Samsung Galaxy Tab 2: Android OS 3.5 Honeycomb Confirmed

By Alan Ng - Sep 3, 2010

We have some exciting details to confirm to you now, as although the ‘first’ Samsung Galaxy Tab device has only just been announced, Samsung has already revealed one major feature of their next generation tablet.

We’ll call it the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 just to avoid confusion. As reported from Engadget, Samsung Exec WP Hong has stated that when the successor to the Galaxy Tab is released, it will come with support for Android OS 3.5 Honeycomb.

As far as we know, this is the first time that a high level exec has confirmed the codename ‘Honeycomb’ as the next OS after Android 3.0 Gingerbread. It also confirms that 3.5 will be the next update after 3.0, and not a straight push to 4.0 as previously rumored.

Here is an apparent quote from Hong, courtesy of Tech Radar: “moving forward, with Honeycomb, that will be used in the next generation tablet, as it is specifically optimized for different type of tablet, and will be used on another product only.”

What are your thoughts on this? It is nice to hear that Samsung already have another model lined up after the Galaxy Tab, and that it will be running Google’s latest OS.

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  • dio

    hahahahaha lol 3.5 hahahah

  • picass

    i think the most important improvement should be the ports on bord: specially usb port, micro or normal, and hdmi

  • Cryptix

    lol it's just a comment on a newsthread shogungb, not only do they don't know but the development on honeycomb with GOOGLE won't even start until they know where to improve on the upcoming 2.3. wow. Reminds me of growing up watching mom yell at soap operas.

  • Shogungb

    Hello.I am following your review/news update regarding the samsung tab with a lot of interest. I was wandering if you have specific information regarding the second generation version, due to have Android OS 3.5 .Do you know if the device will have have 256 bit AES encryption in 3.5?