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oStylus: Limited production run signed by Andrew Goss

A lovely looking limited edition stylus for touchscreens is being made public, but only to people who are on the notification list. Only 250 are being produced and preorders are being taken from those lucky enough to be on the list.

The oStylus is produced and signed by Andrew Goss, and are numbered 1 through to 250 to really make them special. It enables owners to see colors and lines as they are drawn on the screen, and no matter how it is held the contact O lies flat against the screen as it is hinged.

As the production run is only being limited to 250 units, these will certainly be very exclusive. They are priced at $75, and deposits are being taken for $25. Earlier prototypes have been improved to end up with the oStylus. Did you or someone you know get an invite to purchase one of these? Check the video out below of the oStylus in action.


  • BottomSmacker

    A perfect match for my iPad!


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