exclusive for long… Activision need the dough…. cos they're greedy and not everyone wants the Hardened Edition… myself included so if they had any sense they would release this dlc after the games release
    I dnt mind payinf for the maps but i DO mind paying for a collectors edition for some maps
    £65 or £50 (with DLC included)…. i'll do that

    • dazzoboy

      they really ain't "exclusive" they are the WaW zombie maps with all the new weapons so for people who ain't got WaW this would be good for them i have it but i still want hardened edition lol

  • Harry

    It is cheaper to buy from marketplace with standard edition then it is to pay £20 extra for hardened edition

  • shadowishere

    zobbies are comeing as dlc i fond the enfo from xplay watch it some time

  • shon

    i hope they are smart and put a video showing there are gonna be a zombie mode so people would want to go per oder and buy

  • gsfdfgdgdsfgdfdsg

    im going to buy the game regardless, but I dont waste my time with dlc , i wont be getting zombies if it is.

  • jake

    the entire gaming industry is a gold mine, dumbass.

  • Guest

    does any one knows about BO having tactical knife?… and all the videos i saw , i cant find any attachments 4 Smgs anyone?? btw i hate tactical insertion.

  • James- nkohesiv PSN

    I understand that companies are out there to make money, but the thought that they are going to milk the community for every last penny to provide one of the most sought after game modes in the COD franchise is horrible. I do like the wager matches and agree that this will become one of the best COD games out there, but there are still thousands of people that like to kick back from time to time and still kill some zombies. One little add on feature that would be great for the Zombies gameplay is offline 4 player split sreen…4 people make it soooo much more fun!

    • 619fool

      offline 4 player!!!??!! impossible the frame rate would be way to high

  • Richy

    Zombies are fun and all, but i never bought any map packs on any CoD. I had the map extension for CoD4, but that was given to me by my friend, i never accually purchased it.. I am a massive CoD fan, and this looks like its going to be another great installment of the series. I love the wager matches and i love the fact that stopping power has gone. It gives a much more balanced game online. The story mode i am not fussed about. I play it through once on hard, and then forget about it. Thats what i did on MW2 and WaW.

    I hope online is as good as it looks from the clips i have seen, and i can't wait to make some kick ass montages!

  • Guest

    I woudnt buy it without zombies>.



  • olivier

    If they make zombies anxpensive dlc this might be the start of cod’s downfall…mw2 has left us all uncertain about if cod is still for the hardcore competitive gamers or the casual akimbo noobtubing bobs… im just praying cod7 has little lag few bugs goods mp maps cool zombie mods an exciting campain(at least we are sure thecampain will be good) and(since i am a pc player) i hope it will eventually have a promod for competitive gameplay so that i can finally stop playing cod4 xp

  • jjjj

    i mean you don't have to give any ideas

  • Alex

    if this happens im still going to buy it, just not the DLC, unless it has multiplayer maps

  • BlackOps

    I'm Buying this game… no matter what! I bought WaW knowing nothing of zombies, so i dont care if its included or not!

  • Jack

    HA I are dare them to do this! That way me and my friends can now wait til the DLC comes out, buy it used for half off, and the plus side of that is Activision does not get a penny from used sales!


  • J0nzy676

    lol yeh, but if they do what they did wiv cod5 (finish campain then you unlock a zombie map that would be better even tho i would still buy the maps if they didnt do tht 🙂

  • Ryan

    There better be zombs in it. How else are they going to convince us to spend another $60 on another cod game so soon right after we just bought the last one. My butt hole still hurts from that purchase.

  • Garfield

    I not need Zombie. TOO HARD! Because I can't get Achievements.

  • Jimmy

    I disagree with your idea; because they would have to create a whole new portion of the game engine to deal with Commie Zombies (or whatever they might call it). It would have to edit not only the main menu, but the multiplayer menu, the map catalog, the character appearance, the AI settings, the way surroundings are manipulated (tearing down windows), and much more. That means a lot of extra effort in getting the DLC to blend with the game. It also makes for a massive download size which is improbable. This means that it is highly unlikely that "Commie Zombies" will be built into the game. Please email me with comments on this idea, which I do claim as copyrighted material.

  • Bobby Boy

    i love all of you guys

  • Joe

    Black ops is going to be the most revolutionary and addicting game ever as it is, they dont need zombies to stomp out the competition, but if they really wanna haul in bucks they will release about 3 map packs that will include multiplayer maps as well as zombie maps built in. 11-09-10 !!!!

  • Star Carlton

    I hope there are zombie head grenade launchers.

  • Joker

    Why is everyone tripping…. calm down there will be zombies its all about the money after they have sold millions of copies of the game they will bring back zombies to be download from the marketplace. Is not rite but does how it is. I hope i'm wrong and they have zombies the same day the game comes out.

  • karl

    the whole reason people bought world at war was for nazi zombies so it makes sense to put it on the new game with the bonus of more up to date weapons

  • quinn vanorder

    I wont buy it unless it has zombies… i don’t see the rest of the game as being that interesting, but i loooooove zombies… and hate it as much as i want, if they go back and add zombies as a dlc, i will definitely buy the game, but i wish they would be more interested in making a good product than in making extra dough by splitting that product into several dlc’s… its just greedy.

  • chris

    i bet activision will charge us 50 british pounds for that one zombie map.

    • olivier

      Lol yea

  • shane

    mw2 didnt have zombies but you probably bought that though didnt you ?

    • vin

      yes I bought it and quit playing after a month or so then removed it from mp pc. I learn from previous mistakes. No zombies no buy.

    • Jeremy

      I remember "Modern Warfare 2" very well….It was the most over hyped piece of shit to come out that year. The first "Modern Warfare" game was 10x better, and better than that are the "Battlefield" games.

    • matt

      no actually i didnt, i bought black ops cause of zombies

  • If they don’t put zombies I won’t buy it

  • cody

    im sure therell be at least one new zombie level once you finish the campaign, if they were realllly cool and loved me lots, thered be 2 new ones after you finish it up

  • man who eats cat


    • guest

      ya right… you know your gonna buy it, compain about it, buy the add-ons complain some more put it down for a while only to just pick it back up and complain some more just like everybody else save the tough talk

      • Guest

        Ignorance at its finest. Although many people complain, and still play it, there still has been a major knockoff from the number of people playing MW2. If you actually knew the facts, you'd know that many people didn't buy the map packs, and many people are sick of the cheapness found in the game that they won't even dare play the game anymore. I being one of them, although I bought the 2nd map pack and not the first. So far the game looks great, but I only buy what I want to, I don't buy every pack just because I'm a fanboy, I only buy what I can have fun with.

  • brendan

    DON'T GIVE THEM IDEAS!!!!!!!!!!

    • Snake

      agree, that stupid fuck gives them ideas 😛