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New COD Black Ops Trailer: England vs Bulgaria TV Ad

Tonight England take on Bulgaria in a Euro Qualifier match, there will be thousands if not millions of viewers, therefore it is unsurprising to hear that Activision will be showing a Black Ops TV Ad during halftime.

I found this out earlier today when an advert on ProductReviews showed a countdown timer which was roughly 7 hours and 30 mins away, upon further investigation I came across this article which cleared up what the countdown time is for.

The ad will show during ITV 1’s coverage of the match, I’m sure that the 60 second ad will result in a huge influx of pre-orders, especially with all of the recent Black Ops news.

You can see a screen showing the countdown below, do you think this is clever marketing from Activision?


  • Tim

    i have not seen this much hype over a game! If you love it like me or hate it, which some people do (why they search for it to make negative comments im not sure) the amount of twittering an web activity is insane. Everyone wants to find out anything they can. Activision have done a great job promoting on not alot of money. Tonights advert will probably be there biggest expediture so far for advertising. The online community is doing the rest. Very clever stuff! Can’t wait!

    Psn: timuk85

    • phil

      couldnt argee more specially about the comment part!

  • phil

    great to see that activision are using effective marketing skills by showing it on mainstream tv and its good that itv are willing to embrace gaming as they would movies or such this is now showing that gaming is definately breaking into mainstream entertiainment but aside from that im hyped about this game and i cant wait to see how it turns out!


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