Buckyballs: Magnetic Bucky Balls Toy Helped By Google Doodle

Google doodles can send traffic to many sites, and on occasion they can even create a new buzz for a product or service thanks to the Google logo promotion. When Google’s Pacman logo was on the homepage, more people played the classic game that in the weeks before.

As we reported earlier today, the Buckyball 25th anniversary is being celebrated with a cool interactive logo from Google, and this is creating some buzz for any products related to the Buckyball.

One such product is called “Buckyballs” that are a magnetic desk toy that can be pretty addictive, you can see a video below this post that shows Buckyballs in action. The set contains 216 powerful rare earth magnets, which can be snapped together, torn apart, molded, and shaped in different ways.

Two magnetic poles come with each Bucky Ball, one will repel and the other attracts. If you love a toy with endless possibilities, then you will love Buckyballs. You can find out more on

Have you used Buckyballs?


  • clicks

    mine is really fun only i seemed to have lost ONE little ball! i wish i could find it.


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    I WHANT TOO TOCH ITT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Guest

    Ive ordered some buckyballs as a result of the google doodle. I cant wait for them to arrive.

  • Earl

    Actually not that sad. It's just a logo Dan. Google, that's a funny name.

  • Julie

    Dan does this mean every time someone celebrates the 25th anniversary of anything other than a human you're going to think it's a paid advertisement? Perhaps a little lightening up is in order. Exhale and smile. It is a holiday weekend after all. =)

  • Mike

    Sweet, I have never heard of this before. Pretty cool!

  • guest

    genius! just enough magnetic force in each ball to hold on the adjacent ball, however it will not collapse onto itself. I want one too. p.s. small magnetic parts are dangerous and easily swallowed, keep out of reach of small children.

  • joe

    Not sure if it is paid….



  • guest

    really dont look that cool

  • Dan

    Sad that Google is now using it's logo as a paid advertisement.

    • pps

      Actually, 'buckyballs' are molecules of 'buckminsterfullerene', the smallest of a type of fullerene, which is a type of carbon molecule, which the toy can resemble.

      But, thanks to distractive (and well-paid) search engines like bing, an honest celebration of a chemical phenomenon can turn out very well for some folks…

      They ARE neat, anyway. If they were more like ten bucks (no pun…ok, pun intended) in lieu of 35 after shipping, I might just be buying a set (I know…DON'T encourage them…you're right…)

    • bored

      It's not advertising buckyballs, didn't you read the above? It's focusing on "the buckyball" which is creating buzz on the above site.

    • Dom

      I'm pretty sure Google was celebrating the discovery of buckminsterfullerene, and the links to the toy buckyballs were just an incidental aside.

    • Debbie

      Google isn't referring to the toy in its logo, it's honoring the 25th anniversary of a scientific discovery – an unusual spherical molecule made entirely of carbon.

    • Michael

      It's not a paid advertisement. It's the 25th anniversary of the Buckminsterfullerene also known as a bucky ball. It just also happens to be the name of an awesome magnetic toy.

    • Guest

      How is that sad? Just like any other company, Google is out to make money.

    • RPG Master

      Google's logo is referencing the discovery of the Buckminsterfullerene, which is nicknamed The Bucky Ball. Has nothing to do with this toy.

  • marcus

    Yep, gotta have one now!

  • 25th Anniversary of the Buckyball!

  • MDCC

    That's cool. You could wear it as jewelry and change it daily to a new design.

  • Mell

    Pretty cool! Definite stress reliever. Gotta get one 🙂


  • Mewtothunder

    I want one!

  • Guest

    im confused with the lights turning on and off!!!!! does that really happen?

    • P-Wub

      The lights weren't turning on and off, that was just different segments of the video.


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