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iTunes 10: Download via Software Update for Mac and Windows

Earlier this week Apple revealed iTunes 10, soon after the announcement iTunes 10 became available for download from their website (here), now it has hit Macs and PC worldwide via Apple Software Update.

I recently updated my Windows version of iTunes via software update and it went smoothly, also the update popped up automatically on my friend’s Mac and it installed and ran perfectly.

Apple automatically rolling out this update proves that they are happy with this latest version of iTunes, however our earlier article shows that Ping is far from perfect.

Have you installed iTunes 10 via software update? If so, did it go smoothly?


  • Graeme

    I updated to version 10, but it immediately created major problems with Outlook 2000, causing it to shut down immediately it was started. After battling with it for days (and no email access) I discovered on Google that the way to fix it was to remove Mobile Device Manager in the Control Panel. Our family has three iPods; mysteriously one of them now cannot be recognized by iTunes, which means we can longer sync it.

  • erw4t

    ummm idk this is the best

  • lokienloki

    This one could be so great if Ping is online and doesn't only remains on your desktop. iTunes 10 Unbiased View

  • truthofmasks

    I installed the updates, and all ran smoothly, but I'm very unhappy with this version. It's hideous. It looks like a beta version of the iTunes I used to have on my PC in 2005. All of the colours are muted shades of grey, and the new logo looks like it's for some crappy generic media player that someone made in their basement. Even the check boxes to the left of the song titles somehow manage to be distractingly unappealing.

  • Roger Stephens

    Now lost all my music, apps are greyed out, a complete disaster!!! I'm busy now wasting my Friday evening trying to recover the whole thing. So angry!!!


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