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Video Clip Management for Mac: Cinematica 1.0

A program that lets users organize and manage their video library has just been released for Mac OS X. Cinematica 1.0 imports and catalogs video files discreetly in the background.

Released by Xeric Design the program keeps track of dozens of properties for each and every file. Video files can be searched by multiple criteria simultaneously, such as episode, program, genre, season and studio. Searches can also be done by technical properties including aspect ratio, frame rate, resolution, and video codec.

The application has been written in 100% Cocoa, and is easy to use with a simple drag and drop of video files and Cinematica does the rest. Collections are utilized quickly and efficiently to catalogue video files into groups. Icons can be customized so they can be added to any video for easy location.

Cinematica 1.0 is priced at $24.95 for a one user license or $39.95 for a five user family license.



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