Samsung Galaxy Tab: Price and Release Date Confirmed?

By Alan Ng - Sep 3, 2010

We have some important news for those of you planning to pick up the just announced Samsung Galaxy Tab device, as although Samsung failed to mention a solid release date and price in their press release, a few retailers have already done the job for them.

As reported from Phandroid, we are hearing that the release date for the Samsung Galaxy Tab will be October 11th, for customers in Europe. Furthermore, the device is now available to pre-order from Expansys who have slapped a price tag for UK consumers.

According to them, the Galaxy Tab will cost £679.99 for the 16GB model. If you are looking for a price estimation in Euros, Phandroid reports that it could be around €699 for the 16GB model and €799 for the larger 32GB model.

The price for the US version of the Galaxy Tab is likely to differ considerably, but for a general conversion of these prices, you are looking at $900 for the 16GB and $1000 for the 32GB – seem reasonable to you or not?

Samsung has been keen to stress that prices mentioned are just speculation. We’ll let you know if we hear any more pricing information for the Galaxy Tab.

What is your reaction to the prices?

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  • Tiffany

    lower the prices or no ones going to buy these !!! 

  • john green

    i will buy it even if is over $1000s of dollars

  • Vidhya

    It is of high cost…. The Samsung should target the Higher Middle Class People. BUt they are targetting only High End Class People. It is of no use to the Company.

  • Dick

    I'm not paying out my back side for half a laptop screen. Lower the prices!

  • Chris

    I would definitley buy that. Nothing wrong with that price it's better than the iPad so it should be more expensive. I'm buying that first day it comes out. You lot are crazy saying thats to expensive.

  • chuck

    yup way to high for me..Ipad here i come. so sad..900.00 can almosy buy a mac book for that.

  • vxxxxx

    wtf is up with that price?!

  • redandy

    If this is true I'm highly disappointed. I have held off buying the IPad because I was sure someone could do better. Samsung looks like it has, but those prices are simply out of my budget.

  • Bat

    The price should be reasonable approx $400-500 US. Similar price to a net book is reasonable. If is too expensive I rather get a ipad.

  • unknowwnn

    When Is The Samsung Galaxy Tab Coming To Canada ?
    Let Me Know As Soon As Possible!

  • Nilsson

    If anyone want to sell me a second hand without a battery, please let me know in September 2013 😛

  • frank

    they use open software Android, why they are so expensive?

  • lokienloki

    Actually, every tablet that will come onto the market right now will appear as it is challenging Apple. As for Samsung, this one could’ve been more great if it has a front facing camera. Samsung Tab Early Impressions..

  • Seriously! this CANNOT be dearer than an iPlod (iPad). Such a promising device with a far more open OS (that is technically free).

  • Dilla

    Hell No! I would not consider that at all. I am waiting to buy a product that will be supported and based on all the contenders Samsung seems the most promising. But if they pull the crap that they pulled with their hand sets and not released the full specs that the original device promised, I am not buying it. Plus the Vibrant was sluggish and plastic. I am not buying a larger plastic device for twice the cost.

  • howard

    It needs to be cheaper than the iPad, nobody will buy it.

  • KSP

    If these prices are true then this thing is dead on arrival.

  • abbou

    hahaha they are having a laugh £679????

  • Tom Schultz

    I’d ignore the rumors this time around.

    Samsung execs stressed in the Q&A section yesterday at IFA that subsidized payment with service providers will be the only way to obtain one. When asked by a reporter about retail s bypassing telecoms, it sounded like it would only be considered later.

  • Alheck

    Steep prices though is not as Sleek as the Ipad but a big pro with Android 2.2 Froyo capabilities and not to mention you can actually have video conferences and take pictures, have flash and pdf files support I mean much better options that the limiting Ipad. I will buy it if they have it at a competitive price against the Ipad.

  • Alejandro

    If this is ever past $550, NO ONE will buy it.

    • lokienloki

      Good news! It appears that its hefty 975 USD tag won't appear to be the norm for everyone. As samsung officially states that all depends on the subsidy you will be using. Samsung Tablet New Updates