Buckyballs: Magnetic Bucky Balls Toy Helped By Google Doodle

By Daniel Chubb - Sep 4, 2010

Google doodles can send traffic to many sites, and on occasion they can even create a new buzz for a product or service thanks to the Google logo promotion. When Google’s Pacman logo was on the homepage, more people played the classic game that in the weeks before.

As we reported earlier today, the Buckyball 25th anniversary is being celebrated with a cool interactive logo from Google, and this is creating some buzz for any products related to the Buckyball.

One such product is called “Buckyballs” that are a magnetic desk toy that can be pretty addictive, you can see a video below this post that shows Buckyballs in action. The set contains 216 powerful rare earth magnets, which can be snapped together, torn apart, molded, and shaped in different ways.

Two magnetic poles come with each Bucky Ball, one will repel and the other attracts. If you love a toy with endless possibilities, then you will love Buckyballs. You can find out more on getbuckyballs.com.

Have you used Buckyballs?

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